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The National Advanced Training Class For Textile Talents Training Project Entered Tongkun

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Textile Advanced Training Class

   The early summer is bright and pleasant. On May 11, 2024 National Advanced Training Course for Textile Talents Training Project (referred to as "Textile Advanced Training Course") came to Tongxiang, a beautiful water town in the south of the Yangtze River, and went to Tongkun Group and Xinfengming Group for learning and exchange. The research content was rich and substantial, and there was a sort of discussion on the theoretical knowledge related to fiber spinning and forming, There is a review of the development history of the industry and leading enterprises and a prospect of future trends.
   Enter Tongkun
   With length and hard core
   Tongkun Group was founded in 1981. After more than 40 years, from one of the earliest township chemical fiber factories in China to the leading enterprise in the global polyester filament industry, Tongkun has experienced the transformation and development from polypropylene fiber to polyester fiber, upgrading from conventional spinning to high-speed spinning, low-cost development, integration and counter cyclical development after entering melt direct spinning The whole industry chain has developed for seven leapfrog development stages. Now Tongkun has an annual production and processing capacity of 10 million tons of crude oil processing equity, 10.2 million tons of PTA, 13 million tons of polymerization and 13.5 million tons of polyester filament, and has formed a complete industrial chain from "one drop of oil" to "one piece of cloth". Its polyester filament products include more than 1000 varieties in six series of POY, FDY, DTY, composite filament, blended filament and medium strong filament, which have gone from basic people's livelihood applications to broad areas covering "sea, land and air", and entered more sophisticated application scenarios. The domestic and international market share of polyester filament products in Tongkun ranks first in the industry. Since 2021, Tongkun Group, together with its New Materials Research Institute, has launched five series of innovative products, namely "Green Source", "Rongrou", "Tanyun", "Dazzling Color" and "Kangyi", to achieve new breakthroughs in environmental protection, skin feel, elasticity, color and function.
▲ Chen Lei
   In combination with the company's development history of more than 40 years, Chen Lei, chairman and president of Tongkun Group, said in his speech that Tongkun and the development of China's textile industry come down in one continuous line and resonate with each other at the same frequency, and Tongkun is a witness and participant of the prosperity and development of the industry. Now Tongkun has entered the 2.0 version, and will develop towards the "four modernizations" of scale, intelligence, greening and internationalization in the future. "As a striver of industrial ideals, I hope that all links of our industrial chain will form a community of common destiny, jointly build an ecosystem and achieve common development."
   As the sixth senior sister of the textile advanced training class, Chen Lei said, "I have gained a lot from this class, not only knowledge, but also friendship, as well as a lot of cooperation. I hope that students can have a deeper understanding of the textile advanced training class platform. I hope that you can maintain your love and enthusiasm for the industry, and have a deeper understanding of the industry. I also hope that we can have more interaction and exchanges in the industry in the future to jointly promote the continuous innovation of the industry New and prosperous development. "
   New quality and mathematical intelligence
▲ Zhou Jun
   For more than 40 years, Tongkun Group has been at the forefront of the industry in terms of intelligent manufacturing while doing a good job in "one tendon" and "one thread". Zhou Jun, general manager of Zhejiang Hengyun Zhilian Digital Technology Co., Ltd., introduced the digital transformation of Tongkun Group. In 2018, Tongkun Group put forward the concept of digital transformation, and then began to gradually understand how to carry out digitalization through multiple channels. Since 2019, Tongkun Group has fully started its digital transformation, which is divided into three stages: "global visualization - global analysis - global intelligence". In 2020, Tongkun established Hengyun Zhilian, an industrial Internet platform, a big data platform, an artificial intelligence platform covering the whole group, and an enterprise digital intelligence operation center, basically realizing "global visibility", initially forming Tongkun's brain. At present, Tongkun is in the second stage of digital transformation.
   "When an enterprise develops to a certain scale, it will face three pain points: how to reduce costs, how to improve efficiency, and how to standardize processes. These three things are the core values of Hengyun Zhilian," Zhou Jun said. In April 2023, Tongkun Group set up an independent digital promotion department, adhering to the principle of "reducing costs, improving efficiency, and standardizing processes", focusing on the goal of "one identity, one brain, one portal, and one process", and promoting work from the future factory, digital logistics platform, digital supply chain platform, human resources system, etc, The data can serve both the upper and the lower. "In the future, the industrial Internet application in typical scenarios of leading enterprises led by Tongkun will drive the digital development of the entire industry, thus comprehensively improving the core competitiveness of China's chemical fiber industry."
