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National Style Clothing Ushers In A Good Opportunity For Development

2024/5/7 16:34:00 3

National Style Clothing

Improve quality and stabilize development foundation;

Cultivate talents and improve design strength;

Technological innovation to boost transformation and upgrading;

Strengthen the chain and optimize the industrial ecology.

In the past May Day holiday, the "flow" of Han clothing was once again transformed into the "reserve" of cultural tourism. Since this year, from "New Year clothes" to "outing clothes" to Chinese graduation clothes, the national style clothing has become increasingly popular, and has become the first choice for young people to wear ceremonial clothes. With the strong blow of "national style", China's garment industry has a good opportunity. How can we take advantage of it?

What is the national style dress? The national style dress is a modern dress that can reflect the Chinese traditional dress culture, has traditional Chinese elements, and follows certain rules in shape.

Guofeng clothing has become a new track in the clothing industry. In the first quarter of this year, Cao County, Shandong Province, which regards Hanfu as a characteristic industry, had 1.98 billion yuan of online sales of Hanfu, up 90.75% year on year. However, the rapidly growing national style clothing also faces growing pains. The product styles on the market are mixed and the quality is uneven, which has also been complained by many consumers. How to do a good job in inheriting and innovating the traditional clothing culture, and let the national style clothing better into life, needs the clothing industry and enterprises to take action.

We should start with improving quality and stabilize the foundation of development. At present, the return rate of Guofeng clothing is high, mainly because some pirated merchants use the pictures of genuine merchants, but do not use the same fabric and process, resulting in a large psychological gap after receiving the goods. In fact, no matter how the market changes, consumers' basic demand for product quality will not change. Brand influence is ultimately accumulated by improving quality, otherwise it cannot stand the test of time.

We should start with training talents to improve the design strength. National style clothing is the inheritance and innovation of Chinese traditional culture. It should highlight traditional aesthetics and fit modern life. Now, there are some problems in the market, such as the lack of original design ability and the prevalence of plagiarism. It is necessary to strengthen the training of design talents, deeply explore the connotation of Chinese traditional culture, improve the design ability of fabrics, colors, processes, structures and other national styles and digital fashion design ability, and explore more new expressions of traditional culture. At the same time, relevant industry institutions can guide the formation of national style and new fashion by holding fashion trend release, theme exhibitions, high-end forums, professional events and other activities.

We should start with technological innovation to boost transformation and upgrading. As a subdivision track of the clothing industry, Guofeng Clothing should not only consolidate the leading position of traditional competitive industries, but also create new competitive industries. At present, some enterprises have transformed the traditional mode of "waiting for customers in stores" with the help of e-commerce live broadcast platform, and fully investigated user consumption characteristics with digital technology, launched "popular" customized products, which are in line with new needs. Relevant industrial clusters and enterprises should take advantage of the domestic mature clothing industry chain, increase the application and innovation of digital technology and AI technology, and achieve quality improvement and efficiency leap with the help of technology empowerment.

We should start with strengthening the chain and improving the industrial ecology. Due to the rapid development of national style clothing, many national style jacquard fabrics and clothing accessories are in short supply, and product development and later production are affected. Guofeng apparel industry chain enterprises should strengthen the planning and layout of the industry chain, strengthen the support and guarantee of resources, technology and equipment, and strengthen the in-depth exchanges and complementary advantages of upstream, midstream and downstream, large, small and medium-sized enterprises, so as to promote the transformation and upgrading of the industry to branding.

Under the background of national prosperity and national rejuvenation, the popularity of national style clothing is expected to rise further in the future, and the market will become increasingly mature. It is believed that through the precipitation of time, those truly vigorous, creative and lasting national fashion brand enterprises will stand at the forefront and shoulder the heavy task of inheriting and innovating the traditional Chinese culture. (Liu Jin)

(Source: Economic Daily)

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