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The Fashion Trend Of Chinese Fiber And The "Two Way Journey" Of China Textile City

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KeqiaoChina Textile City

The Silk Road is a long winding road, and the fiber gathers and bridges. On May 7, sponsored by China Chemical Fiber Industry Association and Zhejiang China Textile City Group Co., Ltd“ China Fiber Fashion Trend Material Innovation and Application Forum and China Textile City Textile New Material Center Theme Matchmaking Activity ”It was held in Keqiao, Shaoxing. This activity focused on the popular trend of Chinese fibers and the application trend of major chapters, the application trend of Lyocell fibers, and how to promote the precise collaboration of fiber materials to downstream fabrics, brands, and the development and application of bio based chemical fibers, spandex, cellulose fibers, elastic composite polyester fibers, nylon fibers and other topics, Decode the new path of high-quality development of China's textile and chemical fiber industry.

Vice President of China Textile Industry Federation End small flat ; Member of the Standing Committee of the CPC Shaoxing Keqiao District Committee, Secretary of the Party Working Committee of China Textile City Yuan Xiaowen ; Vice President of China Chemical Fiber Industry Association Jin Gaoling ; Secretary of the Party Committee and Chairman of Zhejiang China Textile City Group Co., Ltd Pan Jianhua Deputy Secretary of the Party Committee and General Manager Wang Baitong , Deputy General Manager Ji Jiangfeng , General Manager of North Market Branch Ruan Haifeng ; Director of Key Laboratory of High Performance Fibers and Products of Ministry of Education, Donghua University Wang Huaping ; Secretary General of Zhejiang Textile Fabric Design Association Zhang Jingbo More than 200 people participated in the event, including operators of China's light textile cities, representatives of key enterprises in the industry, industry experts, universities, research institutes and media representatives.

Go in both directions to jointly cultivate new quality productivity

Cultivating new quality productivity is the key to the transformation, upgrading and high-quality development of the textile industry. In the increasingly diversified and specialized market competition, how to use scientific and technological innovation to bring forth the new and develop the right products for production and marketing has become an important topic for high-quality development of the industry. As an irreplaceable part of the textile industry system, new materials are of great significance in accelerating Keqiao's leap to the middle and high end of the industrial chain value chain and developing new quality productivity.

▲ End Xiaoping

   Duan Xiaoping, Vice President of China Textile Industry Federation In his speech, he said that this year's hot word "new quality productivity", the key is "new", the key is "quality". Since its first release in 2012, China's fiber fashion trend has always been committed to delivering the latest, best quality, most differentiated and internationally leading fiber new materials to downstream enterprises and users. In this process, we will gradually combine fiber fashion trends with downstream fashion trends and product development such as yarn, fabric and clothing, and strive to become an important engine leading the upgrading of the industrial value chain. It can be said that the trend of fiber popularity in China has played a positive and important role in the implementation of supply side structural reform and the implementation of the "three products" strategy for the whole industrial chain of the textile industry.

The textile industry can only continue to stabilize and enhance the added value of products and international competitiveness if upstream and downstream linkages continue to produce overlapping effects. This is the key work that China's fiber fashion trend has been committed to promoting. On the way forward, China's fiber fashion trend has also been seeking like-minded partners. As for this activity, Duan Xiaoping said sincerely, "I think this is a two-way journey between China's fiber fashion trend and China's textile city, as well as a two-way journey of upstream and downstream industrial chains."

▲ Yuan Xiaowen

   Yuan Xiaowen, Member of the Standing Committee of the CPC Shaoxing Keqiao District Committee and Secretary of the Party Working Committee of China Textile City He said that Keqiao District is known as "a strong economic zone supported by a piece of cloth", and "Keqiao Textile" is the first regional brand worth 100 billion yuan in textile industry in China. In recent years, Keqiao Textile City has actively explored the application and innovation of new textile materials, gathered a series of high-energy science and technology innovation platforms such as Zhejiang Modern Textile Technology Innovation Center, and focused on advanced fibers and composite new materials to fully introduce leading enterprises and chain projects, build new material industrial parks with high standards, cultivate "new star" industrial clusters, and connect raw materials to fibers The whole industrial chain from yarn to fabric and inspection has built a modern industrial ecological context integrating R&D, production, commerce and fashion. Yuan Xiaowen hopes to take this event as an opportunity to further gather the top thinking and voice in the industry, deeply explore the new model of textile new material innovation gene and industrial chain collaboration, vigorously promote the promotion and application of new models, new technologies and new products, and make a significant contribution to Keqiao Textile's progress towards advanced manufacturing and high value-added industries.

