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2024, Who Will Help Designer Brands "Find" Good Clothing Business?

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In China, is designer brand really easy to do? Maybe different people have different answers in their eyes.

On the one hand, looking at the industry news and market attitude over the years, Designer brand , has become a new force that cannot be ignored in the industry. Today, in different scenes such as parties, commuting, and social networking, people are eager to achieve distinctive personality expression, and brand design just meets people's differentiated consumption intention. What's more, from western aesthetics to the rise of national trend, culture has injected creativity into the designer's pen and constantly nourished wonderful design year after year.

But on the other hand, behind the broad market space, the pain points of this track are also very intuitive.

On the brand side, many designers' perception of the brand is that "the market threshold is too high": they lack a powerful channel to talk to consumers, and are difficult to be found and recognized by industry authorities. On the market side, many emerging brands have no experience in market operation, and brand positioning often stems from their own "intuition". Sometimes, even before they can produce their own works, they may face the fate of being eliminated

   Opportunities and difficulties are intertwined. Who will help many designer brands to turn creativity into real good business?

At the turn of spring and summer, it is the "new season" of clothing industry. At this key node, on April 27, the Diaoyin E-commerce comprehensive business clothing industry style track brought a heavy dialogue at the Shanghai World Expo Creative Show. During the activity, style brands, fashion buyers, institutions, etc. started a dialogue on the status quo and future of the apparel industry, and the value of fashion inspiration. In addition, the Diaoyin E-commerce "Diaoyin Fashion Club", together with the representative forces of the fashion industry, formed a "style committee" and released a "wool ball fashion guide" to show fashion trends and boost brand growth.

At the same time, focusing on the long-term development of the brand, Diaoyin E-commerce "Diaoyin Fashion Club" also officially launched Start To Star Inspiration Program. Today, in addition to online growth, improving store operating efficiency has also become the focus of brands. How will smart technology empower retail? To this end, Diaoyin invited Intel, the industry explorer, to show the industry-leading retail solution creativity. With the help of the talent of dithering, # migrant workers go to work and wear The rapid popularity of a series of topics on the whole network directly promoted a series of style brands to achieve "product and sales revenue".

How do designers and brands grasp the trend, optimize the operation and grow steadily? This activity may have brought us "samples" worth considering.


Leading the product trend: from a dialogue to a "Guide", it is more popular

"The new media social platform has subverted the sales model of the fashion industry" "Fashion is in the chaos of the times, and mankind's call to the spiritual level" "personify the brand, which can gain closer user contact and better interaction"

On April 27, the creative show of Shanghai World Expo was a unique sharing KOL、 The authoritative fashion institutions are flourishing. The initiator of the dialogue is the IP of Diaoyin E-commerce comprehensive business clothing industry style track - "Diaoyin Fashion Club"; The key word of this topic is something special - "inspiration".

Why focus on "inspiration"? Reviewing the development trend of fashion industry, today, "inspiration" has become the vane of industry innovation. Since 2023, in dithering, "Maillard", "dopamine" and other mental words in the clothing industry have risen strongly, bringing high-quality content, leading the trend of topics, successfully going out of the circle, and leveraging the rapid growth of business of a large number of platform merchants. In a sense, they come from "inspiration", "inspiration", so that the industry can more deeply understand the needs of consumers, and create more abundant products, more in-depth dialogue.

How to grasp the "inspiration" and create new growth in 2024? Focusing on the business direction of industry merchants in Diaoyin, Zeng Zhen, the head of Diaoyin E-commerce comprehensive business clothing industry, Liu Danqing, the head of Diaoyin E-commerce comprehensive business clothing industry, and Gao Yaxuan, the head of Diaoyin E-commerce operation, respectively brought sharing.

In recent years, with the popularity of "inspiration" in Diaoyin E-commerce, Diaoyin E-commerce's comprehensive business apparel industry has presented a surprising situation. Relevant data shows that in 2023, the category of Tiaoyin e-commerce clothing will grow 63% year on year, higher than the average level; The trend of the style women's wear track is more prominent, with an increase of 110%. Zeng Zhen pointed out that in 2024, the key for businesses to achieve "growth" in Diaoyin E-commerce will be to provide high-quality goods at all prices, launch new products, and operate globally.

Liu Danqing believes that "self support construction", "talent cooperation" and "new trends" will be the main three aspects of business in this year. "The proportion of fashion creators in the whole network of Diaoyin can exceed 67% in the Diaoyin market, and about two-thirds of high-quality fashion creators in the whole network have accounts in Diaoyin." Gao Yaxuan shared. At the fashion track, there is still a huge opportunity for the creators of dithering to penetrate the industry.

