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Ordos Group Was Listed In The 2024 Fortune China ESG Influence List

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   On May 13, the "2024 Fortune China ESG Influence List" of Fortune magazine was announced, and Ordos Group was recognized by its practices and achievements in improving the environment and supporting communities.
   The "2024 Fortune China ESG Influence List" was founded in 2022 to find enterprises that can better shoulder environmental, social and governance responsibilities while creating wealth, and are committed to leading the world back to security and prosperity. This is the third time that Fortune has made the list, and more than 200 companies have applied. After careful and strict review by the ESG project team of Fortune, domestic enterprises including Bank of China, Starbucks, Pepsi, etc., as well as foreign enterprises in China have finally made the list.
   Ordos Group has always attached great importance to sustainable development, ecological environment protection, sustainable development of upstream and downstream of the industrial chain, and community prosperity. Today, ESG has become a mainstream business concept, which is included in the strategic planning of most enterprises. In fact, before the rise of ESG concept, Ordos has upgraded sustainable development to the group strategy. Guided by the group's sustainable development strategy "ERDOS WAY Ordos Way", Ordos has formulated and implemented the group's sustainable actions from the supply chain, brand and employees. At present, Ordos Group is closely combining its own business and the development of the cashmere industry chain to deepen the construction of the Group's ESG ecosystem to promote the sustainable development of the environment, industry and society.

   Fortune China believes that Ordos Group's carbon neutral action, community contribution and other dimensions are worthy of recognition. In terms of carbon neutral action, Ordos Group gives full play to its advantages as a cashmere whole industry chain enterprise, promotes and implements the concept of "responsible cashmere" from pasture to market whole industry chain, and seeks low-carbon and sustainable ecological breeding methods through scientific research in the source pasture of the supply chain, so as to achieve the balance of grassland and livestock; In the production and processing link, continue to invest in the research of green production technology and process to reduce the impact of industrial production on the environment; At the same time, energy conservation and consumption reduction can be achieved by optimizing factory energy and lighting management. At the level of consumer communication, the Group not only develops sustainable consumer products - Ordos ShanSH LaN series to provide consumers with green consumer products, but also deserves to mention that the Group guides consumers to rational and sustainable consumption by providing characteristic cleaning and maintenance services.

   While pursuing green, low-carbon and sustainable development of enterprises, Ordos has always insisted on enabling sustainable development of pastoral areas with its own industrial chain advantages, constantly improving the connection mechanism between pastoral enterprises, helping herdsmen increase income and boosting economic development of pastoral areas. On the one hand, the Group takes Ordos Source Pasture as a platform to train free herdsmen in scientific and sustainable breeding methods, promote the concept of animal welfare, and work with herdsmen in pastoral areas to produce high-quality cashmere under the premise of green, low-carbon and sustainable. On the other hand, the Group has established a cashmere storage system with high quality and good price, directly purchased cashmere raw materials from cooperative farms, reduced intermediate links, and granted subsidies to herdsmen to help them increase their income steadily. In addition, the Group improves the production environment and production tools for herdsmen to improve their production efficiency and quality by sharing facilities and providing free rams.

   In terms of community support, Ordos pays attention to the comprehensive development of young people. In 2023, the Group Warm Fund, together with the Ordos Glorious Cause Foundation, launched the "Passion Attack" public welfare sports project, inviting ERDOS men's clothing spokesman Ma Long to serve as the warm support officer. The project invited table tennis players and coaches to enter the primary and secondary schools in Ordos, and regularly held sports public welfare training camps and friendly open competitions to promote quality education through sports promotion.

   When Fortune magazine released the list, it pointed out that in the year when the macro-economy was confronted with severe challenges, ESG became the action guide for the company to forge lasting competitiveness. In Ordos' view, ESG is the internal driving force and guarantee force for green and sustainable development of enterprises. Fulfilling its responsibility for the environment and society is the mission of Ordos as a cashmere industry chain enterprise. The Group's practice in ESG will also enable the Group's long-term development. This time on the "2024 Fortune China ESG Influence List" is the recognition of Ordos' current ESG work. Ordos will continue to take the "ERDOS WAY Ordos Way" sustainable action program as the guide, combine its own business characteristics, firmly implement the ESG concept into the group's development strategic planning, and comprehensively implement the group's sustainable development action line.
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