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Go Ahead And Share The Future | Naughty Beibei Autumn 2024 · Down New Product Launch

2024/3/5 11:56:00 303

Naughty BeibeiNew Down ProductsNew Fashion Products

From March 1 to March 3, with the theme of "going ahead and sharing the future" Naughty Beibei Autumn 2024 · Down New Product Press Conference was held in Qingyuan, Guangdong. The whole family of naughty Beibei focused on the fashion feast and witnessed the release of new products together.

   Chairman Zeng's speech kicked off

The press conference was held by Naughty Beibei Chairman Zeng Dong's speech kicked off! He thanked the guests! He explained the development trend of the industry and made a new development strategic plan for the future.


   Explanation of commodity planning

Then, Naughty Beibei Commodity Director President Liu gave a detailed explanation of this season's commodity planning, so that everyone had a clearer understanding of the new season's products, and helped the naughty family order the whole inventory.


   New product release, leading the trend

Deduct fashion, lead the trend, and the new season of naughty Beibei products Color matching , style design, process fabric, etc. Integrating culture and trend elements, diversified design is unique and novel; The newly added Merlot and waste land style once received warm response and appreciation from everyone!   

   Panoramic promotion and ordering are popular on site

This time, 360 ° panoramic deduction and ordering mode is adopted, and lovely little models will perform new fashion products for the family members on site. Let everyone know the new products in an all-round way, and easily complete the order. On site orders are hot, and the number of orders is increasing! I believe this season's products will ignite the market!


   Be grateful to peers and share the future

Naughty Beibei said, "Thank you for coming from afar! Thank you for joining us Naughty Beibei Keep company! In the future, naughty and your family will go forward hand in hand and share the future "!


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