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High Level Planning To Help Silk Industry Innovation

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   Silk, silk, silk, satin, brocade, gauze, silk, yarn, a thread of silk weaves the whole "crown of China". Cocoon silk has a glorious history of five thousand years of Chinese civilization, weaving a glorious chapter for the Chinese national culture. In 2024, a new chapter has begun.
   "2024 is the year to tackle the difficulties in implementing the Ministry of Commerce's Guiding Opinions on the Development of the Cocoon and Silk Industry during the 14th Five Year Plan." At the 2024 National Cocoon and Silk Production and Marketing Situation Analysis Conference and the Third Council of the 8th China Silk Association held on May 8, Tang Lin, President of the China Silk Association, pointed out that the industry is actively promoting the construction of a modern industrial system, accelerating the development of new quality productivity, and constantly consolidating the economic recovery trend by "transforming the mode, adjusting the structure, improving quality, and increasing efficiency", Only in this way can we truly achieve "progress in stability" and "promote stability through progress".
   More than 200 people attended the meeting, including leaders and experts from provincial and municipal silk associations, industry competent departments, relevant scientific research institutions, and representatives of cocoon and silk enterprises. The conference was hosted by the China Silk Association, co sponsored by the Jiangsu Silk Association, and organized by the Suzhou Silk Industry Association and Qianteng Exhibition (Suzhou) Co., Ltd., aiming to implement the spirit of the relevant documents of the Ministry of Commerce and other departments on promoting silk consumption, deepen the supply and demand docking of the cocoon silk industry chain, accelerate the formation of new quality productivity, and further expand silk consumption, Promote high-quality development of China's cocoon and silk industry.
   High level planning to help silk industry innovation
   Since its establishment in 2003, the National Cocoon and Silk Production and Marketing Situation Analysis Conference has gone through 21 years, and has built an important platform for communication and cooperation for enterprises. Nowadays, the quality of silk products and the market influence have made great progress, which is inseparable from the accumulation of "silk people" who have been working silently and persisting in the inheritance and promotion of Chinese culture.
   When talking about the development direction of China's silk industry, Yang Zhaohua, Vice President of the China Textile Industry Federation, said, first, it is recommended that enterprises seize the current domestic sales and national trend development momentum, and silk entrepreneurs should seize the good momentum on the basis of excellent industrial chain technology advantages and industrial accumulation, and further promote and extend the application fields and market share of silk products; The second is to seize the opportunity and increase the digital intelligent transformation of enterprises. This year, the State Council issued relevant policies to accelerate the upgrading of large-scale equipment transformation and consumer goods trade in, which is a good opportunity for enterprises to carry out equipment automation and digital upgrading, and it is recommended that enterprises pay attention to it; Third, take advantage of the good situation of the current domestic demand market to increase the brand building of enterprises. At present, the silk industry has produced some influential production and manufacturing brands and end consumer brands. At the current time when China is in vogue, people in the industry have the task and responsibility to seize the opportunity to promote the construction of silk brands to a higher level.
   "The Association will actively build an exchange platform to serve the government, industry and enterprises as always." Tang Lin said that experts and scholars inside and outside the industry were specially invited to this meeting to carry out thematic exchanges closely around the interpretation of national macroeconomic policies, analysis of industrial economic operation, research and judgment of domestic and foreign market trends and other aspects to help everyone accurately study and judge the economic situation Grasp the general trend of industry development, stabilize market expectations, provide reference and guidance for enterprise production and operation decisions, and hope that everyone will strive to make new and greater contributions to continue to promote the economic recovery and create a new situation of high-quality development of China's cocoon and silk industry.
   Macro prediction, looking forward to the economic and industrial situation
   "In 2023, the global manufacturing industry boom and consumer confidence index will be in the contraction range for many consecutive months. Since 2024, the manufacturing industry boom will recover slightly, and consumer confidence will still be depressed." Liu Xin, director of the Industry Department of the China Textile Industry Federation, said that in 2024, the global economic growth rate may continue to slow down, the domestic economy will keep warming, and domestic demand will continue to recover and drive the increase. In the first quarter, the contribution rate of final consumption expenditure to economic growth was 73.7%, 7.1 percentage points higher than the same period last year.
   Referring to the economic operation and development trend of China's textile industry, Liu Xin said that industrial production continued to recover. In the first quarter of 2024, the industrial added value of enterprises above designated size in the textile industry increased by 4.9% year on year, and rose by 6.1 percentage points by the end of 2023. It is expected that the economic growth of developed economies will be 1.4% in 2024, down 0.1 percentage points from 2023. In 2024, the per capita fiber consumption level of countries with strong consumption capacity will have limited room to improve, and the population growth will slow down. Domestic fiber costs are positively correlated with economic growth; The huge domestic market scale and continuously upgraded market demand will continue to support the development of the industry; The application fields and scenarios of textile fibers in China are constantly expanding; The stock space is guaranteed, and the incremental space needs to be excavated.
