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Oriental International: A Hundred Year Transformation From A Traditional Textile Enterprise To A Large Comprehensive Group

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Oriental International

It has 96 overseas institutions in 27 countries and regions, more than 50000 overseas employees, created Shanghai Fashion Week based on local and international perspectives, launched 100 "China Europe Express - Shanghai No." trains in total, and established a platform for gathering exhibits and exhibitors into the Expo. Recently, Chairman of Oriental International (Group) Co., Ltd Tong Jisheng, Secretary of the Party Committee, visited the 2023 "Dialogue with Shanghai State owned Enterprises" full media interview to share the territory of Orient International (Group) Co., Ltd. from a local state-owned enterprise to a global multinational group, and to decode how this enterprise with a hundred years of foreign trade history has become an international comprehensive trade industrial carrier fleet.

Let the old textile enterprises glow "international style"

As one of the main national industries in modern China, the textile industry played an important historical role in the process of national revitalization and China's industrial modernization. Orient International (Group) Co., Ltd. is a joint restructuring of Shanghai Textile Group with a history of more than 160 years and the former Orient International Group with a history of more than 70 years of foreign trade. It has a series of well-known time-honored brands such as Sanqiang, Conch, etc.

How to revitalize old brands? "Focusing on high-quality development, taking innovative development as the core, promoting the development strategy of 'global layout and transnational operation', and taking the development path of 'advanced manufacturing industry+modern fashion service industry' as a comprehensive multinational group." This is the answer given by Tong Jisheng, secretary of the Party Committee and chairman of Oriental International Group.

Tong Jisheng introduced that Orient International focused on the overall goal of building a world-class enterprise, and accelerated to solve the problems of weak core competitiveness and profitability of the main business, management model and business model to be optimized, and insufficient risk control. We will speed up the clean-up of loss making, inefficient and low-quality businesses, transfer structural dislocation and systematic waste of talent to new business types, new drivers and new models, and form growth and support points for high-quality economic development.

At the same time, Oriental International further focuses on the core competitiveness of its main business, so as to effectively support the high-quality development of enterprises. Through the multi linkage of import and export, domestic and foreign trade, trade in goods and services, industry and trade, trade in goods, trade finance, etc., it promotes the transformation and upgrading of traditional trade, deepens its core competitiveness, and optimizes the value of supply chain support while consolidating the advantages of traditional trade, Form the core competitiveness to meet the "new demand" of old customers and explore the "new profit" of old businesses.

Taking the automobile textile business, one of the most distinctive businesses of Orient International, as an example, after the completion of the acquisition of the automobile soft decoration business of the International Auto Parts Group in 2017, Orient International has dozens of factories in China, North America, Europe and South Africa, and its products cover such categories as automobile carpet assemblies, sound insulation pads, shock absorbers, rear windowsills, luggage accessories, etc, In addition, many technology centers at home and abroad are gradually forming a global and integrated technological innovation and development system that supports and complements each other, which can effectively support the synchronous development of global projects.

At the same time, in Tong Jisheng's view, the transformation and upgrading of textiles are inseparable from "fashion". Shanghai Fashion Week, led by Orient International, established the release pattern of "based on local and international vision" and the positioning of "paying equal attention to creative design and commercial landing" in 2012. It adopted the mode of "first show, then order" to follow the pulse of the market and upgrade from a simple fashion show to an Asian order season, attracting global buyers to gather in Shanghai to purchase and order.

It is reported that with the rising reputation of Shanghai Fashion Week in the international market, the heads of the British Fashion Association, the French High Fashion Association, the Italian National Fashion Chamber of Commerce, the American Association of Designers and others have discussed cooperation with Shanghai Fashion Week. Oriental International has gradually become a platform to present the "international style" of Chinese clothing culture, Radiate the fashion concept to a wider range and circle than ever before.

Let "China Europe Train Shanghai" run out of speed

In the process of promoting the strategy of "global layout and transnational operation", Oriental International actively responded to the "Belt and Road" initiative, vigorously expanded the international market, steadily implemented the "going out" strategy, and had 96 overseas institutions and 50000 overseas employees in 27 countries and regions

At the end of October 2021, the first sweater base of Oriental International in Ethiopia was successfully shipped. In 2022, this base will achieve an annual output of about 1.5 million orders for shipment. As the largest overseas green land investment and construction project of the Group so far, Ethiopia Sweater Base is an important measure for Oriental International to implement the "Belt and Road" initiative and deepen the Group's strategy of "global layout and transnational operation".

