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Shanghai Hansi Clothing Makes Clothing Production Easier And Fashion Life Better

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   At present, accelerating the development of new quality productivity is the proper meaning of high-quality development of China's textile and clothing industry, and is also the strategic choice of enterprises to seize the commanding heights of industrial reform, cultivate new momentum of development, and enhance new competitive advantages.
   Shanghai Hansi Garments is a comprehensive professional garment enterprise integrating garment design, R&D, production, sales and brand operation. Over the years, we have been adhering to innovation and development, and have brought immediate new "quality and efficiency" with new "quality" in the combination of digital intelligence, scientific and technological innovation, design and development.
   Intelligent factory provides high quality assurance
   "Han represents Chinese culture, silk follows the Silk Road, and 'Hansi' means to inherit the Belt and Road Initiative and spread Chinese fashion," said He Guanghui, chairman of Shanghai Hansi Clothing Co., Ltd.
   Founded in 2009, Shanghai Hansi Garments is headquartered in Shanghai, the economic center of China. Its design center is located in Paris, the global fashion center, and its production center is located in Deyang, Sichuan, the southwest city.
   He Guanghui's hometown complex is the reason why he put the production center in Bashu. Sichuan Hansi covers a total area of 70 mu, with a total floor area of about 70000 square meters. More than 1800 sets of automatic cloth laying machines, automatic cutting beds, intelligent hanging systems and Internet of Things sewing equipment have been put into operation, realizing the flow of orders and the visualization of production. It can produce 1.6 million pieces of all kinds of clothing annually, including down jackets, parkas, coats, jackets, cotton padded clothes, shirts, pants, etc, At present, various products produced cover 29 countries and regions.
   In order to create new quality productivity, all workshops in the whole factory have realized intelligent and digital transformation: all sewing workshops use Jack intelligent hanging assembly lines, and the whole workshop hanging system is connected with the hanging system of the cutting and finishing workshops, effectively improving the sewing capacity. The intelligent cutting equipment of the cutting workshop and the intelligent control system of the template workshop all use the most advanced equipment and systems, which greatly improves the production efficiency.
   Global vision wins domestic and overseas markets
   "Hans' current enterprise operation structure is called the '3+3' model: the three parts of the business end are 'foreign trade as the foundation, domestic sales as the development, and brand as the future', and the three parts of the support plate are 'science and technology firewall, improving the ecological group, and production as the cornerstone'" He Guanghui concluded.
   Hans' design center is located in Paris, the fashion capital, radiating the markets of France, Spain, Britain, Germany, Italy, Russia and even the United States and Canada, and has won high recognition from international high-end women's wear brand customers such as sandro, maje, iro and CAROLL. Hans is invited to participate in the French Premier è re Vision Paris exhibition for two seasons every year, It is enough to prove that the foreign market has unanimously recognized the strength and innovation ability of Hansi Enterprises.
   "Hansi attaches great importance to the control of the details of each garment's material, shape, process and auxiliary materials to ensure the popularity, foresight and innovation of the product, and always maintains an international vision of product development through its global design center in Paris," said Cherry, the design director of Shanghai Hansi Clothing Co., Ltd.
   While winning the overseas market, Hansi has become the main factory of Hansi's landmark boutique assembly line and fast reverse assembly line relying on the strong product rapid development and flexible production capacity provided by Shanghai headquarters and Shanghai production center in recent years. Hansi has formed close cooperation with well-known domestic fashion brands in the domestic market, such as Jiangnan cloth clothing, Golis, sketch, Govan, Wuya, etc.
   "Quality, innovation, service, and making personalized solutions according to customers' needs, especially in the fast reaction segment, reflect the product service ability with high cost performance, high timeliness and high quality," said Zhang Jun, general manager of Shanghai Hansi Clothing Co., Ltd.
   In the future, Hans' independent retail brands Niaparka, Ailot and Ai warm have entered multiple offline high-end retail channels and achieved rapid growth for consecutive years. It is planned to make their debut at Shanghai International Fashion Week, making a great leap from production service providers to brand retailers.
   Improve the sustainable development ecosystem
   After 15 years of rapid development, Hansi Clothing, which started its business in 2009, has focused on three aspects of "expanding production, strengthening research and development, and improving the clothing ecosystem" in the past three years.
   In the current clothing ecosystem, green economy has become an innovative practice led by ideas and a strategic choice driven by reality. Global factor resources are converging to green economy at an exponential speed.
   Hansi has been in line with the sustainable development standards related to the European Union. Under China's commitment of "double carbon", Hansi has won many domestic and foreign certifications. It has passed the ISO90001 international quality certification, ISO14001 international environmental certification, UL, SGS, ITS, BV and other international institutions, and has completed the quality audit of international well-known brands such as IKKS, LV, Bosiden, Jiangnan Cloth Group, Govan and so on.  
   For Hans, the meaning of sustainable development is not only green and low-carbon on the one hand, but also a business philosophy; We believe that the combination of science and art is a competitive advantage. " On the corporate culture wall of the headquarters, these words deeply reflect the management of Hansi Enterprises.
   "Our mission is to be a leader committed to the intelligent manufacturing of high-end clothing, and our vision is to make clothing production simpler and fashion life better", said He Guanghui, the young chairman of the post-80s generation with confidence.
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