   "At present, the world economy has entered a period of profound change, the domestic economy has generally recovered and improved, and industrial policies have been overweight to release positive signals, which is the situation facing the development of the industry." Liu Wenquan, Secretary General of the China Silk Association, said that in the first quarter of 2024, the industry had a good start, with the silk output of enterprises above designated size in the industry declining 0.88% year on year, and the silk output increasing 11.94% year on year, The output of silk quilt increased by 8.87% year on year; The sales volume of 50 silk sample enterprises nationwide was 919 million yuan, up 10% year on year; The total export volume of real silk goods nationwide was 347 million US dollars, down 7.53% year on year; The import volume of real silk goods nationwide was US $91.1406 million, up 14.22% year on year.
   As for the industry development trend in 2024, Liu Wenquan said that in terms of sericulture production, it is expected that the overall situation of domestic sericulture industry in 2024 is expected to maintain a basically stable pattern, and whether the cocoon output can achieve steady growth still remains a big variable; In terms of industrial production, it is expected that in 2024, domestic silk industry production is expected to gradually go out of the trough, the decline in the output of major products will narrow, and the economic benefits of the industry will achieve steady growth; In terms of domestic market, it is expected that the domestic silk market will continue to warm up moderately in 2024, and enterprises will still face great pressure on online and offline sales; In terms of foreign trade export, considering that the situation of the international consumer market is still unclear, it remains to be seen whether the domestic silk commodity export will usher in a phased inflection point in 2024.
   "It is urgent to build a social stability mechanism and boost confidence after the economic slowdown." Han Jian, a professor at Soochow Business School of Soochow University, pointed out that the world economy is recovering slowly in the adjustment and still faces many uncertain risks. In 2024, the global governance system will become discrete and the world economy will "re globalize". Although the inflation pressure has eased, it has not yet met the target requirements of some countries. The policy focus of these countries is still to curb inflation, which will affect the economic recovery to a certain extent. The imbalance of the global economic recovery is still prominent.
   Targeted policies to promote coordinated development of industrial chain
   Silk is a cultural landscape in Suzhou. Wang Zhengxi, Vice President of the China Silk Association and President of the Jiangsu Silk Association, said that in recent years, Jiangsu has continuously highlighted technological innovation and product research and development, improved the popularity and reputation of Jiangsu silk, actively implemented the brand leading strategy, and achieved remarkable results in building its own brand. At the same time, it has combined historical inheritance with era innovation to highlight the charm of Jiangsu silk culture.
   Referring to the implementation of the requirements of developing new quality productivity and promoting high-quality development to a new level in Jiangsu's cocoon and silk industry, Wang Zhengxi suggested that, first, the industrial chain should be integrated and coordinated; Second, innovation and brand two wheel drive; Third, we should deeply tap the value of silk culture and constantly improve the level of economic transformation; Fourth, expand the silk consumption market in multiple dimensions.
   China is the largest silkworm egg producer in the world. There are more than 70 silkworm egg producers with different scales, distributed in 17 provinces, autonomous regions and cities, producing (breeding) about 10 million first generation hybrids annually. Zhang Baohua, president of the Silkworm Egg Branch of the Chinese Silkworm Society, said that the main production areas were in Guangxi, Yunnan, Sichuan, Guangdong, Zhejiang, Jiangsu, Shandong and Shaanxi, accounting for more than 90% of the production, of which Yunnan, Guangxi and Sichuan accounted for 70%; The production of seed cocoons in Yunnan Province accounts for more than 60%.
   Zhang Baohua suggested that we should cultivate silkworm varieties with good disease resistance and stress resistance, new varieties suitable for full age artificial feed breeding, colorful cocoon varieties, practical varieties limited in reducing pupae identification, study the new pathogenesis, laws and control methods of microparticle disease, cultivate successors in silkworm seed production, and develop practical mechanized and intelligent seed production equipment, Pay attention to and support back end industries such as silk reeling, weaving and trade. Competent authorities at all levels should attach great importance to and effectively solve the problems faced by silkworm egg production, and provide policy and financial support.
   According to the statistics of Zhejiang Silk Association on seven major cocoon producing cities (the statistics account for more than 90% of the province), the area of mulberry gardens in the province will be 253600 mu in 2023, a year-on-year decrease of 19.92%; 590500 seeds were distributed, with a year-on-year increase of 44.86%; Cocoon production reached 25077 tons, an increase of 34.69% year on year; Among them, 405000 seeds were distributed by Mossang Gaoke, with a year-on-year increase of 114.29%, accounting for 68.59% of the provincial output, and the cocoon output was 14650 tons, with a year-on-year increase of 132.54%, accounting for 58.42% of the provincial output.
