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Hongxing Erke World Record Certification "Cloud Ice T", Demonstrating World-Class Scientific And Technological Strength

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From May 10 to 12, the 2024 World Brand Moganshan Conference series activities with the theme of "brand, make the world a better place" were successfully held in Deqing County, Huzhou City, Zhejiang Province. At the arrival of the eighth "China Brand Day", many Chinese brands gathered here to show their innovative achievements, making Chinese brands the focus of discussion again.


   brand It is an important symbol of high-quality economic development, as well as the internal support of quality power. In recent years, Chinese brands have been rising in quality and technology with a strong momentum of development. They have exerted their influence at home and abroad and won the favor of the market. As a representative of domestic sports brands, Hon Sing Erke has always adhered to the strategy of "living for the national sports" for more than 20 years, and constantly made efforts in crowd expansion, product structure upgrading, scientific and technological innovation, etc. of sports product application scenarios, showing a microcosm of the development of overseas brands.


   Domestic products become a new trend

Promote competitiveness through scientific and technological innovation

Nowadays, wearing "national products" and using "national products" has become a new trend. More and more national brands are shining in all categories, from food and drink to washing and nursing to clothing. People are gradually starting to regard national products as their first choice for shopping, and Chinese characters and Chinese patterns as cool "logos". Last year was also a year of full harvest of Chinese goods. A number of old Chinese goods brands took the express of live broadcast on the Internet to enter the public's view again, ushering in a highlight moment. In addition to bringing us a Chinese goods carnival, consumers also saw numerous Chinese goods brands that have devoted themselves to making products, and found a large number of "treasures" of Chinese goods.

Recently, China Internet Network Information Center (CNNIC) released the 53rd Statistical Report on the Development of Internet in China (hereinafter referred to as the Report) in Beijing. The Report points out that new consumption growth points such as domestic "trendy goods" are constantly forming. According to the statistics, 58.3% of the users who have bought Chinese "trendy products" online in the past six months; 19.7% of users have purchased new categories, brand launches and other products.

This shows that more and more consumers are paying attention to domestic products, and they also begin to have more expectations for product innovation of domestic products. It is no longer just because netizens teased that "it is not that international brands cannot afford it, but that domestic products are more cost-effective", but more because domestic brands have demonstrated strong competitiveness in the market and won the recognition of consumers through constantly upgrading product quality and innovative R&D technology.

When it comes to domestic brands that are serious about making products, we have to mention Hongxingerke, which is called "the light of domestic products" by many people. In the process of continuous development and improvement of domestic brands, Hongxingerke has never stopped exploring products and constantly achieved self transcendence with the support of advanced technology.

Like Erke Chairman Wu Rongzhao said, "Focusing on creating value for users, taking scientific and technological innovation as the core, we should make efforts in brand, product and service, tamp the quality of domestic products, live up to users' expectations, and repay users' trust with distracted services. It is reborn in scientific and technological innovation, committed to creating better sports experience for users, and determined to move forward to build a world leading sports brand. " In order to meet the diversified sports needs of different consumers and improve the sports experience of Chinese people, Hongxingerke has created a series of "hard core" technology sports equipment. This year, it launched the product "Cloud Ice T" with ice sensing technology to face the hot summer with sports loving Chinese people.

   "Cloud Ice T" was certified as a world record

Show the scientific and technological power of Chinese brands to the world

With the increasing emphasis on healthy life, the market demand for sports consumption is also increasing, which requires sports brands to respond to new situations and challenges with a more open mind. At the same time, the national goal of "vigorously promoting the construction of modern industrial system and accelerating the development of new quality productivity" also puts forward higher requirements for domestic brands.

At present, all parts of the country are carrying out research and practice on the development of new quality productive forces in full swing, and Hongxingerke is also actively involved in it, and continues to explore in frontier oriented fields. Wu Rongzhao, chairman of Hongxingerke, believes that focusing on new quality productivity requires focusing on scientific and technological innovation, focusing on scientific and technological breakthroughs in product research and development, and creating more professional sports equipment comparable to the international level. The new "Cloud Ice T" launched by Hongxing Erke is a good reflection.


