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[Hot Spot] The Transformation Of Textile Printing And Dyeing Industry In Liutuan Town, Changyi

2024/5/11 17:28:00 1

Printing And Dyeing Industry

Since last year, Liutuan Town, Changyi, Weifang, has actively explored new ways to accelerate industrial transformation and upgrading based on its traditional advantages and market advantages in textile printing and dyeing industry, and has worked hard to generate new momentum in optimizing structure, technological innovation, cultural integration and other aspects to help build a modern textile industrial system. In 2023, 21 textile enterprises above designated size in Liutuan Town will achieve an output value of 4.349 billion yuan, a year-on-year increase of 21.8%, and become the largest textile industry cluster with the most complete chain and the widest coverage in the township areas of the province.

   Structural optimization, upgrading and transformation to enhance industrial competitiveness

Based on the development layout of textile printing and dyeing industry in the region, Liutuan Town, guided by a new round of industrial development planning, aims to "improve the added value of products and enhance brand influence", strengthen terminal products, strengthen brand creation, improve profit level, and promote high-quality development of textile printing and dyeing industry.

Innovate the "chain leader driven" mechanism, focus on the industry with "chain thinking", improve the working mechanism, optimize supporting services, and increase the cultivation of "chain leader" enterprises with strong resource integration capability, taking Huabao Textile as a typical representative. At present, Huabao Textile has built the only high-grade textile raw material project with an annual output of 220000 tons in the province, which has fundamentally solved the problem of long-term outsourcing of polyester filament and other chemical fiber raw materials. The cost of raw materials has been reduced by more than 50%, and it has become an integrated enterprise in the whole industry chain from the production of front-end spinning raw materials to the sales of end products and a large domestic chemical fiber bed fabric manufacturer. In 2023, Huabao Textile will achieve an output value of 2.343 billion yuan.

Optimize the brand building pattern, explore the working mode of "textile products+brand building", sort out the textile printing and dyeing enterprises in the area to build brands, carry out targeted work guidance, guide enterprises to face the consumer market, strengthen brand building, and innovate the operation mode in order to solve the problems of textile printing and dyeing enterprises such as more intermediate products, less terminal products, and insufficient brand influence, Expand sales channels, establish a multi-level and diversified marketing system of "international and domestic, online and offline", and focus on creating a number of terminal consumer brands, processing and manufacturing brands and regional cluster brands with great market influence and high reputation. At present, it has successfully created more than 20 independent brands and registered trademarks such as "Liutuan Home Textile" FRIENO ". Encourage brand enterprises to establish R&D and design institutions and marketing networks in foreign markets such as Europe and South Africa, actively participate in international and domestic high-end exhibitions, and improve the influence of Liutuan textile brand with the help of platforms such as "Shenzhen Changyi Week".

   Scientific and technological innovation focuses on the frontier to enhance the industrial driving force

Liutuan insists on putting scientific and technological innovation in an important position, focusing on the key link of product quality improvement, accelerating the pace of independent research and development, and empowering the industry with new materials, new technologies and new processes to improve quality and efficiency.

Focus on innovation in key areas and fill in domestic gaps. Take the development of the super fiber industry as a "new track" for upgrading the textile printing and dyeing industry, focus on the key areas of the super fiber industry, strengthen and expand the "6+1" super fiber industry "wild goose formation" development cluster led by Kaitai Super Fiber, successfully research and develop the most advanced polyester island oriented super fiber technology in the world, and fill in the domestic technology gap. At present, Liutuan Industrial Park has built the country's largest suede microfiber industrial base with an annual output of 38 million meters and a market share of 90% in the country. Among them, Kaitai super fiber environment-friendly high simulation super fiber fabric products comprehensively improve the color fastness and wear resistance of automobile accessories, and break the monopoly of foreign markets. In 2023, more than 40 enterprises have won the honorary titles of provincial specialized and innovative SMEs, provincial innovative SMEs, invisible champion enterprises, gazelle enterprises and Weifang City.

Pay attention to production technology innovation and solve weak problems. Adhere to the market orientation, introduce advanced technologies such as water free and water scarce, intelligent control, etc. in Jiangsu and Zhejiang, guide enterprises such as Huabao Textile, Furun Technology, etc., expand the breadth and depth of digital applications in the industry, update application equipment, overcome technical problems, solve problems such as insufficient local production capacity, low yield, and poor technology of chemical fiber raw materials, and promote intelligent upgrading of the industry. In 2023, Liutuan will invest 1.23 billion yuan in technological transformation, and the digital transformation rate of textile printing and dyeing industry will reach more than 90%.

We should focus on talent team innovation and break down development constraints. Based on attracting talents, making good use of technology, improving quality and efficiency, improving the industry university research cooperation mechanism, cooperating deeply with domestic well-known universities, establishing a batch of research and development bases such as Sichuan University Liutuan Super Fiber Materials Research and Development Center, Home Textile Research Institute of Xi'an Engineering University, introducing high-level talents and young technical experts at home and abroad, and helping to apply for more than 200 patents, It effectively solves the problems of low education and weak specialty of textile printing and dyeing industry employees.

   Cultural integration and silk stories enhance the soft power of industry

Relying on the rich cultural resources of the "Hometown of Chinese Silk Culture", we will continue to work hard on "tapping potential, publicity and integration", so that the textile printing and dyeing industry can go to sea by boat and circle by culture.

Dig deep into the historical roots of silk. Explore the cultural potential tapping mode of "inheritors of intangible cultural heritage+experts", establish the inheritance, protection, development and utilization mechanism of intangible cultural heritage such as Liutuan Silk Craftsmanship, and create a new digital application scene bearing silk culture in combination with mature carriers such as the Silk Culture Museum and Silk Road Silk Language Cultural Creative Park. At present, 4 rural museums above the municipal level in Weifang have been registered and recognized, ranking first in Weifang; Liutuan Silk was selected as a typical case of rural culture and art in the province; Silk Road Silk Language Cultural Creative Park was selected as a demonstration project for urban renewal in Shandong Province, and successfully applied for the first batch of industrial heritage in Shandong Province.

Improve the quality and efficiency of publicity and promotion. Establish a publicity mechanism of "tangible matrix+intangible media", rely on tangible positions such as the Silk Culture Museum and Weifang Overseas Chinese History Museum, increase the content of historical materials, improve the level of interpretation, and further expand the historical and cultural influence of "one of the starting points of modern China's maritime silk road", "the source of cocoons and silks", etc. Nearly 80000 people have entered the exhibition hall and received edification. At the same time, we will make full use of financial media, we media and other publicity media to comprehensively improve the domestic and international communication efficiency, so that Liutuan Silk can better go out and enhance its popularity.

Create cross-border integration business. Adhere to building tourism with culture and highlighting culture with tourism, promote cross-border integration of silk industry with tourism, accommodation, cultural creativity, explore more special tourism projects with production process experience, history, humanities, science popularization, featured product promotion and other functions, such as Silk Road Silk Language Cultural Creative Park, and build a well-known silk cultural tourism destination and online celebrity card punching destination. Introduce the element of "fashion+culture+youth", develop clothing, cultural and creative literary products with traditional connotation and new trends of the times by virtue of national fashion, Han clothing and other emerging hot spots, attract more people into Liutuan, pay attention to Liutuan, publicize Liutuan, and promote the integration and mutual promotion of textile printing and dyeing industry and cultural tourism industry.

(Source: Dazhong Daily)

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