   Wu Jingen, the specially invited vice president of the China Silk Association and the president of the Zhejiang Silk Association, said that in terms of industrial production, the cocoon and silk industry in Zhejiang Province shows the remarkable characteristics of high industrial agglomeration, strong competitive advantage and large scale share; In terms of sales, domestic sales have increased and exports have declined significantly. Silk exports still rank first among export provinces. In the future, the Association will actively build a platform for skill training, investigation and learning, dialogue and exchange, inheritance and leadership, take multiple measures to foster the growth of the new generation of silk, and continue to promote high-quality development through industrial digital transformation, brand building, scientific and technological innovation and green development.
   Cocoon and silk industry has always been an important part of Sichuan's livelihood industry and agricultural economy. Wu Jinliang, Vice President of China Silk Association and President of Sichuan Silk Association, said that in 2023, Focusing on the development theme of "high-end, intelligent, green and integrated", Sichuan's cocoon and silk industry further deepens the connotation of high-quality development of the industry, vigorously tamps the foundation of high-quality development such as production scale, operating efficiency and economic benefits, and focuses on promoting effective quality improvement and reasonable growth in quantity. The basic development of the industry is generally stable and good. Facing the new era and new journey, Sichuan cocoon and silk industry will adhere to the general tone of "seeking progress in stability, promoting stability through progress, and establishing before breaking", accelerate the development of new quality productivity, accelerate the cultivation of new drivers of economic growth, and respond to the uncertainty of the changing situation with its own certainty.
   "Guangxi's cocoon and silk industry is mainly concentrated in six cities, including Hechi, Nanning, Liuzhou, Laibin, Baise and Wuzhou. There are more than 20 cocoon and silk industry reeling enterprise clusters and major silkworm producing counties (cities)." Lai Yijun, vice president of the China Silk Association and president of the Guangxi Cocoon and Silk Industry Association, said that in the first quarter of 2024, the total raw silk output of the region will be 3597.85 tons, 2918.14 tons compared with the same period last year, An increase of 679.71 tons, or 23.29%; The cumulative output of plain silk fabrics was 3.8775 million meters, a decrease of 917700 meters or 19.13% from 4.7952 million meters in the same period last year.
   In the face of problems such as incomplete industrial chain, declining industrial raw material advantage, and insufficient industrial skilled workers at this stage, Lai Yijun said that in the future, he will focus on making the industry bigger and stronger, optimizing and upgrading the industry, cultivating and optimizing enterprises, and developing markets.
   In 2024, Haier proposed a more firm strategic direction and pointed to a more imaginative future. Gou Yonggang, general manager of high-end brand of Haier Zhijia small household appliances, said that "creating unlimited possibilities with boundless ecology" was Haier's innovative strategy with its peers in the era. The Casati high-end household appliances brand was comprehensively upgraded from quality, taste, and character. The industry's first Casati platinum intelligent ironing machine solution deeply explored user needs and solved user pain points.
   Sun Qingfeng, the chairman of Shanghai Zhaowu Trading Company, told the story of creating the Woo WOO brand in 22 years, sharing customer value, strong trust endorsement, moving brand stories, unexpected tactics and steady operation. He said that the marketing of high-quality goods is definitely different from the marketing of ordinary goods, so reverse marketing Limited volume marketing and dream marketing create surprise tactics, and create a circulating operation system through the ideological system and mechanism system.
   The industry is facing a complex and changing economic situation at home and abroad. Resilience, polishing and focusing, giving play to advantages and integrating into consumption will become the key words of industrial development in 2024. Liu Zhuoming, chairman of the China Cocoon and Silk Exchange Market, believes that with 4A raw silk as the benchmark, the market will operate at a rate of around 500000 in 2024. He expects the industry enterprises to continue to work hard, actively explore the silk element, continue to follow the trend of innovation, firmly grasp the new national tide driven by the 5000 year silk culture, and promote the industry to be sustainable, healthy High quality development.
   Before the conference, the leaders and conference representatives visited the "Silk Suzhou 2024" exhibition, which was hosted by the China Silk Association, Jiangsu Silk Association, and Suzhou Silk Industry Association, guided by the Suzhou Bureau of Industry and Information Technology, and organized by Qianteng Exhibition (Suzhou) Co., Ltd., with a total area of 10000 square meters International exhibition services have been included in the 2024 textile and clothing supply promotion and upgrading activities of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology and the Ministry of Commerce.
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