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The Tenth Regiment Of The First Division Of The Corps Fought The First Battle Of Cotton Production

2023/5/25 15:13:00 2

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With the warmer weather, more than 200000 mu of cotton has been sown in Chang'an Town, the 10th Regiment of the First Division of Xinjiang Production and Construction Corps, Alar City. The "dry sowing and wet out", "thick film" and other sowing modes have laid a good foundation for local cotton sowing, cotton harvest and cotton farmers' income increase.

In a cotton field of the 13th Company of the 10th Regiment, three large seeders equipped with the Beidou navigation system shuttled back and forth, making the field very busy. Since the beginning of cotton planting, the Party Committee of the 10th Youth League has strictly implemented the task of promoting the use of thickened film and black film. At present, 95000 mu of thickened film has been promoted and used in the whole Youth League.

Xu Jimin, a staff member of the 13th Company of the 10th Regiment, said: "This year's thick film quality is good, and the subsidies given by the Regiment are also good. The price is similar to that of conventional films used before, and our contractors like to use them."

It is understood that thickened film is a new sowing method launched by the First Division Alar City this year to reduce costs, improve quality and yield, which can guarantee the recyclability of plastic film from the source. More than 2500 mu of thickened film was popularized and used in the 13th Company of the 10th Regiment, accounting for about 50% of the cotton planting area of the company.

"The thick film insulation effect is good, and it can also prevent wind for the side soil," said Miao Aijiang, deputy secretary of the Party branch of the 13th Company of the 10th Regiment.

In recent years, the Party Committee of the 10th Youth League has guided the masses of workers, large growers and farmers' cooperatives to carry out large-scale high-quality mechanized cotton planting, and the agricultural scale and intensification degree have been constantly improved. The "dry seeding and wet seeding" planting technology has been widely promoted. According to statistics, the 10th Regiment will plant 202000 mu of cotton this year, and the cotton planting area of 170000 mu with the "dry seeding and wet seeding" planting technology will be 150000 mu more than last year.

(Source: Farmers Daily)

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