   "The establishment of the Ethiopian sweater base can create a global three-dimensional production and regional collaborative supply chain pattern of" cost-effective products+long-term layout "for the Group in Africa. While responding to the European and American markets quickly, it can also radiate the entire African market through the local market, thus promoting brands to enter Africa, and also providing support and new growth for the Group to achieve the first place in Asia in terms of sweater OEM capability Long term potential. " Tong Jisheng said.

In addition, the "China Europe Express Shanghai" operated by Orient International is another important measure to implement the "Belt and Road" initiative.

On September 28, 2021, the "China Europe Express Shanghai" will officially open, which will become an important channel for Shanghai to stably connect with Eurasia and integrate into the domestic and international dual cycle by giving full play to the unique advantages of international railway intermodal transport; In 2022, the "China Europe Express Shanghai" will run 58 trains in total, with a total carrying value of about 1.79 billion yuan; In 2023, we will increase the number of China Europe trains departing from Shanghai, continue to improve the quality and efficiency of the operation, and help Shanghai further consolidate its position as a global trade hub city. As of recently, "China Europe Express Shanghai" has operated 100 trains in total.

Today, the "China Europe Train Shanghai" running on the Eurasian continent has completed the full coverage of the three main routes of China Europe Line, China Russia Line, and Central Asia Line, and delivered goods to Germany, Poland, Russia, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan and other countries, connecting more than 40 overseas cities and stations, It will be sent to other Eurasian countries through these stations.

"We adhere to the operation concept of" based in Shanghai, radiating the Yangtze River Delta, and serving the whole of China ", and the scope of receipt of" China Europe Express Shanghai "has gradually expanded to cover 27 provinces and municipalities directly under the Central Government." Tong Jisheng said, "The supply of goods from the Yangtze River Delta continues to grow, with the container volume accounting for about 80%, which has helped to promote the integrated development of the Yangtze River Delta and consolidated Shanghai's position as the bridgehead of the 'Belt and Road'."

Extend the spillover effect of the Expo

Tong Jisheng said that as a transnational comprehensive trade group, Orient International, starting from an all-round, full chain and full coverage, accelerated its integration into the new development pattern with the domestic big cycle as the main body and the domestic and international double cycle promoting each other, and took the Expo as the accelerator of the double cycle, following the trend and expanding the spillover effect of the Expo year by year.

Malaysia's Cat Mountain King Durian, Jamaica's Blue Mountain No.1 Coffee, Georgia's red wine... The Expo has built a platform for global commodities to enter China. With the successful holding of five consecutive Expo, many star exhibits have become commodities, and have entered the homes of ordinary Chinese people from all over the world.

After the first Expo, in order to solve the problems of short exhibition period, large demand for imported goods, and difficult promotion of follow-up channels, Orient International built Hongqiao Pinhui, a "6 days+365 days" perennial exhibition and trading platform, to undertake the spillover effect of Expo entry.

In 2021, Building A of Hongqiao Pinhui will be officially opened, setting up six theme scenes, including the annual exhibition of Jinbo's national products, Jinbo's special food extension area, and Jinbo's popular shopping area. At present, Hongqiao Pinhui has gathered more than 6000 brands and more than 70000 commodities from more than 90 countries and regions around the world. It integrates bonded exhibition, commodity trading, warehousing and office, event exhibition and other functions. It adopts the creative exhibition design of containers and scaffolding, which reflects the function of the exhibition site of the Expo achievements and the concept of "warehouse exhibition and sales", It has made the best footnote for "entering the Expo never ending".

When talking about the development plan of Hongqiao Pinhui, Tong Jisheng revealed that Hongqiao Pinhui should establish a platform for gathering the most popular exhibits and exhibitors, build ten 10 billion level distribution centers for imported goods, realize bonded display, cross-border e-commerce new retail, front store and back warehouse, and build 100 branch centers of Hongqiao Pinhui, At the end of the "14th Five Year Plan", it is necessary to build an international trade platform of 100 billion level, directly purchase high-quality goods of good quality and low price from abroad, provide one-stop promotion for brands, and introduce them into the Chinese consumer market.

2023 "Dialogue with Shanghai State owned Enterprises" All media large-scale interview is guided by Shanghai SASAC, sponsored by Xinhua News Agency Shanghai Branch and Xinhua News Agency China Economic Information Service, and supported by SAIC Volkswagen. During this activity, SAIC Volkswagen's seven seat MPV Veran will also be used as a designated car to create a comfortable travel space for the interviewees and start a journey of wisdom.

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