Under the wave of new media, how will the fashion industry innovate, adapt and develop? Focusing on this topic, Liu Danqing, Xie Fangming, full-time vice chairman of China Fashion Designers Association, Dr. Feng Li, associate professor of the School of Fashion and Art Design of Donghua University, Chaochao YoGee, fashion recommender of the wool fashion guide TRACYCHU brand manager Zhu Xiyue Yang Jun, the manager of JUNYANG brand, launched a round table dialogue.

"As an important representative of the new media social platform, Diaoyin E-commerce plays an important role in the fashion industry, playing an increasingly important role in promoting the fashion industry, and also bringing about in-depth changes in brand promotion and marketing in the fashion industry," said President Xie Fangming.

In addition to this impressive press conference, online, Diaoyin E-commerce also created a sample of finding trends and creating trend topics.

This activity, led by the clothing industry of the comprehensive business of Diaoyin E-commerce, gathered together China Fashion Design Association The "Style Committee" of VOGUE Fashion and Beauty, China International Fashion Week, as well as many fashion KOL, media people, college teachers and other major teams with professionalism, fashion and trend prediction ability, such as fashion recommender Chaochao YoGee and Rebecca, was officially established. Under the guidance of the Organizing Committee, the "Knit Ball Fashion Guide" of Tiaoyin E-commerce was also officially released.

The first issue of the "Knit Ball Fashion Guide" gathered 66 brands representing four styles, namely, art pioneer, luxurious old money, fashionable "nerd", and Harajuku Spice Girls. These brands rooted in the forefront of trends, subtly refined the current aesthetic mood, and took the immediate needs as the starting point of design. The "Knitball Fashion Guide" aims to provide more valuable fashion information for users of the dithering platform, so that high-quality brands can be seen.

In the Dithering Station, relying on the "Wool Ball Fashion Guide", the trend hot topics such as # migrant workers' going to work style clothing have also been created. As of May 13, the core topic of the activity # the off duty style of migrant workers Played more than 130 million times.

In depth, the talent @ Yin can use "high heels more than 20cm" as a clue to interpret an unrestrained fashion attitude and form more than 400000 interactions; Talent @ Yang Doudou With street dance and fashionable clothing, the city is relaxed and joyful, with more than 102000 likes; Star talent @ Zhao Yuanyuan The casual street video shows the light aesthetics of "Harajuku Spice Girls" in spring and summer, and more than 30000 netizens have interacted. Under the guidance of celebrities, a large number of netizens spontaneously participated in the creation. High quality content was linked with the "Knitball Fashion Guide" businesses, which promoted the significant improvement of industry business and the emergence of popular products.


Help brand growth: from online grass planting to store operation, the path is clearer

It's good to teach them fish. But it is more important to teach them to fish.

Reviewing this activity in the clothing industry of the comprehensive business of the Diaoyin e-commerce, in addition to the "knitting ball fashion guide", it helps clothing brands find trends; In addition to making use of online hot topics to improve the business level, the platform has also done an important thing: from the online and offline dual dimensions, to forge a clear growth path for designer brands and emerging clothing brands.

On line, thousands of new clothing brands will gain new growth momentum relying on the comprehensive business clothing industry IP "Dithering Fashion Club" and "Inspiration Plan" of Dithering E-commerce.

Compared with traditional commercial brands, the lack of mental foundation is one of the weaknesses of designer brands. Therefore, in the online development, it is very important to do a good job of "planting grass". At present, Diaoyin E-commerce provides brand with full link support of "planting and pulling in one", covering three links: grass planting, conversion and promotion. On this basis, how to make the brand easier to be remembered by users and the industry? The targeted support of the platform is indispensable.

For this reason, Diaoyin E-commerce comprehensive business clothing industry IP "Diaoyin Fashion Club" started in 2021. Four months after the launch of the label "DFashion" related to "Dithering Fashion Club", the track business volume has exceeded 1 billion. Looking back to 2023, the comprehensive business clothing industry of Diaoyin E-commerce gathered 1400 brands throughout the year, with annual sales exceeding 60 billion yuan.

Starting from "Din Fashion Club", at present, Din E-commerce comprehensive business clothing industry has released a new "inspiration plan". Next, the "Inspiration Plan" will help businesses expand their overall brand influence and connect with "inspiration" through marketing activities, fashion guides, topic challenges, brand introductions, and style stores. The "Inspiration Plan" is expected to incubate more than 100 hundred million style brands throughout the year, helping more brands achieve annual sales of more than 10 million yuan.

