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The 2023 Annual Meeting Of Shanxi Textile Industry And The Third Enlarged Council Meeting Of The First Provincial Textile Industry Federation Were Held In Yuncheng

2023/5/23 13:10:00 6

Shanxi Garment Association

Recently, the 2023 Shanxi Provincial Textile Industry Annual Conference and the Third Enlarged Council Meeting of the First Provincial Textile Industry Federation with the theme of "boosting confidence and integrated development" was successfully held in the cities where Shanxi textile and clothing industry is concentrated.


Vice President Jin Yongheng was entrusted by President Guo Changsheng to make a work report to the conference. The meeting comprehensively summarized the exciting and commendable achievements of the industry in 2022 in the face of hardships, further boosting the confidence of the majority of member enterprises to win in 2023; Objectively analyze the severity and opportunities of the industry situation, carefully identify the existing shortcomings and problems, put forward the work ideas and priorities in 2023, and actively promote the industry development from "single fight" to "group development". It aims to build an exchange, exhibition, docking and service platform, gather resources from universities, scientific research institutes, professional service institutions and other parties, and promote the formation of a coordinated, efficient, integrated and smooth enterprise financing ecology through policy guidance, mechanism construction, and platform building, so as to support the industrial chain supply chain to strengthen the chain; Promote in-depth cooperation between enterprises in technological innovation, product matching, professional division of labor, market development and other aspects, and help SMEs integrate into the leading and key enterprise development camp. At the same time, focus on the development status of industry enterprises, grasp a series of favorable policy opportunities, learn from the strategic choices and striving paths of benchmark enterprises, promote the confidence of enterprises, actively explore new fields, research new functions, develop new products, gather new talents, and create new mechanisms; Unite and advance together, integrate new industries, establish a new image, make friends from the industrial chain, capital chain, talent chain, and innovation chain, open up new space for cooperation and development, and promote the strength and influence to rise again.


At the theme meeting, Zhao Zhijian, Vice President, President of the Provincial Garment Association, Deputy Secretary of the Party Committee and General Manager of Jihua 3534 Garment Co., Ltd., Tian Hua, Vice President, Secretary of the Party Committee and Chairman of Shanxi Oasis Textile Co., Ltd., Wang Bingjuan, Vice President, Vice President of the Provincial Garment Association, Chairman of Shanxi Bingjuan Garment Co., Ltd., President of Yuncheng Garment Association Junfang, chairman of Shanxi Fushen Garments Co., Ltd., and others, on behalf of relevant fields, shared the theme of how to boost confidence and promote integration with the participants.


At the "Shanxi Textile Industry Federation Industry Integration and Development Exchange Forum", the industry empowerment partners Shanxi Ruisaige Textile Technology, Deyang Yangyan Clothing, Sichuan Yiwei Clothing Co., Ltd., Tianjin Zaideng Technology, Shenyang Jieensheng, etc. made a presentation one by one. The principals of Yongji Kaitong Printing and Dyeing, Shanxi Qiaomei, Shanxi Shengluoen, Shanxi Linfen Prison and other people present at the meeting made active and in-depth speeches and exchanges around the theme.

At the third enlarged meeting of the first session of the Council of the Provincial Textile Industry Federation held at the same time, the Proposal on Adding 20 Comrades including Tian Hua as Directors, the Proposal on Adjusting Vice President and the Proposal on Adding Wang Bingjuan as Vice President were reviewed and passed, and the Proposal on Adjusting Two Comrades including Tensioner was reported to the Board of Supervisors.


The meeting also commended the individuals and units who won the second and third prizes, excellent awards and excellent organization awards in the "China Sente" Cup of the province's textile and clothing industry "I write tomorrow with sweat" to meet the 20th National Congress of the Communist Party of China essay contest.

Guo Changsheng, President of the Provincial Textile Industry Federation, Du Baozhen, Zhao Zhijian, Yang Jianqiao, Tian Hua, Chai Peidong, Jin Yongheng, Wang Bingjuan, Vice Presidents, Secretaries General, Directors, Supervisors and Supervisors of the Provincial Textile Industry Federation, the Provincial Textile Engineering Society, and the Provincial Garment Association, and engaged in textile and clothing, home textile, knitting, wool spinning, chemical fiber, textile machinery More than 100 persons in charge of new materials and other relevant enterprises, institutions and social organizations attended the meeting. Zhao Gensheng, the first level researcher of the Consumer Products Industry Division of the Provincial Department of Industry and Information Technology, Lu Kuisheng, the deputy director of the Party Leadership Group (member of the Party Committee) of Yuncheng Municipal Bureau of Industry and Information Technology (Municipal SASAC), Zhang Dahu, the member of the Party Working Committee and the deputy director of the Management Committee of Yuncheng Economic and Technological Development Zone, were invited to attend the meeting and give speeches.

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