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Tax Benefits "Nourish" The Market Main Body Shenzhen Garment Enterprises Are Busy With Orders

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Tax Benefits

Recently, in many clothing markets, such as Dongmen Baima and Nanyou, all kinds of new models came on the market intensively. The scene was crowded with merchants, and the sales were very hot, which led many clothing factories to increase orders and directly called "sewing machines smoke".

On the one hand, Shenzhen's clothing market is booming in production and sales, thanks to the stability of market demand and the strong industrial chain of Shenzhen's clothing; On the other hand, it benefited from the good business environment created by the government departments. Among them, the 2024 spring breeze action to facilitate tax collection for the people further "moistened" various market entities, from which Shenzhen garment industry benefited greatly.

   Rush orders to expand capacity

Since this year, the business of "Suit Customization Street" in Luohu Commercial City has continued to prosper. There are 143 clothing customization stores, with an annual output of nearly 70000 sets of clothing and an average daily passenger flow of 50000 person times, which is the largest and most concentrated shopping mall in Shenzhen.

"Luohu Commercial City is famous for its cost performance ratio of customized suits in the world," said Liu Xiaodong, the boss of Hailan Custom Clothing (Shenzhen) Co., Ltd., who was busy making more than 300 sets of clothes customized by an opera house in Europe.

In his opinion, the business of Luohu Commercial City is very good. In addition to factors such as industrial concentration, affordable prices, professional craftsmanship, superior geographical location, and being at the forefront of fashion concepts, it is also inseparable from various national preferential policies. "The tax and commercial departments pay close attention to the development of the industry, including export tax rebates, support for the development of private enterprises and other preferential tax policies, which are delivered to the door in a timely manner. The cash flow can keep pace, and can expand production and obtain more orders."

"Tailoring" makes clothes more suitable, and "tailoring" tax services make enterprises more comfortable. Yang Rong, the financial director of Shenzhen Keying Classic Industry Co., Ltd., said: "In the past three years, our company has received more than 600000 yuan of tax refunds. The tax department often carries out" one-to-one "and" point-to-point "tax counseling, timely answers various tax related problems, and helps enterprises catch up with orders and expand capacity."

   Towards the high-end of the industrial chain

Starting with foreign trade orders in the early days, Nanyou has become one of the most important professional markets for original designer brands in China. Today, Nanyou has about 3000 garment enterprises, more than 7000 stores, and more than 1000 independent original brands. Many designer brands constantly appear in the International Fashion Week, attracting a large number of agents and professional buyers from all over the world every year.

During the field visit, the reporter found that there are many digital creative enterprises and supply chain enterprises within 2km around the Nanyou Area. While the traditional fashion industry is moving towards clustering and high-end, it is also moving towards innovative development directions such as new materials for products, scientific and technological manufacturing, and digital supply chain.

"Our company attaches great importance to the integration of 'technology+fashion', invests more than 20 million yuan in design and R&D every year, and has established a product R&D database and online collaborative R&D platform based on information construction." Tang Zhen, the general ledger accountant of Yunchuang Design (Shenzhen) Group Co., Ltd., said that in 2023, the company will enjoy an additional deduction of more than 2.2 million yuan from advanced manufacturing enterprises, This is very helpful for strengthening information construction. At present, the company's information system has covered the whole business process of R&D, production and sales, and has built an efficient information supply chain management system.

   Assist in the transformation from "weaving" to "intelligent manufacturing"

Dalang Fashion Town has transformed into a cluster of headquarters enterprises and fashion creative talents with independent brands, gathering more than 700 fashion enterprises, including Yinger, Masefield, Caldanton and other well-known brands.

"We stimulate production vitality by establishing the supply chain, getting through the industrial chain, and stimulating the innovation chain. We have launched a number of series of tailored suits, machine washable suits, wedding suits, and so on, which are popular in the market." Fu Jiazhuo, the financial director of Caldanton Garments Co., Ltd., said that in the spring of 2024, Caldanton's production orders surged, with a year-on-year growth of more than 20%. "According to the market situation in the first quarter, it is planned to add more than 30 stores in the next stage, and recruit more than 200 people to fill the job gap."

Faced with the rapid development of the clothing industry and the rapid expansion of employment demand in the spring, the tax department took the 33rd National Tax Publicity Month as an opportunity to walk into the clothing enterprise job fair, set up policy publicity booths for key groups' employment and entrepreneurship, annual personal income tax final calculation and special additional deduction in places such as Dalang Fashion Town, and send the policy "big gift package" 。

The relevant person in charge of the Shenzhen Municipal Taxation Bureau said that the Shenzhen Taxation Department will further go deep into the needs of garment enterprises to visit, implement precise policies, provide fine services, and help garment enterprises realize the transformation and upgrading from "weaving" to "intelligent manufacturing" by taking practical tax incentives as the "lead".

(Source: Shenzhen Special Zone News)

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