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The 30Th China Qinghe International Cashmere And Wool Products Fair Opened

2023/9/25 19:51:00 143

·Qinghe International Cashmere And Wool Products Fair

On September 19, the "cashmere capital of China" Qinghe was held The 30th China Qinghe International Cashmere and Wool Products Fair 。 Experts from colleges and universities, scientific research institutes, and more than 100 well-known wool textile enterprises at home and abroad attended the meeting to discuss the new vision of the industry development.

This cashmere trade fair is hosted by the China Textile Industry Federation and the People's Government of Hebei Province, and hosted by the People's Government of Qinghe County. The theme of the conference is "The world cashmere looks at China, and China cashmere looks at Qinghe". It has organized and arranged four parts of "opening", "exhibition", "seminar", and "fashion week". Since 1994, China Qinghe International Cashmere and Wool Products Fair has successfully held 29 sessions, each of which is a cashmere feast. It is a famous brand exhibition with the earliest, longest duration and most sessions held in China's cashmere industry.

   "Over the past 30 years, the cashmere trade fair has built a platform for exchanges and cooperation between cashmere enterprises nationwide and around the world. This year's fair coincides with the 30th session. We have planned more than 200 booths covering an area of 10000 square meters, invited many top enterprises, brand enterprises and brand buyers in all links of the cashmere industry chain at home and abroad to participate, and held several new product release shows of well-known domestic cashmere brands , the event will last until the 22nd. " Yan Hengzhuo, the head of the county, said that Qinghe would further expand and strengthen the cashmere industry in the next step, and strive to build a hundred billion level international fashion cluster.

Activity site, Sun Ruizhe, President of China Textile Industry Federation Awarded Qinghe County with the "Demonstration Area for Common Prosperity of Textile and Clothing Industry"; Liu Jiaqiang, President of China Wool Textile Industry Association Awarded Qinghe County with "China's High Quality Cashmere Products Supply and Export Base". Subsequently, the conference awarded the honorary titles of "Historical Meritorious Service" and "Outstanding Contributor" to entrepreneurs who made outstanding contributions to the development of Qinghe cashmere industry.

In addition, the county, together with China Wool Textile Industry Association, China Livestock Products Circulation Association and China Chamber of Commerce for Import and Export of Foodstuffs, Native Produce and Animal Husbandry, held a symposium on high-quality development of China (Qinghe) cashmere industry and green and low-carbon wool textile industry The 30th anniversary of the establishment of the China Livestock Products Circulation Association and the China (International) Qinghe Cashmere Merchants Exchange and the China Mongolia Cashmere Enterprises Matchmaking Exchange. At the same time, the county also organized several brand cashmere enterprises to Italy to participate in the 2023 Milan International Fashion Week, and held the "Qinghe Cashmere" static release exhibition.

It is understood that Qinghe County is a world-famous cashmere capital, a famous cashmere textile city, the largest cashmere raw material processing and distribution center in China, the largest cashmere spinning base in China and an important cashmere product production and marketing base in China. It has been listed as a national small and medium-sized enterprise characteristic industrial cluster by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology of the People's Republic of China, and enjoys the reputation of "the world's cashmere sees China, and China's cashmere sees Qinghe". In recent years, focusing on high-quality development, Qinghe County has made great efforts to improve its intelligent manufacturing capacity, strengthen its research and design level, highlight the construction of quality brands, and actively promote digital integration. Qinghe Cashmere is accelerating towards high-end, fashion, digitalization, internationalization and modernization.

(Source: Textile and Clothing Weekly)

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