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Regional Economy: Zhejiang'S Import And Export To Central And Eastern Europe Maintained Double-Digit Growth In The First Four Months

2023/5/24 11:54:00 21

ZhejiangForeign Trade

The reporter learned from Hangzhou Customs that from January to April this year, Zhejiang's import and export to Central and Eastern Europe reached 51.96 billion yuan, an increase of 18.6% over the same period last year (the same below), continuing to maintain double-digit growth. Of which the export was 45.13 billion yuan, up 14.0%; Imports reached 6.83 billion yuan, up 60.6%.

The 3rd China CEEC Expo and International Consumer Goods Expo is being held in Ningbo. The exhibition attracted about 380 enterprises from Central and Eastern European countries to participate in the exhibition, and the commodities involved in intelligent manufacturing, daily fashion, agricultural products, tourism logistics and other categories. As the only national level exhibition for Central and Eastern European countries in China, the Expo has opened up more space for economic and trade exchanges between China and Central and Eastern European countries, and is conducive to further strengthening bilateral exchanges and cooperation.

The import value rose as a whole, and consumer goods and passenger cars showed outstanding performance. From January to April, Zhejiang imported 3.47 billion yuan of mechanical and electrical products from Central and Eastern Europe, an increase of 63.9%, accounting for more than half of the total import value from Central and Eastern Europe in the same period. The import of consumer goods was 2.97 billion yuan, up 69.2%, including 5620 passenger cars, up 73.5%.

Exports are mainly mechanical and electrical products, and lithium ion batteries grow rapidly. From January to April, Zhejiang exported 25.21 billion yuan of electromechanical products to Central and Eastern Europe, an increase of 15.2%, accounting for 55.9% of the total export value to Central and Eastern Europe over the same period, including 1.24 billion yuan of lithium ion batteries, an increase of 2.2 times, driving the overall export of Zhejiang to Central and Eastern Europe by 2.2 percentage points. In addition, the export of electric manned vehicles increased by 2.2 times.

It is worth mentioning that since this year, Zhejiang's import and export to major trading countries in Central and Eastern Europe have both increased.

From January to April, Poland was Zhejiang's largest trading country in Central and Eastern Europe, with a total import and export value of 17.81 billion yuan, up 18%, accounting for 34.3% of Zhejiang's total import and export value to Central and Eastern Europe. In the same period, Zhejiang's imports and exports to Greece, Romania, the Czech Republic, Slovakia and Hungary were 9.2 billion yuan, 4.62 billion yuan, 4.42 billion yuan, 3.88 billion yuan and 3.43 billion yuan, up 26.3%, 31.8%, 16.4%, 42.4% and 3.2% respectively.

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