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Observation Of Canton Fair: Chinese Style "Trendy" Clothing Continues To "Go Out"

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Canton Fair

At the Canton Fair, the ceramic products integrated with traditional Chinese cultural elements and artistic symbols, such as ink, flowers and birds, landscape, etc., dazzled buyers from all over the world; The new bamboo colored Chinese folding fan, the fan bone and fan face patterns are created by laser carving or spray painting technology, making the fresh scene of snow and red plum blossom appear on the fan face

The 135th China Import and Export Commodities Fair (Canton Fair) is being held in Guangzhou. The reporter visited the museum and found that the innovation of Chinese domestic products enterprises "went out of the circle", and the new design and new marketing combined with culture and technology made Chinese domestic products "trendy products" show new vitality.

On April 25, at this Canton Fair, the fan products with Chinese traditional cultural elements were favored by buyers. Photographed by Chen Chuhong, a reporter from China News Service

Guangdong Textile Import and Export Co., Ltd. brought a dazzling horse dress to attract buyers from Southeast Asia, the Middle East, South America, Africa and other regions for inquiries.

"Originally, we just wanted to use the Canton Fair for brand promotion this year, but we didn't expect so many overseas buyers to be interested and popular, so our team hasn't had much rest so far." Cai Chunhua, the operation director of Zhuang Zini of Guangdong Textile Import and Export Co., Ltd., dressed in a poncho dress, showed to overseas buyers, she said, "The horse face skirt vividly demonstrates the beauty of the East, but also shows the confidence of Chinese culture to the world. It is the top stream of today's' national style '.".

In addition, the booth also has a special exhibition area for intangible cultural heritage products, which gathers products related to intangible cultural heritage such as fragrant cloud gauze and Song brocade. Among them, the Guangfu Pearl Fragrant Cloud Yarn series is fluttering under the light, and the silk fabric is dyed with pure plant dyes, which has the characteristics of environmental protection and pure nature and fits the contemporary environmental trend.

On May 2, overseas purchasers were selecting horse face skirts. Photographed by Cai Minjie, a reporter from China News Service

"Overseas buyers quite agree with these products with Chinese traditional culture characteristics, because they are different from the design and materials of their previous clothing. People are very interested in this new style of clothing, and they think it can show their personal charm well." Cai Chunhua said that at the same time, many overseas Chinese also want to bring clothing with Chinese national fashion characteristics overseas, "We plan to further improve this year's overseas orders by combining the buyers' market preferences while maintaining features and styles. This year's overseas orders are currently scheduled to August.".

In the booth of Guangdong Jiaqi Science and Technology Education Co., Ltd., the Chinese "Guochao" building block product series, such as "Nafu Xingshi" and "Joy Luck Koi", which have the meaning of fortune and auspiciousness, have attracted the attention of Indonesian buyers. According to the person in charge of foreign trade of the company, the company has launched a number of Chinese Guochaofeng building block toys.

"Dragon and Phoenix Bring Prosperity", "Butterfly Play Peony", "Phoenix Fly Together" The pattern on the horse face skirt is a cultural symbol popular for thousands of years, and also an expression of people's good wishes. Qu Jing, Vice President of Huimei Fashion Group, once brought the horse face skirt produced by the Group to France and other places to show its style, and won the recognition of overseas consumers.

"Beauty is common, and the beauty of Chinese culture can infect overseas people." She said that the group has constantly integrated and innovated in combination with the habits of consumers at home and abroad, and launched cool horse face skirts, mini horse face skirts, etc, "Our horse face skirt breaks through the traditional dignified and calm image. The upper part of consumers can match with white shirts or small suits, which is suitable for business, tourism and other scenes, which also shows the diversity and inclusiveness of Chinese culture".

Qu Tingnan, one of China's top ten fashion designers, said that China's national trend is not simply a pile of Chinese elements, nor a simple retro Chinese style. It is necessary to dig deeply into the stories of Chinese culture, and use existing language to express them, so that users can feel the unique products and cultural experience brought by China's national trend.

(Source: China News Network)

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