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CBE Beauty Expo 2024 Will Bring A New Beauty Experience And Invite All Kinds Of Beauty Brands To The Feast

2024/4/10 17:18:00 743

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As a global commerce and trade service platform of the global beauty industry chain, The 28th CBE Beauty Show The event will be held in Shanghai New International Expo Center (Pudong) from May 22 to 24, 2024, and will bring a wonderful global beauty feast to the cosmetics industry with higher specifications, richer content and more forward-looking scientific and technological achievements!

CBE platform has been deeply engaged in the beauty field for nearly 30 years. Based on the global beauty resources of the group company Infoman, it has the advantage of "benchmarking" in highlighting the outstanding strength of the brand and sharing global innovation resources. With L'Oreal, Shiseido, KOSE COSMEPORT, La Colline, Orbin, Zeus, Maxine, JM Solution, Shiba, KIKO and other international beauty brands; The domestic cosmetics enterprises, represented by Shanghai Jiahua, Jialan Group, Pelaya, Baiqueling, Huanya, Huaxi Biology, Furida, etc., will select the annual new products, bring scientific and technological innovation achievements to the exhibition site, lead the new wave of the market, and boost the beauty economy in 2024.


In 2024, CBE Beauty Show There will be a large number of trendy and cutting-edge brands that are widely concerned by the market, such as Yangshengtang, Banmu Huatian, Guyu, PMPM, Ximuyuan, Skin Future, Dr. Ling, Haa, Keermei, Fufu, Chunri Laixin, Skin Vision, Rationale, Ke An, Sipeisi, Sangu, and three wizards settling in E1 Hall; Lin Qingxuan, Ruoye, Unique, Zhiyang, Xu Haili, Silence, Image Beauty, Fan Zhen and others will appear in the W1 Hall; INTO YOU, AKF, Willow, Tifeite, Meinuo, IORE, Tangmeike, Barbera, KATO-KATO, Weizi, Sifang Essence and other brands will be concentrated in W2 Hall; usmile Chinese brands such as, Tanban, Dykes, Deminshu, Vegetable and Fruit Garden, Sanxiao, Beijiajie will be unveiled in W3 Hall.


Closely adhering to the national strategy and industry trend, 2024CBE Beauty Expo will further increase the technological weight on the basis of 2023, and focus on presenting the global trend and hot spots of the supply chain of the beauty industry and the international cutting-edge supply chain ecology of the beauty industry with "larger scale, higher specification, more refined, more intelligent, more international, and more hard technology", The super engine of "technology enabled brand" has been launched.

In order to welcome more beauty industry, the scale of 2024CBE beauty exhibition will reach a new high again, covering 12 major pavilions and 17 VIP brand pavilions of Shanghai New International Expo Center, and enabling all-round one-stop Beauty brand Create differentiated products from lining to appearance. The exhibits cover four categories, namely OEM/ODM/OBM, packaging, mechanical equipment, raw materials/materials, and 40 sub categories, including cosmetics OEM, basic raw materials for personal care, mask base cloth, hoses, and emulsification equipment.

In a word, the 28th CBE Beauty Fair from May 22 to 24 covered 100 special theme activities in the whole industry, such as retail growth, brand empowerment, social e-commerce, scientific and technological innovation, raw material research and development, packaging design, medical anti-aging, high-end beauty, etc., which will attract thousands of industry elites to collide with ideas and jointly predict the development trend of China's cosmetics market in 2024.

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