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Kangnai&Listiani │ New Definition Of Comfort And National Fashion, Playing In Circles All The Way Before The Fashion

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On the evening of May 1, the national debut of Kangnai Guochao new products and the opening ceremony of the first store of new image in the southwest were held in the charming Chengdu Qingyang Wanda. Li Sidanni, the sister from Chengdu who braved the wind and waves, was specially invited to appear on the scene as the "Comfort Experience Officer of Kangnai". Together with Zheng Laiyi, Chairman of Kangnai Group, Zheng Laili, President of Kangnai Group, Xu Bo, General Manager of Wanda Business Management Group Chengdu City Company and other leaders, they launched a new national fashion "performance". Excellent partners and media guests of Kangnai Southwest Operation Center as well as representatives of Kangnai VIP and Wanda VIP attended the ceremony.


Let Chinese culture "go all the way forward"

The word "Guochao" is a popular word in recent years. Guochao's confidence originates from our 5000 years of history and culture, and it contains the simple feelings and wisdom of the Chinese nation.

At the press conference, Zheng Laiyi, chairman of Kangnai Group, said that in the current era of Guochao 3.0, under the leadership of new quality productivity and surrounded by more than 80% of young consumer groups, the market is constantly promoting the "new Guochao" consumer demand. We believe that Kangnai's "new national trend" products should not only have cultural connotation, but also have innovative technology or functions to ensure better comfort performance.


   Kangnai As a national comfortable shoes brand, it is carrying forward Chinese culture through the strength of the brand. Therefore, after Kangnai's original flagship products of "business shoes that can run" and "high-heeled shoes that are not tired of walking", the flagship product of the leisure sports comfort series, "cloud shoes before the fashion", integrates the national style culture and modern aesthetic design, and combines Kangnai's cloud technology, Bring consumers a comfortable experience of new Chinese style and national fashion. This is also an important part of Kangnai to create "full range" and "high quality" comfortable shoes.

The core strategy of Kangnai to develop Guochao products in the future is to "innovate technology to sublimate Guochao experience", make Guochao more refined and more comfortable, constantly improve the experience of Kangnai Guochao products with innovative technology, and build brand market competitive advantage.

   New Definition of "Play the East" Comfortable National Fashion

Zheng Laili, president of Kangnai Group, said at the launch of new product concepts that the "tide" before the tide is both the tide of the country and the tide of the tide, representing Kangnai to remember the mission of the national brand, and through the power of the brand, to carry forward the national trend and culture through innovation and courage.


In Chengdu, a charming city with diversified traditional Chinese culture, Kangnai Inspired by the facial makeup of operas in Chinese traditional culture, it redefines the expression form of "new Chinese style" and brings you the cloud shoes before the fashion of national fashion all the way to the East.


The new national fashion product "Play the East" released this time is integrated with the new image of Kangnai Kangnai brand The distinctive logo of the IP space panda makes the opera culture more interesting. In appearance, the facial makeup elements of Sichuan Opera are combined with the color matching of the drama to form a special pattern, which matches the brand K logo, revealing the oriental flavor in simplicity.


The icon on the tongue of the shoe is a dramatic panda, which deeply recreates the modern brand IP space panda and the taste of classical operas, with a sense of technology and retro vividness. The play shows that East has cultural connotation not only in the appearance design, but also in the shoes, there is Kangnai's new cloud comfort technology.

   No sense of weight, lightweight technology

A size 36 Oriental lady's shoe weighs 255g, which is equivalent to the weight of three eggs. It feels light and does not tire the feet when walking for a long time. Compared with similar shoes, the weight is 27% smaller.


It adopts a new elastic technology outsole, and the heel deceleration is 114m/s ²。 Compared with similar sports shoes, the energy return rate has increased by 43%. The insole is soft and Q springy, the midsole has strong springback, the outsole has step by step springback, triple elasticity, progressive layers, full charging, effective shock absorption, and comfortable if you step on the cloud.


The 3D solid grain pattern effectively enhances the friction with the ground. The forefoot and heel exert double force, which is suitable for multi scene anti slip and wear resistance. It is lighter than ordinary sports shoes and can walk more freely.

   Comfortable, flexible upper

The upper is soft, smooth, smooth, and breathable against the skin. The deconstruction and splicing design enhance the fashion taste and make it more textured.

   Tall and scientific

Combining the golden ratio principle and sports comfort, a 4.5cm heel height design is designed. The height of science is more visually tall and thin, with stability, stable and free upper feet, and free to run, jump and walk at will.


According to the classic color matching of operas, three SKUs have been launched to easily solve the problem of wearing and matching for fashion people.