At present, there are five key sports technologies in the sports industry, including moisture absorption and quick drying, sunscreen, warmth, three precautions and cool feeling. Cool feeling is the only one of the five major technologies in the sports industry that has not been deeply embedded in the consumer brand mind. At present, most cool feeling products focus on the instant cool feeling, and there is no high degree of attention in terms of continuous cool feeling.

Against this background, Hon Sing Erke decided to make breakthroughs in this almost untried field, not only focusing on the instantaneous cooling index, but also targeting the research and development direction of cooling technology to the continuous cooling with more practical value, so as to make clothes exceed the industry's top standards in terms of 27 degree comfort time, Set up a banner in the scientific and technological products of the industry.

It must be hard and tortuous to take a road rarely traveled by people. How to effectively extend the lasting ice feeling, special processes tend to lead to yellowing of fabric whiteness, and the inconsistent aging rate of clothing body and rib color are all obstacles that Hung Sing Erke faces in the R&D of "Cloud Ice T". However, Hung Sing Erke does not retreat from the difficulties, but constantly seeks solutions to break through many problems that puzzle the industry. Especially when the continuous cooling time of development reached 50 minutes, the difficulty of research and development began to increase sharply, and Hongxingerke still faced the difficulties, because every additional minute of continuous cooling time was to provide consumers with more comfortable sports experience, and Hongxingerke chose not to compromise on the pursuit of national comfortable sports.

Finally, after 303 days of continuous efforts, Hongxingerke captured one city after another. After countless twists and turns, losses, persistence and renewed excitement along the way, the dawn finally came. With the unique "polar cloud ice cotton" fabric of Hongxingerke and the new "continuous ice technology", it won the dazzling pearl of the summit - the WRCA world's most continuous cool feeling record, "cloud ice T" It is a cotton T-shirt that has been cool for a long time in the world (within 27 degrees). It will be included in the World Records Book as a certified world record case and displayed in the official cultural museum of world record certification, so that Hongxingerke can show the scientific and technological strength of Chinese brands on the world stage.

Now, the official launch of "Cloud Ice T" brings the cool feeling of ice to Chinese people before the arrival of hot summer. After wearing the "Cloud Ice T", the temperature can be reduced to 12 degrees within 5 minutes, and the feeling of ice can last for 60 minutes, so that Chinese people who love sports can experience the feeling of wearing the "cooling ice sticker" on their bodies, without fear of the summer sun, and enjoy the freedom of sports in summer.

   Going in both directions with the people

Implement the brand strategy of "living for the national movement"

For more than a year, the sports market has continued to recover, and the upsurge of national fitness, sports events and sports consumption has surged. At the same time, a series of new highlights such as "Village BA" and "Erbin" ice and snow craze emerged. Sports and fitness are becoming a common practice among the people, and sports are gradually becoming a necessity of national life.

It was born for the national movement and came from the people to the people. The appearance of "Cloud Ice T" not only represents Hongxingerke's advanced achievements in scientific and technological innovation, but also represents Hongxingerke's attitude and original intention to serve the national movement. Hongxingerke has always shouldered the responsibility of "national brand" and always walked hand in hand with consumers. Because of this, Hongxingerke has seen that for Chinese people who love sports, the ice wearing experience is a very urgent demand in summer. "Cloud Ice T" also came into being as the times require. Based on the original intention of bringing more comfortable sports experience to Chinese people, it is equipped with scientific and technological achievements that strive for perfection, only to bring a sense of ice and cold to Chinese people in the long course of sports.


The same goes for Erke The first "park running shoes" for the park running scene can not only deal with the complex road conditions such as plastic runways, cement pavements and bicycle paths in the park scene, but also adapt to various sports forms in the park scene such as running, fast walking, skipping rope, etc., to meet people's daily diversified sports needs in detail.

From both technological innovation and detailed insight into consumer demand, we can see that Hongxingerke has always stood with consumers, used its own practical actions to achieve two-way travel with the people, and practiced the brand strategy of "living for the national movement".

In the process of moving towards a sports power, a vibrant picture of national fitness slowly unfolds, and the people's yearning for a better life leaps on the screen. It is believed that Hung Sing Erke will take the original intention of serving the national movement and the determination to explore and innovate constantly to make continuous progress with the people in the pursuit of more pleasant health.

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