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Appearing At The 2024 World Brand Moganshan Conference, Bosiden Took The Brand As The Lead To Move Towards "Global Leadership"

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   The wind blows clean on Mogan Mountain, and world brands compete for Fangfei. On May 11, the 2024 World Brand Moganshan Conference, the eighth "China Brand Day" series of activities jointly sponsored by Xinhua News Agency Brand Office and China National Brand Network, under the guidance of Xinhua News Agency and China Brand Building Promotion Association, was held in Deqing, Zhejiang Province. More than 4000 representatives from well-known enterprises at home and abroad, experts and scholars gathered together to share the way of Chinese brand development, make a strong voice of the global brand era, and participate in this ideological feast in the field of world brand building.
   Gao Dekang, chairman of the Chamber of Commerce for Textile and Clothing Industry of the All China Federation of Industry and Commerce, founder of Bosiden brand, chairman and president of Bosiden Group's Board of Directors, was invited to the conference to share home brand cases, and received high-end interviews with entrepreneurs from Xinhua News Agency to share the successful experience of Bosiden brand development and explore the new trend of high-quality development of China's independent clothing brands, It has aroused strong resonance among Chinese entrepreneurs and the industry.
   The grand event talks to the world, and the brand creates beauty together. Gao Dekang, chairman and president of Bosiden Group, shared the home brand case with the theme of "Adhering to brand leadership and moving towards" global leadership "at the Moganshan World Brand Conference, exchanged ideas and collided with leading experts and industry bigwigs, gathered joint forces for development, and shouldered the era mission of global development of Chinese brands in the new era.
   Brand is the comprehensive embodiment of the core competitiveness of enterprises and even countries. Ten years ago, General Secretary Xi Jinping proposed to promote the transformation from "Made in China" to "Created in China", from "Speed in China" to "Quality in China", and from "Chinese Products" to "Chinese Brands", which pointed out the direction of high-quality economic development in China. In the past 10 years, China's brand building has made positive progress. A large number of Chinese enterprises, Chinese brands, and Chinese products have set sail to go to the world. By continuously shaping the core competitiveness of product quality, research and development design, technical standards, and other aspects, they have changed the traditional perception of Chinese made and Chinese brands among global consumers.
   Gao Dekang said——
   Internationalization and globalization are the inevitable path for enterprises and brands with leading positions in the industry in a country that is forming global influence. As China's comprehensive strength continues to increase, Chinese brands are accelerating to move towards the middle and high end of the global industrial value chain. We firmly believe that the future of Chinese brands should not stop in China, but should face the world. In the future, more Chinese brands will shine brightly on the world stage.
   As one of the early Chinese brands to explore international development, Bosiden has adhered to the brand led development model since the 1990s, strengthened its leading position in the domestic market, and explored the international development of brands. With the in-depth implementation of the Belt and Road Initiative, China has shown great vitality in participating in global economic activities. Bosiden is based in China, moving towards the world, taking the "Belt and Road" express, and making unremitting efforts to enhance the global influence of China's own clothing brands and the international voice of Chinese fashion.
   Posiden has positioned itself as a brand with a global perspective, and has cooperated with internationally renowned designers for many times to promote the integration and development of traditional culture, national fashion and international fashion, and refresh the design aesthetics of the global down jacket industry. From the "You" series of New York Fashion Week, to the "Star Sky" series with Italian artists, to the "China Red" landing at London Fashion Week, to the debut of the Chinese brand of Milan da Vinci Manor, Bosiden combines the eastern and western cultures, creative design and technological functions, showing the professional strength and fashion creativity of Chinese brands to the whole world, It has won the favor of more and more mainstream and young people. We will seize the UK, iteratively innovate the operation of London flagship stores, explore the new mode of "Sailing" and cross-border e-commerce for Chinese weaving brands, and carry out brand image dissemination in Paris, Milan, and London's internationally renowned airports to continuously enhance the brand's international popularity and influence. For three consecutive years, Bosiden brand has been selected into the Top 50 Brand Finance (Brand Finance) list of the world's most valuable apparel brands, and ranked 462 in the 2023 "World Top 500 Brands" of the World Brand Laboratory. The scale (sales, sales volume) of down jacket ranks first in the world, leading the development of the global down jacket industry in terms of scale, products, channels, and operations.
