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Interaction Between Beijing Institute Of Fashion Technology And China (Hefei) Fashion Original Design Base

2024/5/13 20:54:00 0

Beijing Institute Of Fashion Technology

On May 11, Zhao Hongshan, Director of the Academic Affairs Office of Beijing Institute of Fashion Technology, Lan Taiqian, Head of the Domestic Cooperation and Alumni Office, and a delegation came to China (Hefei) Fashion Original Design Base for investigation and exchange. Sang Baojun, member of the Standing Committee of the District Committee and head of the Publicity Department, Zhang Caiyun, deputy head of the District Government, accompanied by the main heads of Yaohai State owned Assets Group and China Textile Industry and Investment Corporation, Wu Dian, head of the Consumer Products Industry Division of the Provincial Department of Industry and Information Technology, Ye Liang, executive chairman of the Provincial Textile Industry Association, and Liu Hui, director of the Three Goats Clothing Operation, attended the exchange forum.

The investigation team had a detailed understanding of the construction and operation of the base through field visits, on-site exchanges and other ways, conducted in-depth discussions and exchanges around the joint construction of schools and cities, schools and enterprises, fully affirmed the overall positioning and working ideas of the base, and reached consensus on the specific issues of jointly building the first off campus training base in Anhui of the Beijing Institute of Clothing Technology, and leading fashion red with party building red, Put forward professional suggestions and opinions on the construction of Hefei City of Fashion Garment Industry, and invite the relevant leaders of the Provincial Department of Industry and Information Technology, the Industry Association, Three Goats and the Base to sign a formal agreement on related matters at the beginning of June at the Beijing Institute of Fashion Technology to participate in the graduation season exhibition.

The investigation team visited and inspected clothing and equipment manufacturing enterprises such as Hefei Tsinghua Shengjia (Eagle Claw) Clothing Co., Ltd. and Hefei Aorui Technology Co., Ltd., had in-depth exchanges with relevant leaders, and had a detailed understanding of the development process, project highlights, future planning and other situations. He also visited the Youth Creative Pastoral Project in Yaohai District, and particularly appreciated the combination of environmental improvement and creative cultural tourism in the old city, which is a unique landscape in the city.

Next, the base will take this investigation and exchange as an opportunity to continue to promote the establishment of cooperation mechanism, promote the deep integration of industry, university and research, explore a new mode of integration of industry and education, and enable high-quality development of Anhui textile and clothing industry.

(Source: released by Yaohai)

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