   Li Sidanni: Play in circles all the way before the tide

Subsequently, Kangnai brand refresh launch conference was full of highlights, and the highlight moment was dazzling. A brand release show integrating diversified "New National Fashion" fashion brought different sensory experiences to the friends on the scene. Under the wonderful interpretation of the models, Kangnai's "cloud shoes before the tide", as well as the flagship products of business comfort, "business shoes that can run" and "high-heeled shoes that are not tired of walking", appeared one by one.


After the end of the brand release show, Li Danni, the sister from Chengdu who braved the wind and waves, came on the stage. Fans were excited and screamed at the scene.


On the same day, she appeared in a bright, clean and retro white Chinese style, with the "play out the east" that enjoyed the oriental tone, and her inherent self-confidence immediately infected the whole audience. She also had many wonderful interactions with friends on the scene.

She said that she was very honored to attend the event site of the new product conference as the "Comfort Experience Officer of Kangnai" and looked forward to further cooperation with "National Comfort Shoes" Kangnai in the future. When introducing "Play in the East", Li Sidanni marveled at the flick function of Kangnai Cloud Technology, and the cultural charm behind it made her fondle of it.

As a Kangnai comfort experience officer, Li Sidanni is full of women's unique sense of power, not only creating a unique style in music, but also in fashion, her cool style has become a "walking grass planter". In particular, her preference for national fashion, whether in daily wear or stage performance, can see his Chinese style fashion. At today's national fashion feast, Li Sidani and "national brand" Kangnai hand in hand lit up the future star "shoes" of cloud shoes along the way.

Recently, we have also seen her wonderful performance in many films and TV plays. The highlights of Li's diversified development are highly consistent with Kangnai's brand strategy of "full category" and "high-quality" comprehensive development. Her love and unique interpretation of Guochao is also the spiritual core of Kangnai's cloud shoes before the fashion. Zheng Laiyi, chairman of Kangnai Group, and Zheng Laili, president of Kangnai Group, also sent her customized shoe last to Li Sidani.

At the event site, Li Danni had a wonderful interaction with her fans, and also gave her the same show of Oriental shoes. She said that she hoped her fans would experience Kangnai's innovative and comfortable products and meet the fashionable life together with her.

   "Shoes" of Li Sidanni's Comfort Shop

Later, Li Sidani, Zheng Laiyi, Zheng Laili and other leading guests went to the first store of Kangnai New Image in the southwest on the second floor of Chengdu Qingyang Wanda to cut the ribbon and explore the store.


Kangnai brand new image The first store in the southwest is the eleventh generation of Kangnai image store. The overall space design style can feel the ingenious intention of Kangnai, which combines comfort and technology, fashion and modernity.

The technological design styles of micro industry, such as beige metal paint panel, primary color sandblasting stainless steel, double-sided arc visual icon lifting, travel between gentleness and individuality, making the space more three-dimensional and hierarchical. This original, natural and harmonious atmosphere is also a pure expression of "new Chinese style". Customers can feel comfortable and technological when entering the store.


On the brand wall at the door, a red shoe last naturally "grows" in the K mark. K represents Kangnai, and shoe lasts represent the shoe industry, expressing Kangnai's love for the shoe industry, and we will always adhere to the attitude of regarding the development of the industry as an important task in the future.

After the ribbon cutting ceremony of Kangnai, Li Sidanni and the leading guests went to explore the store together.

During this period, Li Shidanni also experienced the work of a cashier for the first time in front of the cashier in the store.

   New quality and productivity enable to create all kinds of high-quality comfortable shoes

In recent years, under the leadership of the second generation, we have frequently seen Kangnai's innovative actions in product development and digital reform. It took the lead in establishing Wenzhou flexible manufacturing demonstration project Kangnai new green intelligent factory, which injected new impetus into the intelligent transformation of China's shoe industry.

Today, we see that Kangnai has added a new member "cloud shoes before the fashion" in its "full range" and "high quality", which is Kangnai's innovative action in improving the core competitiveness of the brand. The popularity of the event site also fully proves that the consumer market recognizes and trusts Kangnai Group's innovative achievements.

Powered by the new quality productivity, Kangnai has broken through the limitations of the industry with the power of science and technology, contributing a lot of powerful value to the vigorous development of China's industry. Today's meticulously created national fashion feast is not only a tribute and promotion of national brands to traditional culture, but also a positive outlook and guidance for the future development of Chinese brands on the international stage.

It is believed that in the future, Kangnai will show us more unique charm of Chinese brands and join hands with the times.

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