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Let Youth Raise The Sail Of Fashion: 2024 China International College Students Fashion Week Opens

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College Fashion Week

In the early summer, as the days were lengthened day by day, I was surprised that the graduation season was near. Countless students will leave the ivory tower and enter the society to find their own positions and go to the next mountain and sea.

At this point where graduates are about to transform, On May 15, 2024 China International College Students Fashion Week kicked off in Beijing 751 Park under the theme of "sustainable flowers" 。 This college student fashion week is guided by the China Textile Industry Federation and the Ministry of Education's College Design Teaching Steering Committee, sponsored by the China Fashion Designers Association, the China Fashion Association, and the China Textile and Clothing Education Association, and co sponsored by the 751 Park. Focusing on the exploration of colleges and universities for the new quality productivity of education, positioning the new path of education of colleges and universities in the new era at the levels of digital intelligence integration, cultural narrative and sustainable fashion, and exploring the new value paradigm of high-quality development of fashion industry.

This college student fashion week gathers the advantages of organization, relay, design, science and technology, and communication, and constantly enriches its own core by constantly integrating resources and forces of all parties. In a 6-day period, nearly 73 professional activities will be held, including special release, video release, special exhibition, online recruitment, forum and lecture hall, creative market, professional selection, etc. During this period, more than 1000 "Mengxin" designers from 29 provincial administrative regions (including Macao Special Administrative Region and Taiwan Province), as well as 52 Chinese and foreign cooperatively run colleges and universities in France, Italy, Britain, South Korea, Japan and other countries will fly across the mountains and rivers to the "initial stage of overpass" to realize their dreams. They will help China's original design to improve the new quality productivity from the aspects of oriental aesthetics, western art, regional culture, feminism and sustainable ideas.

It is worth mentioning that Shenzhen University, School of Foreign Trade and Economic Cooperation of Wuhan Textile University, Yunnan Art College, Yanjing Institute of Technology, Fuzhou University of Foreign Studies, Inner Mongolia University of Technology, and Guangdong Baiyun University all made their first appearance at College Students Fashion Week, setting new historical records in terms of the overall scale and multiple choices of creative themes.


As a "youth fellow traveler" in China's fashion industry, College Fashion Week has never stopped exploring innovation. In the face of the urgent need for new quality productivity in the new era, College Students Fashion Week insists on taking innovation as the leading factor, creating an integrated platform driven by the release of production, teaching and research achievements and talent introduction and training, helping colleges and universities improve the quality of talent training, and providing a sustained impetus for the development of new quality productivity.

As the highlight of this college students' fashion week, the special session will release the core concept of "innovation" to show the professional teaching achievements and talent cultivation innovation ability of 52 colleges and universities. In the special release, after 00, "Mengxin" designers will take thousands of original costumes to the stage for the debut. Their works focus on the intervention of integrity and innovation, green exploration, material testing, and regenerative fashion. The design is practical and creative, and actively integrates multicultural elements, highlighting the original spirit of "humanity, experiment, and speculation".

In the video release section, graduates from 10 colleges and universities will also explore the way of traditional and modern inheritance, original and market integration with the fashion innovation direction above the open design questioning form and outside the paradigm.


For graduates, moving from campus to the workplace is an important turning point in life. How to find suitable jobs and entrepreneurial opportunities, make rapid transformation and smoothly integrate into the workplace is a challenge for every graduate. This college students fashion week has created a series of targeted activities aimed at the key points of "employment and entrepreneurship" to solve the graduates' "urgent needs".

This includes an online job fair jointly organized by the Beijing Municipal Committee of the Communist Youth League and Zhaopin Recruitment. 104 enterprises at home and abroad participated in the event, and 842 jobs were provided, including design and production, commercial operation, media publicity, fashion and modeling. Through in-depth understanding of the current talent demand situation and employment standards in the clothing industry, we will build a national talent database of fashion industry colleges and universities, link the talent supply and demand network between enterprises and colleges, and accelerate the landing and transformation of talent resources for the fashion industry. At the same time, multi-dimensional discussion on employment and entrepreneurship issues, through the theme forum of "From campus to the workplace, how to give play to personal ability" to "ride the wind and waves to sail" - China International College Students Fashion Week Employment and Entrepreneurship Guidance ", the platform comprehensively improves its own long-term public service mechanism for employment and entrepreneurship, and solves the current situation of shortage of major generals for enterprises.

At the same time, in the China International Fashion Forum and Fashion E Class, we also discussed employment and entrepreneurship issues in a multi-dimensional way. Through the theme forum of "how to exert personal ability from campus to workplace" to "ride the wind and waves to travel far" - China International College Students Fashion Week Employment and Entrepreneurship Guidance ", we comprehensively improved the long-term mechanism of the platform's own employment and entrepreneurship public services, Solve the current situation of major general shortage for enterprises.


In this college student fashion week, we will visit the creative market with three or five friends, which has also become another way to open the fashion life. The first launch of China International College Students Fashion Week * Ranse Market gathered more than 50 stalls, attracting many "curious babies" to Taobao with novel creative products and interesting clocking methods, so that creativity and business can interact in depth.