▲ Pan Jianhua

As one of the largest textile distribution centers in Asia, China Textile City has always been the vane of the textile industry. Pan Jianhua, Secretary of the Party Committee and Chairman of China Light Textile City Group Co., Ltd In his speech, he pointed out that the future competition is the comprehensive competition of supply chain, service chain, innovation chain and value chain. Only by adhering to the spirit of seeking progress, change and innovation, and taking the road of win-win cooperation, can the upstream and downstream of the textile industry chain usher in better development. Relying on the leading fabric market and the advantages of printing and dyeing industry cluster, China Textile City Group has established a new textile material center facing the upstream of the industry in the core area of China Textile City, aiming to achieve "face-to-face" interaction between textile material enterprises and fabric and finished product manufacturers. At the same time, the Light Textile City Group is building an e-commerce selection center and fabric clothing platform facing the downstream of the industry, so as to create a new material innovation "highland" that can quickly transmit downstream trends, closely contact midstream enterprises, and accurately guide upstream production.

▲ Wang Baitong

How to build a new mode of textile supply chain based on the leading professional market cluster? Wang Baitong, Deputy Secretary of the Party Committee and General Manager of Zhejiang China Textile City Group Co., Ltd In his speech, he said that China Light Textile City has a large-scale industrial cluster, cutting-edge industrial trends, rich category support, broad sales channels, close industrial chain coordination, and extensive use of new materials. Clothing needs new concepts of fabrics and materials to enhance product attractiveness and customer stickiness. Fabric enterprises need to "break through" by differentiation, It is necessary to explore the new direction of fabric design and development from the textile source. Based on this, China Textile City Textile New Material Center is committed to building an exhibition and trade integration platform window to provide strong support for the design and development of fabric products. The center is located in the core area of the market, within 5 minutes' walk from the North Market, the East Market, and the United Market, with a total area of about 5000 square meters. With the introduction of cutting-edge new materials, market operators can access the latest textile raw materials at the first time, and material enterprises can quickly understand market trends, promote products, and get product feedback, Promote upstream and downstream two-way travel and collaborative innovation. In addition, Wang Baitong also introduced the space layout, preferential policies and supporting services of the textile new material center.

Trend leading, exploring new R&D paths

The research on the theme and chapter of China's fiber fashion trend release is based on hot and big events such as politics and economy, science and technology and environment, and new breakthroughs in science. Through hot word retrieval, popular element prediction research, theme collection, and form research, the final release is confirmed. The theme released this year is "Fusion and Vientiane", that is, accumulate to be good at thinking about change and be brave to create waves; In the process of constantly enriching oneself, constantly create space, endow value and predict the future.

▲ Wang Huaping

"The fashion end needs to constantly increase the awareness of fiber materials, so as to better develop popular products. From the release of fiber fashion trends, we hope to continue to innovate, find popular keywords, and then apply them to the terminal and impress consumers; we hope to truly form the integration of fiber industry chain and brand value chain; It is hoped that more new fiber products can be linked with the downstream and can achieve more transformation and application in the downstream. " Wang Huaping, Director of the Key Laboratory of High Performance Fibers and Products of the Ministry of Education of Donghua University A systematic and in-depth analysis of Tongkun • Chinese fiber fashion trend 2024/2025 was carried out.

In the four chapters of Tongkun · Chinese Fiber Fashion Trend 2024/2025, "Fiber • Multi exploration" includes 7 products in two categories, elastic fiber and comfortable fiber, representing that Chinese fiber brings comfort and enjoyment from subtleties, and shapes a comfortable and elastic lifestyle. "Fiber • Back to nature" includes 10 products in three categories: bio based chemical fiber, recycled chemical fiber and stock solution coloring chemical fiber. Based on the "green raw materials" in nature, it promotes the green and sustainable development of the textile industry chain through "green" key technologies such as waste textile recycling, stock solution coloring, and easy dyeing product development. "Fiber • Function Deconstruction" includes two categories of six products, namely, cool upgrade fiber and multi-functional composite fiber, to deconstruct the multi existence of coexistence with ecology, function and emotion through science and technology, and pay more attention to people's health needs; Fiber • Extreme upgrade "includes six products in two categories: special fiber and industrial fiber for shoes and clothing, which are lighter, stronger, tougher and more resistant to high temperature, and are used in shoe materials, fire suits, flight suits, aerospace and other fields.