Off line, Diaoyin E-commerce comprehensive business clothing industry invited digital partner Intel ®。 Intel based on "cloud edge" architecture ® Retail solutions, emerging businesses, will be able to operate stores more easily and accurately, creating an "online offline" growth engine.

With the development of retail industry, consumers have experienced the evolution from "far away from stores" to "omni channel" back to stores. They not only care about the products provided by the brand, but also pay more attention to the personality value provided by the brand; They pursue bright product concepts and rich and considerate store experience. In this context, how can we better impress users? Improve the effectiveness of the store? In the era of artificial intelligence, Intel ® He brought his own retail solution - AI Deputy Store Manager.

Rely on Intel ® Deputy store manager of AI, the brand will make better use of AI and data, manage space and understand interests. Take the daily life of the store as an example: in the experience area, through the access to front-end equipment, AI deputy store manager will accurately make fitting statistics and shoe testing statistics to help stores better understand the customer flow habits and what the more potential products are; In front of the store, Intel ® AI technology can help stores deposit customer portraits, help staff greet guests, and help staff better achieve differentiated reception. AI deputy store manager can not only more accurately perceive every link between people and stores; Through data precipitation and analysis, such as operation online retailers Similarly, make store operation more efficient.

In the clothing industry Designer brand ; What is the key to the healthy growth of a brand with ideas and potential? Through Inspiration Program and Intel ® With the help of retail solutions, we may see a possibility: better ecology.

On line, Diaoyin e-commerce helps businesses to insight into consumption trends and capture opportunities through "inspiration" and practical activities; Off line, Intel ® Closer to users' touch, more reliable operation, and better efficiency - the insight behind this is that no brand can exist in isolation. Only by transferring the support of mutual assistance and progress to one brand and one store can the whole industry "run".


Cultivate the industry ecology: from continuously supporting the brand to changing the details through technology, the growth is expected

Looking back on the experience since 2021, a question arises: help designer brands, even the huge emerging clothing brand group, find growth - why can the Diaoyin e-commerce take on this important role in the clothing industry?

The answer may be complex. However, we can still extract the unique value factors of Tiaoyin E-commerce from what we see:

First of all, the rich content ecology of Diaoyin e-commerce determines that it can capture consumption trends, lead industry trends, and become a bridge between brands and users.

France Fashion Designer Yves Saint Laurent once said: "Fashion is perishable, but style lasts forever". In the fashion track, the products and concepts are constantly changing, and brands are likely to fall behind the times if they are not careful. How to gain long-term insight into the real needs of consumers and grasp the current trend is one of the major difficulties.

And dithering e-commerce, backed by a large user group, can meet this requirement with a steady stream of spontaneous creation. In dithering, businesses can not only "see" what users think, but also transfer brand ideas to users in the form of "interest" by virtue of the creative ability of talented authors; Even a new trend has been formed to "guide" and "lead" consumption.

In addition, the unique transaction scenario represented by the shelf scenario of Douyin E-commerce determines that the platform can effectively take user interests, efficiently realize business transformation, and enable the continuous birth of "blockbusters".

"Why do I buy fashion?" In fact, different users have different answers. Some users, attracted by high-quality content, place orders immediately; Some users are interested in "browsing" and actively search...... Differentiated decision-making links, which require businesses to provide differentiated "services" to achieve accurate transactions. This is the second difficulty.

The brand live broadcast room, talent live broadcast room, original short videos, and dithering malls are endless columns... dithering e-commerce provides a large number of conversion ports for businesses, and with these scenes, it can accept different shopping motivations of users. Here, users not only buy comfortably; And with the continuous upgrading of the platform, the link between consumers' interest and purchase is short and smooth enough. This has greatly improved the efficiency of business operation, and combined with the advantage of "price power", "popular products" are more likely to appear.

One thing worth paying attention to now: Dithering E-commerce and Intel ® The cooperation of retail solutions is a microcosm of promoting industrial development from a cross industry perspective.

Is fashion industry a "new" industry? Maybe: "Yes." Because, from society to culture, new words are constantly projected into it, bringing new vitality. Or maybe "not": because good design, good quality, good marketing, after a hundred years of change, these links are still the same way to win in the industry.

Only new technologies are reasonably integrated into the "traditional" Fashion industry New stories can only be produced. This is Intel ® What we have done: let the traditional industry link with the future. Anger appeared, and practitioners saw a new "engine".

What other amazing experience will be brought to users at the Diaoyin E-commerce clothing track? What practical actions will bring more efficiency and confidence to businesses?

Perhaps a new chapter has just begun. It can be trusted that more high-quality business samples and more popular products in the industry are being quietly created by Tiaoyin E-commerce.

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