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CTGE Chaoshan: "Focusing On New Era Industry And New Momentum" China'S Underwear Industry Development Forum

2024/3/30 11:54:00 40

CTGE Chaoshan

On the morning of March 28, the China Panties Industry Development Forum "Focusing on New Era Industry and New Kinetics" kicked off in the forum area of Hall 4A of Shantou Expo Center.


Lin Yunfeng, President of China Knitting Industry Association, Guo Yongbiao, President of Panties Branch of Shantou Textile and Garment Industry Association, Mao Lihui, fashion commentator Yang Yifan, the business operator of the underwear and pantyhose industry of the comprehensive business of Tiaoyin E-commerce, Xiu Jianhui, the senior vice president of Wuhan Maoren Cloud Commerce Technology Co., Ltd., Zhang Hao, the director of Hongdou Home Brand, Wang Jun, the founder of Jindou Live, and Lan Yuping, the founder of Orlando Planning, attended the event.


At the forum, Lin Yunfeng, president of China Knitting Industry Association, shared with the theme of "industry data and industry trends", and put forward three hopes for the future of the textile industry in combination with the industry's economic operation in 2023. First, innovation driven to promote the optimization and upgrading of industrial structure. Accelerate the research of core technology, promote the innovation of user centered and value sharing organization mode, and realize the upgrading of industrial foundation and the modernization of industrial chain; The second is to improve both inside and outside, and optimize the industry's dual cycle development pattern. Deeply implement the "three product strategy", and the supply side structural reform and expansion of effective demand work together; The third is digital innovation to accelerate the intelligent development process of the industry. Digital productivity is the core content of new quality productivity. Data driven, rapid response and flexible manufacturing are the key to industry transformation.


Tiaoyin E-commerce comprehensive business underwear and pantyhose industry operation Yang Yifan "Tiaoyin E-commerce 2023 The theme of "underwear sales data release" is shared. As the most intimate category of underwear, the scale of the industry in recent years has shown a trend of fluctuation and rise. In the dithering platform, the sales of underpants are also very popular, becoming the key category in the clothing segmentation field. On the basis of the increasing level of social consumption, people's pursuit of quality of life also promotes the underwear industry to continue to develop in the direction of high quality, scientific and technological elements, comfort and design.


During the round table interaction, the guests presided over the fashion commentator Mao Lihui, the chairman of the underpants branch of Shantou Textile and Clothing Industry Association Guo Yongbiao, the director of Hongdou Home Brands Zhang Hao, the founder of Jindou Live Broadcast Wang Jun, and the founder of Orlando Planning Lan Yuping. They discussed in depth and spoke freely around the theme of "exploring innovation from demand".



In this era of rapid change, China's underwear industry, with its unique toughness and innovative spirit, continues to explore a new blue ocean of industrial development. I believe that in the future, through the efforts of the whole industry, we will be able to shoulder the responsibility of high-quality development of the underwear industry and achieve a breakthrough!

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