▲ Liao Xiaolei

   Liao Xiaolei, Creative Director/Chief Expert of POP Trend of Yishang Chuangzhan (Shanghai) Technology Co., Ltd Tongkun • Chinese Fiber Fashion Trend 2024/2025 - Chapter 1: Analysis of Fiber Application Trend Selected for Multi Exploration. Based on the popular trend of Tongkun • Chinese fiber 2024/2025, the new trend of material upgrading is proposed from four directions: soft touch, breathable and comfortable, mechanical elasticity, and green environmental protection, and based on footwear, casual sportswear, fashion, close fitting bottoming and other fields, it shares the homogeneous heterogeneous composite elastic polyamide fiber, elastic composite cotton like polyester fiber, heteromorphic two-component polyester/nylon composite fiber The application trend of cationic modified polyamide 6 fiber, full dull fine denier porous flat pile like polyester fiber, profiled mixed fiber copolymerization modified polyester fiber, hydrophilic anti pilling modified polyester fiber.

Sign a strategic contract to seek a new future

In order to promote industrial transformation and upgrading, help more high-quality fibers to serve high-quality merchants and enterprises in China Light Textile City, strengthen the construction of new fiber materials and new quality productivity in China Light Textile City, and achieve high-quality development. China Chemical Fiber Industry Association and Zhejiang China Light Textile City Group Co., Ltd. signed a strategic cooperation agreement to share resources and advantages. At the same time, we will jointly promote the construction of China Light Textile City Textile New Material Center in the "China Fiber Fashion Trend Promotion and Application Platform", and will carry out a series of work in the future in the aspects of new material display and docking, resource empowerment, interactive exchanges, and fiber new material theme activities.

▲ Jin Gaoling, Vice President of China Chemical Fiber Industry Association (right), Wang Baitong, Deputy Secretary of the Party Committee and General Manager of Zhejiang China Light Textile City Group Co., Ltd. (left)

▲ Jin Gaoling (right), Vice President of China Chemical Fiber Industry Association, and Ji Jiangfeng (left), Vice General Manager of Zhejiang China Light Textile City Group Co., Ltd

In addition, China Light Textile City and Tianzhu Alliance, Zhejiang Xingfa Chemical Fiber Group Co., Ltd., Taiji Stone Co., Ltd., Shaoxing Taiding Graphene Technology Co., Ltd., Suzhou Puting Biotechnology Co., Ltd., Anhui Fengyuan Biofiber Co., Ltd., Fujian Yongrong Jinjiang Co., Ltd., Jiangsu Sanlian New Material Co., Ltd Suzhou Chunsheng Environmental Protection Fiber Co., Ltd., Filament Spinning Environmental Protection Material Technology (Suzhou) Co., Ltd., Suzhou Longjie Special Fiber Co., Ltd., Lianyungang Duzhong New Aoshen Spandex Co., Ltd., etc. signed the cooperation agreement of intention to settle down.

Green empowerment, dance sustainable fashion

Lyocell fiber takes renewable plant wood pulp as raw material, with environmentally friendly processing technology, biodegradable waste, good moisture absorption, permeability, softness and drapability. It can be blended with a variety of fibers, providing a rich choice of fabrics for high-end fashion, casual wear, home clothes and home textile products, and is known as the "green fiber of the 21st century", Localization has been achieved in 2015.