▲ Li Dachuan
   With so much talk about digitalization, what exactly is digitalization? Does the enterprise need digitalization? What is the difference between digitalization and informatization? What does digital transformation turn into? Who does digitalization serve? What is the biggest problem that digitalization may encounter? What kind of talent does digital transformation need? What are the benefits of digital projects? Around these topics, Li Dachuan, Manager of Digital Promotion Department of Tongkun Group, had an in-depth sharing and exchange with everyone. He said, "Tongkun can save 30000+hours/workshop/year on the" chain "from process driven to data driven. To make the machine speak, we should focus on data analysis, continue to dig the value behind the data, dig the value of the data, let the data flow, form a closed loop, and strengthen the 'Tongkun brain'. There is no standard template for digital transformation, but there is a reference for success. Any enterprise should find its own digital transformation path. "
   Digital intelligence operation center is a major feature of Tongkun Group's "digital transformation". When visiting the center, Li Dachuan gave a brief introduction. Relying on the digital construction achievements of Tongkun Group and based on various digital applications, it supports the integrated operation management of digital operation monitoring, operation analysis, risk early warning and emergency command of the whole group. All subsidiaries and factories of Tongkun Group can upgrade their central control rooms and meeting rooms to digital intelligence operation centers through network access at any time, and gain the same data monitoring, analysis and decision-making support capabilities as the Group, thus breaking the time and space constraints of management work, strengthening the management work at the same level, and improving the collaboration efficiency between departments. Li Dachuan also led us to visit the intelligent production workshop of Zhejiang Hengchao Chemical Fiber Co., Ltd. of Tongkun Group.
   In addition, Zhou Jun, the general manager of Hengyun Zhilian, led everyone to visit the "Impression Tongkun" exhibition hall, which covers a total area of 1500 square meters and consists of eight chapters: prologue/full chain development, trajectory/era of the same frequency, product/innovative quality, excellence/five wheel drive, intelligent manufacturing/digital transformation, responsibility/harmonious coexistence, party building/red ship pilot, and outlook/century Tongkun, It comprehensively presents the seven historical leapfrog development history of Tongkun and its brilliant achievements in product continuous innovation and application, digital transformation intelligent manufacturing, green manufacturing, and red governance led by party building.
   Interesting and interesting
▲ Zhang Xiuqin
   What kind of material can be made into fiber? How are fibers spun? Zhang Xiuqin, Dean of the School of Material Design and Engineering of Beijing Institute of Fashion Technology, introduced the theme course of "fiber spinning and forming" in Tongkun, combing the basic concept, preparation conditions, classification, basic characteristics of fiber forming polymers, as well as common fiber forming polymers such as polyethylene terephthalate (PET), polyamide 66, polypropylene, polyacrylonitrile, and polylactic acid; The definition, scope of application, process flow and principle of melt spinning, and the respective advantages of melt direct spinning and chip spinning; The purpose, implementation mode, influencing factors of drawing and heat setting in fiber post-processing, as well as the changes of fiber structure and properties; The forming principle, influencing factors, equipment types and application progress of electrospinning. At the same time, taking polyester filament and staple fiber, polylactic acid fiber, polylactic acid melt blown non-woven fabric, etc. as examples, the production process and characteristics are introduced in detail. During the teaching process, Mr. Zhang Xiuqin's small class program is very interesting. Through it, students can view the course PPT in real time, actively participate in the in class test exercises assigned by the teacher, and naturally enter the immersive learning, consolidating relevant theoretical knowledge of polymer synthesis, melt spinning and electrospinning in a slightly tense atmosphere.
   Enter Xinfengming
   One body, two wings to the future

   Xinfengming Group was founded in 2000. After more than 20 years of deep cultivation in the field of civil polyester fiber, it is now a modern large-scale joint-stock listed enterprise integrating PTA, polyester, polyester spinning, texturing, import and export trade, with a total assets of more than 50 billion yuan. It has more than 20 subsidiaries under its jurisdiction, including Zhongwei, Huzhou Zhongshi Technology, Dushan Energy, Jiangsu Xintuo New Materials, In China, it has set up four production bases in Tongxiang, Pinghu, Huzhou and Xuzhou, Zhejiang Jiaxing, and its products have covered more than 1000 specifications and varieties of medium and high-end series such as customized POY, FDY, DTY polyester filaments and vortex spinning, knitting cotton, sewing linear, spunlaced and other staple fibers, with an annual production and processing capacity of 5 million tons of PTA, 7.4 million tons of filament and 1.2 million tons of staple fibers, Its production capacity ranks among the top three in the global industry and is one of the top 500 enterprises in China. From "starting from scratch" to "one of the leading enterprises in the industry", from focusing on chemical fiber to integrating the middle section of the industrial chain, and from within the province to outside the province, Xinfengming has achieved a magnificent transformation in more than 20 years. In 2023, the output will be 13.4258 million tons, and the operating revenue of Xinfengming Holding will be 108.398 billion yuan.