As a multi-dimensional collection of creative ecology presenting the achievements of fashion design education in colleges and universities, China University Fashion Education Achievement Exhibition adheres to the value concept of Mr. Fei Xiaotong, a famous sociologist, "each is beautiful, and the beauty is shared", and gathers works from many well-known colleges and universities in the field of fashion design, such as excellent clothing and accessories. It not only reflects the outstanding performance of students in innovative thinking and practical ability, but also helps the school to cultivate talents more directionally through on-site communication and industry docking. At the same time, a new series of "intangible cultural heritage" activities kicked off. China International College Students Fashion Week&Dating Genius Mothers • Intangible Cultural Heritage Revitalization Public Welfare Plan relies on the intangible cultural heritage hand embroidery hub, through the "Intangible Cultural Heritage Revitalization Public Welfare Plan" launch ceremony, "Mother's Handicraft Class" cloth pile painting intangible cultural heritage experience activities, "stimulate the vitality of intangible cultural heritage, innovation and inheritance momentum" Public benefit dialogue, "Mom's Handicraft Class" batik intangible heritage experience activities, etc., present a different beauty of intangible heritage.


The ideas outside the show continue to clash. The China International Fashion Forum and Fashion E-class will continue to open the information "energy" supply station within the 6-day schedule. This time, the China International Fashion Forum, together with well-known scholars, designers, college teachers, employment experts at home and abroad, as well as high-quality enterprises and platforms such as Lingdi Technology 3Dstyle, Malangoni, International Wool Bureau, Zhilian Recruitment, focused on the exploration of global fashion education frontier topics, surrounded by AI, digital fashion, design exchanges, intangible cultural heritage innovation, fashion trends and other aspects, Explore the changes and development of fashion and fashion education from a pioneering perspective, and give more creative inspiration to teachers and students.

The fashion open class unit gathers well-known teachers, industry experts and brand managers from domestic and foreign colleges and universities. In the form of online free open classes, from the perspective of "personal growth, career development, industry awareness, industry responsibility", we talk deeply about "global fashion education and personal development in an international perspective" "From the campus to the workplace, how to give play to personal ability," new quality productivity of the fashion industry "and" copyright and ethics of fashion design "and other issues, so as to provide students with a 360 degree understanding of different aspects of fashion, and in-depth understanding of the current situation and problems at all levels of the industry.


At the end of this college students' fashion week, the high-profile 29th China Fashion Design Newcomer Awards will be presented to the award-winning institutions, teachers and students with annual awards such as China Fashion Design Education Award, Outstanding Instructor Award and Newcomer Award. Subsequently, the awards announcement of this College Students Fashion Week will also be launched. The 2024 Women's Wear Design Award, Men's Wear Design Award, Style and Creativity Award, Market Potential Award, Craft Production Award, Fabric Application Award, Sustainable Fashion Award, Knitting Design Award and other awards will be announced one by one. It is worth mentioning that the Organizing Committee and the International Wool Bureau also jointly select and award "Merino Wool Design Rookie"; Jointly launched the "China International College Students Fashion Week × Ruili Meili National Style Competition" with Ruili Fashion Beauty, and selected the new creativity award in the fashion design track and was shortlisted for the final.

The College Students Fashion Week aims to stimulate the innovative potential of students and promote the continuous improvement and promotion of talent education in colleges and universities through the selection of various awards. At the same time, we should better bridge graduates to the market, and promote the exchange and cooperation of teaching achievements between colleges and universities, colleges and enterprises. Since the establishment of various awards, many award-winning designers have become an indispensable force in building China's fashion highland.


In order to resonate with the spirit of youth, this University Fashion Week renovated the traditional publicity model from the perspective of young people. With the starting point of "young people know young people best", it launched "College Students Report College Students Fashion Week", "College Students Fashion Guerrilla" and other special content in collaboration with 2021 students of Nanjing Media College In the form of micro documentaries, fashion information is released on We Media platforms such as Xiaohongshu, video account, and public account to spread new fashion voices.

At the same time, the Fashion Week for College Students once again cooperated with China Central Radio and TV Station, Beijing Radio and TV Station, China News Agency, China Economic Network, China Textile Economic Information Network, Textile and Clothing Weekly, China Textile News, China Apparel, Textile and Clothing Weekly, Fashion Designer, Sohu Fashion, Hudes Office and geekgala to launch in-depth reports, Show the Chinese image, Chinese spirit and Chinese style of young people. In addition, social media, industry media, we media, etc. are also connected together to present the fresh design achievements of designers after 2000 and the achievements of college education, and continue to polish the youth card of China International College Students Fashion Week. It is worth mentioning that in order to help outstanding young designers obtain better exhibition opportunities and development channels, high-quality resources in the industry, such as Zhilian recruitment, LinkedIn, International Wool Bureau, Hera Angel, Mother Genius, Ruili Clothing and Beauty, helped this college students fashion week, and worked hard to promote the development of China's fashion creative industry.

Before the opening ceremony, Yang Jian, executive chairman of China Fashion Designers Association, put forward several hopes for this college students fashion week: first, seek common ground while reserving differences, and be a contributor to cultural exchange and integration of creative design at home and abroad; The second is to be open and forward-looking, and to be an introducer and trainer of the new generation of fashion design talents with world vision, local experience and humanistic quality; Third, pioneer and innovate, and be the organizer of deep integration and development of industry chain, talent chain and innovation chain. In a word, it is to improve the new quality productivity of the fashion industry and write a beautiful chapter of Chinese style modernization through the way of "each beauty has its own beauty, and beauty is shared".

The years are more peaceful because of the youth, and the world is more courageous because of the youth. Youth is a book that is too hasty. As authors, they are running in the hot youth, and we will see their responsibility for industrial development. The fashion curtain has been opened, and young people are making a brilliant debut! Let's witness a new chapter of China International College Students Fashion Week!

(Source: China International College Students Fashion Week)

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