   Strengthening brand building is the internal requirement for developing new quality productivity and promoting high-quality development. Textile and garment industry is a "better life industry". Under the trend of consumption upgrading and domestic products surging, how to grasp the new growth point and speed up the development of new quality productivity has become an era proposition that Chinese entrepreneurs must answer well.
   During the World Brand Moganshan Conference, Gao Dekang received a high-end interview with entrepreneurs from Xinhua News Agency's New Dialogue Moganshan Brand Face to face, talked about the warm story of Bosiden brand, and looked forward to the growth of Chinese brands and the responsibility of leading enterprises under the new consumption trend. Gao Dekang said that the construction of China's brand in the new era is a long-term and systematic work, which requires enterprises to adhere to the long-term principle and value creation, "run the industry with perseverance", and lead high-quality development with new quality productivity. Bosiden will continue to adhere to the brand led development model and constantly consolidate the core competitiveness of the brand. It will not only be the first in China, but also forge ahead towards the goal of "global leadership".
   Since the beginning of the new year, China's economy and consumption have rebounded significantly. The "Year of Consumption Promotion" is expected to open a new space for greater consumption of textiles and clothing. Gao Dekang believes that value consumption and emotional value have become the key factors leading the consumption concept and behavior of Generation Z, and the best way to meet customers is to continuously create new customer value. The future textile and clothing industry must be the fashion creative industry and scientific and technological innovation industry. The market of fashion functional scientific and technological clothing has huge growth potential. Bosiden clearly defined the "double focus" strategy of "focusing on the main channel of down jacket, focusing on the fashion function technology clothing track", enriched the middle and high-end down jacket product portfolio, expanded the more fashionable professional sunscreen clothing category, led and created new demand with high-quality supply, and committed to becoming the world's leading fashion function technology clothing group. Let global consumers feel the professional protection and companionship from Bosiden in every season, and also attract new consumer groups for the brand.
   At present, a new round of global scientific and technological revolution and industrial transformation are accelerating, and scientific and technological innovation has become the "key variable" in the unprecedented great change in a century. Bosiden continues to strengthen scientific and technological innovation, accelerate the transformation of digital intelligence, promote green development, deepen the planning and layout of overseas production resources, and undertakes the work of the ISO/TC133 Secretariat of the International Organization for Standardization and the Chinese governing unit of the International Down and Feather Bureau, forming a sustainable high-quality development strength that is innovation driven and intelligent. It was rated A in Mingsheng ESG rating and upgraded to B in CDP climate change rating, both of which are the best ratings for Chinese textile and clothing enterprises. In the future, we will continue to play the social responsibility of industry leaders and chain owners, practice the "double carbon" strategic goal and sustainable fashion, work with all sectors of society and stakeholders to create an industrial ecology of sustainable high-quality development, help rural revitalization and promote common prosperity.
   On the evening of May 10, 2024 UAVs lit up the night sky of mountains, rivers, humanities and Deqing with the huge screen of stars, which was colorful, cool and beautiful. Bosiden brand shines brightly in Mogan Mountain where the wind and clouds gather, showing the lofty atmosphere of big country brands, and becoming a shining star of the world brand event.
   Witness the aspirations of the times and go to a better future together. As China's comprehensive strength continues to increase, Chinese brands are accelerating to move towards the middle and high end of the global industrial value chain. In the future, more Chinese brands will certainly shine on the world stage. Bosiden Group will work together with many Chinese enterprises and Chinese brands to start new and go hand in hand with the times, explore the development of new quality productivity, improve the brand's "soft power" and brand asset value, move from China's first to "global leadership", and write a wonderful chapter of the new era "Chinese brand, shared by the world".
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