▲ Zhou Yi
   At the headquarters of Xinfengming Group, Zhou Yi, the chief expert of Zhejiang Wujiang Science and Technology Development Co., Ltd., shared the report of "One Body Two Wings Digital Strategy Helps High Quality Development of Enterprises". He made timely arrangements to consolidate the foundation of new industrialization; Rely on the network to create new quality productivity; Points become gold, seize new opportunities in the data industry; One body and two wings, helping enterprises to develop in high quality are analyzed in four aspects. He introduced that in order to better cope with the industry development trend and market competition of "chemical fiber industry competition is becoming increasingly fierce, from single point competition to chain competition", Xinfengming has broken the bottleneck of "large but not strong, large but not refined, large but not intelligent", and better adapt to the requirements of the development era of "large chemical fiber, large chemical industry, and large oil refining", and has successively implemented the "double five strategy" and "three thousand plan" Business development strategy, shape new advantages for industrial development, and simultaneously launch the information promotion strategy supporting business development.
   "Xinfengming has gone through systematic construction such as' machine replacement ', industrial Internet, 5G+industrial Internet and' future factory ', and practiced' one body (Internet platform), two wings (smart factory, smart government) ’The strategy is to help the high-quality development of social economy, shape a new mode of chemical fiber manufacturing of '1+4+N', support the construction of a new pattern of industrial development of more than 15 million tons, and create a road of integration of 'industrial digitalization and digital industrialization' to promote high-quality development of enterprises. " Zhou Yi said, "It will take Xinfengming about five years to build four platforms of" operation management, production operation, customer service, and basic technology "and smart factory demonstration in an orderly manner with the industrial Internet as the main line, build two systems of information standards and information security, establish an information based management and control mechanism, build an intelligent factory in an all-round way, and build an industry-leading informatization capability, Support to achieve the strategic goal of "the most professional fiber supplier". "  
   When visiting the exhibition hall of Xinfengming, we followed the old photos that bear the historical memory of Xinfengming. We saw the development of Xinfengming for more than 20 years, and had a deeper understanding of the green and intelligent Xinfengming, especially its "future factory". The "Future Factory" has comprehensively applied 5G integrated communication technology, Piaosi intelligent detection, intelligent IGV, UAV patrol inspection, plant wide full sense system, analog simulation, digital students, production line simulation, remote operation and maintenance and other new generation information technologies. Its business covers all 11 scenarios of the "1353" architecture of the Guidelines for the Construction of Future Factories in Zhejiang Province Digital management, service extension, security management and control have shaped a new model of intelligent manufacturing; It has supported the construction of a new industrial pattern of "PTA polyester filament staple", with a comprehensive production capacity of more than 11 million tons per year. It has formed 66 intelligent manufacturing core standards and patents, including "Guidelines for Future Factory Construction in Zhejiang Province". Relevant achievements have won 33 provincial and national major projects such as "the first batch of cloud enterprises in Zhejiang Province", "MIIT Industrial Internet Innovation and Development Project". In addition, the advanced training class also visited the "Future Factory of Polyester Filament" to learn more about the company's spinning, winding, packaging and other production processes and workshop related conditions.
   Consultation on application for 2025 textile advanced training class
   The textile advanced training course is jointly organized and hosted by China Chemical Fiber Industry Association, China Textile Engineering Society, China Cotton Textile Industry Association, Textile Talent Exchange Training Center, Beijing Institute of Fashion Technology, etc. Since the opening of the course in 2015, it has formed from textile raw materials to machinery and equipment, from fiber production to yarn weaving The complete industrial chain education system, from fabric research and development to terminal brands, has become a big platform for the textile industry chain to exchange information, improve technology, share resources and look forward to the trend, which plays a positive role in promoting enterprise development and promoting the integration of the textile industry chain.
   Please contact:
   China Chemical Fiber Industry Association
   Dou Juan 15210118964 (WeChat is the same as mobile phone number)
   Jin Gaoling 15201484736 (WeChat is the same as mobile phone number)
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