▲ Zhang Zixin

   Zhang Zixin, Secretary General of Lyocell Fiber Branch of China Chemical Fiber Industry Association It shared the prospect of Lyocell's industry development and downstream application trend, and introduced the background, ideas and key contents of the 2024 Lyocell Fiber Application Trend Report. He said, "In recent years, the scale of Lyocell fiber market has grown rapidly. In 2023, the output of domestic Lyocell will be about 336000 tons, which shows that the downstream application fields and applications in various fields of Lyocell are also developing rapidly. For example, more and more cotton spinning enterprises are trying to switch from pure cotton or other fibers to pure or blended Lyocell fibers. Enterprises in yarn, fabric, printing and dyeing and other links have begun to gradually grasp the advantages and disadvantages of Lyocell, and meet the market demand and increase the added value of products through adjustment means such as fiber ratio and processing technology. With the deeper understanding of Lyocell fiber in the downstream, the variety of its blended fabrics is more and more abundant, and the consumption of Lyocell fiber in some men's and women's clothing brand enterprises is also increasing. Lyocell fiber is gradually becoming a mainstream chemical fiber product, and the market space is expected. "

▲ Wang Lejun

As an environmentally friendly fiber, what is the development prospect of bio based chemical fiber? Wang Lejun, Deputy General Manager of Hengtian Fiber Group Co., Ltd Report on Sustainable Development of Bio based Chemical Fiber. He pointed out that at present, the development of chemical fibers in the world is facing the constraints of resources and environment. Biobased chemical fibers are made of biomass as raw materials or polymers containing monomers from biomass sources, which have environmentally friendly advantages. Compared with viscose, cotton, polyester and nylon, some of the bio based fibers have strength, elongation at break, modulus, moisture regain Water retention rate has obvious advantages. At present, the total production capacity of bio based fiber only accounts for 1.25% of the total chemical fiber, and there is still huge market space. In view of the future technology development direction of new fiber materials, Wang Lejun proposed that: first, we should give full play to the leading role of scientific and technological innovation, second, we should continue to focus on green and low-carbon development of technology, and third, we should vigorously improve the digital intelligence of fiber materials.

▲ Zhang Bin

"The company reduces carbon emissions from the aspects of raw material acquisition, transportation, production stage, packaging materials and other life cycles." Zhang Bin, Chairman of Lianyungang Duzhong Xinaoshen Spandex Co., Ltd Sharing the development status of spandex sustainable products. Among them, Aoshen ® GRS can reduce carbon dioxide emissions by about 70% during the production of recycled spandex before consumption; Aoshen ® The post consumer recycled spandex adopts the post consumer waste polyester (PET) bottle material. The content of the post consumer recycled spandex exceeds 30%, which is the first post consumer recycled spandex product in the world at present; Aoshen ® Bio degradable spandex fiber is prepared by replacing PTG with bio diols, which has degradability and recyclability, high bio carbon content, and can reduce production costs. In the future, the company will combine the three hot industries of big health, artificial intelligence and dual carbon environmental protection, and practice the strategy of sustainable and high-quality development and improvement around green environmental protection, scientific and technological innovation, brand planting and digital empowerment.

▲ Liu Hui

   Liu Hui, Head of Product R&D Department of Tangshan Sanyou Xingda Chemical Fiber Co., Ltd Share Tang Si ™ Cellulose fiber -- contribute to fashion and health in a sustainable way. Around sustainable fashion, Tang Si ™ The brand actively builds a sustainable system, realizes the whole chain and whole process ecological supervision from raw materials to products, and develops environment-friendly fibers ™ EcoTang ™、 Tangsi ™ Ecocolor, Recycle Regeneration ReVisco ™ And other sustainable products. Among them, Tang Si ™ EcoTang ™ The source of raw materials has passed the FSC certification, the product safety has passed the sustainable textile production STeP certification, and the cleaner production conforms to the Eubat standard, the cleaner production audit guide, LCA's original low-carbon, EcoTang ™ The LCA data is 2.83kg CO2-eq, which is widely used in knitwear, outerwear, jeans, sweaters, suits, baby clothes, T-shirts, sportswear, windbreaker, home textiles, home furnishings, underwear, etc. At present, it has been traced back to 56 foreign brands that have used this product.

Change thinking and promote new upgrading of applications

▲ Hongyan

How to look at the fiber and textile clothing industry from a fashionable perspective? Hong Yan, Deputy Director of the Department of Fashion Design and Engineering of Suzhou University, CEO of Carlin, a French fashion and brand planning organization in China Share the report "Quality of Fashion and New Productivity of Fiber Fabric Enterprises". Hong Yan believes that the essence of the transformation and upgrading of the manufacturing industry is "Tao" and "technique". It is necessary to think about the transformation of identity and role, and the transformation of thinking mode, such as the transformation of supply chain/processors to fashion industry service providers, and the transformation of product/production thinking to fashion thinking. Hong Yan proposed that differentiation is the basis of brand building through the law of attraction. Based on telling good brand stories, innovating product presentation forms and other aspects, he proposed that stories=customers+desires+communication. It is necessary to visualize technology and reflect design inspiration and style positioning through a sense of fashion, technology, future and sustainability.

▲ Pan Shenhong

From fiber to downstream, how can we effectively collaborate on precise research and development? "Users decide the scene, the scene determines the function, and the function shapes the style. From the function change, we can see the function, yarn, and color, from the perspective of competitive products, we can see the basic fabric, gene implantation, and function implantation, and from the style change trend, we can see the mix and match style, mix style, and creative change of color fabrics." Pan Shenhong, the founder of TEA Textile Intelligence, said that, The future of clothing lies in fabric, and the future of fabric lies in fiber. Only when fiber, fabric and clothing are integrated, the textile and clothing industry will have a future. In the process of development, fabric enterprises should make clear the business logic relationship, design accurate fabrics from the business planning, design planning, visual planning, fabric planning, in a certain form, seize an opportunity, do a good job in a certain product, subdivide and strengthen the system, and focus on the nine dimensions of people, goods, market, yarn, fabric, clothing, planning, research and development, and design, Reflect product function value, application value and emotional value, and look for the second curve.

▲ Meng Hongjun

What is a non spandex elastic fiber? Meng Hongjun, Marketing Director of Jiangsu Sanlian New Materials Co., Ltd The research on development and application of non ammonia elastic composite functional fiber was shared. Non ammonia elastic fiber, that is, elastic fiber without spandex. Compared with spandex, non ammonia elastic fiber has the advantages of durable elasticity, fatigue resistance, sun resistance, storage, small elastic recovery, no sense of bondage, random dyeing, more stable size, no curling, convenient recycling and reuse. Non ammonia elastic fiber including LTY ®、 SORONA ®、 T400, T800, etc. On this basis, the LTY independently developed by Sanlian ® Elastic composite yarn, domestic T400 elastic composite yarn and T800 elastic composite yarn can be widely used in swimsuit fabrics, outdoor fabrics, sports fabrics, yoga fabrics, medical bandages, wound patches, etc.

▲ Zheng Yulei

   Zheng Yulei, R&D engineer of chemical fiber section of Fujian Hengshen Synthetic Fiber Technology Co., Ltd. Hengshen Group Share the Development and Application of Differentiated Nylon Products. As the world's leading nylon 6 full industrial chain enterprise group, Hengshen Group has internationally advanced HPO plus ® The caprolactam production technology and the highly competitive caprolactam integrated industrial park have created a diversified product matrix of green environmental protection, functions, imitation natural silk, high strength silk, coarse monofiber series, etc. Among them, the green environmental protection system includes nylon 6 regeneration, nylon 6 biodegradation, nylon 6 EcoLactam, nylon 6 stock solution coloring, functional series includes nylon 6 collagen, nylon 6 masking yarn, and coarse monofilament series includes monofilament, mother filament, coarse monofilament multifilament, The key technology and equipment for the one-step high-speed spinning of coarse denier nylon 6 monofilament and split master filament won the first prize of the Science and Technology Progress Award of the China Textile Industry Federation.

At present, the integration and development of basic industries, emerging industries and future industries continue to evolve, and a new journey has begun to promote the construction of modern textile industry system with new quality productivity. Vigorously developing the textile material industry is the demand of the market, the link of development, and the move of taking advantage of the situation. This activity takes the industrial chain as a bridge and a thread as a traction to promote the upstream and downstream to go hand in hand and develop with one heart, grasp the "fixed number" in the "change", and help China Light Textile City become the driver of textile technology, the leader of fashion design, and the practitioner of green development.

   At the same time of the event, the sponsor led the representatives of new fiber materials enterprises to the joint market and the East Market of China Light Textile City, visited the New Textile Materials Center of China Light Textile City, deeply understood the application and demand of market operators for new materials and new technologies, invited domestic high-quality fiber enterprises to display their products, and connected with high-quality enterprises of China Light Textile City on site, Jointly promote the coordinated development of upstream and downstream of the industrial chain and win-win future, and drive Keqiao Textile to develop new quality productivity from the textile source.

▲ Visit

▲ Enterprise display

(Source: China Chemical Fiber Industry Association)

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