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INTEX UAE Textile Exhibition Was Held In June, And The Mid Year Textile Event Will Help You Develop Business Opportunities In The Middle East Market!

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UAE Textile ExhibitionINTEXSpin

From June 12 to 14, 2024, the 16th INTEX UAE International Textile Exhibition hosted by Miorant International Exhibition will be held in Dubai World Trade Center. The total exhibition area of the exhibition is expected to exceed 40000 square meters, which will bring together a large number of industry professionals from the United Arab Emirates, as well as the Middle East, Europe, America, North Africa and other regions, including textile and clothing manufacturers, agents, distributors, wholesalers, importers and exporters of trading companies, retailers, chain stores, boutiques, department stores, brands, designers, fashion buyers, E-commerce platform MCN institutions, fashion centers of industry business associations, academic research and development centers of universities, industry media and publications, consulting agencies, etc.


In fact, the United Arab Emirates, as a key market for countries along the "Belt and Road" and an important member of the "New BRICS System", has increasingly close economic and trade cooperation with China, which provides a broader development space for Chinese enterprises. In this context, INTEX Emirates, Annual key projects of AFF&INTEX will also be Textile and garment enterprises Provide a better display platform, and enable to develop unlimited business opportunities in the United Arab Emirates and even the Middle East market!

   Unique economic strength and constantly upgraded trade cooperation

In the global economic system, the United Arab Emirates, with its strong entrepot trade position and developed economic strength, is unique in the Middle East. The rapid growth of the Middle East market is not only reflected in the rapid economic development, but also reflected in the continuous rise in demand for Chinese made products. Especially in the textile field. Dubai market contributes more than US $200 billion in trade volume every year, and the demand for textile fabrics and products is up to US $11.4 billion, accounting for 5.5% of the global textile market share, becoming an important center of the global textile industry. At the same time, China plays a prominent role as its main trading partner. During the Asian Financial Forum, the senior management of the Foreign Direct Investment Bureau of the Emirate of Sharjah, United Arab Emirates, emphasized once again their determination to deepen economic cooperation with China, reflecting the close strategic partnership between the two countries.

   The Middle East buyers of Canton Fair purchase "moat gas", and exhibitors compete for cooperation

At the recently concluded 135th Canton Fair, powerful purchasers from the Middle East showed extraordinary purchasing ability. In a short time, "Haoqi" placed orders for up to 100 containers of products. An exhibitor vividly described: "This Canton Fair has attracted many countries along the" Belt and Road ", among which buyers from the Middle East are particularly prominent. They not only have large trading scale and competitive quotations, but even businessmen wearing Arab robes have become the targets of business competition." This all reveals the huge consumption capacity and strong purchasing power of the Middle East market.

It is worth mentioning that during the Canton Fair, AFF&INTEX explored "textile" on the spot and interviewed exhibitors and purchasers randomly on the spot. Through this interview, we can fully feel the love of overseas purchasers for "Made in China", and Chinese suppliers also expressed their expectations for "going out", hoping to "go out" and find new impetus for enterprise development in the local market. It is worth mentioning that many exhibitors have paid a lot of attention to the "Belt and Road", RCEP emerging markets showed strong interest.


▲ Site of the 135th Canton Fair (Textile Hall)

   One stop exhibition platform, covering the upstream and downstream segments of the textile and clothing industry

  2024 The 16th INTEX UAE International Textile Exhibition will be held in Dubai World Trade Center from June 12 to 14. This exhibition will gather 35 sub industry categories, and focus on the display of products in various sub industries of the whole industry chain, including clothing, surface materials, yarn, home textiles, bags, shoes, etc., to shine on the Middle East international stage with Chinese textile boutiques.


Clothing: men's and women's wear, casual wear, youth fashion, wedding dress, jeans, underwear, swimwear, children's wear, socks, scarves, hats, gloves, ties, etc

Clothing fabrics: silk fabrics, knitting fabrics, chemical fiber fabrics, jacquard fabrics, composite fabrics, ribbons, various yarns, formal fabrics, fashionable ladies' fabrics, casual wear fabrics and other fabrics

Clothing accessories: zipper, button, lace/lace/embroidery, lining, lining, shoulder pad, belt, thread, glue/tape, reflective material, trademark/badge/tag, clothing filler, shoulder belt, cup, leather/leather Grass, flowers, feathers, belts, scarves, collars, hooks/buckles, rivets, chains, bags/bags/boxes, hangers/moulds, etc

Household textiles: duvet, tableware, hotel textiles, bedding, kitchen textiles, bathroom textiles, towels, curtains, blackout cloth, sofa cushion covers, chair cushions, carpet floor mats, latex products, bed sheets, bedspreads, wool quilts, cashmere quilts, chemical fiber quilts, child blankets, silk blankets, cotton blankets, wool blankets, pillows, pillow inserts, sleeping tents, pajamas, bamboo mats Cowhide mat, carbonized bamboo mat, etc

Home textile fabrics: accessories, mattress fabrics, sand cloth, curtain cloth, tablecloth, bed textiles, carpets, various yarns and other household textiles

Leather bags: leather products, school bags, backpacks, trolley bags, handbags, wallets, leather fabrics, etc

Footwear: leather shoes, sports shoes, outdoor shoes, high-heeled shoes, travel shoes, straw sandals, cloth shoes, rolled leather shoes, slippers, tennis shoes, hiking shoes, rubber shoes, cotton slippers, canvas shoes, casual shoes, etc

So far, more than 150 textile and clothing enterprises from all over the country have applied for the exhibition, of which 42.3% are clothing enterprises, 21.2% are home textile enterprises, 18.8% are luggage and footwear enterprises, and 17.6% are surface materials/yarn enterprises.

A mature operation system, targeting buyers in the Middle East and even the world, enables to improve the return on investment of exhibitors!

Overseas global intelligent promotion: based on the 100W+international professional buyer database accumulated over the years, as well as customs bill of lading buyer data, online+offline omni channel accurate access to invite high-quality buyers, including Google search engine, Facebook, Instagram, TikTok and other global mainstream social media platforms, together with outdoor advertising and Meta's advertising resources, synchronize with domestic and foreign authoritative news media, television broadcasting institutions and major new online media

International buyers' operation team: 100+international buyers' operation teams have deeply rooted in the local market, locked in large local buyers, and accumulated more than 10 billion dollars of intended orders for exhibitors!

Online trade fair O20 digital exhibition service: invite buyers with self selected intention, and connect all link business opportunities before, during and after the exhibition. Don't miss any business opportunities! Before the exhibition, on the platform, we will propose our own database of potential buyers; During the exhibition, buyers will be automatically reminded when they arrive, helping the on-site efficient docking; After the exhibition, continue to negotiate with customers online to follow up orders.


Concurrent activities to demonstrate rich and diverse platform effectiveness

   01 Trade matchmaking meeting, enabling supply and demand 1V1 efficient matchmaking

The organizing committee of INTEX UAE will invite well-known local and international buyers of the UAE to the exhibition site through various publicity channels before the exhibition, and promote the exhibitors to effectively connect with target international buyers at the exhibition site and improve the return on investment of the exhibition site through O2O online exhibition trade and special guidance!

It is worth mentioning that the local Texmas Textile Association in Dubai will organize its member enterprises to participate in the INTEX textile exhibition in June and participate in this trade docking meeting!


▲ Site of previous trade docking meeting

   02 Awards

At the same time of the exhibition, INTEX will jointly hold an award ceremony with Texmas, the local textile association in Dubai, to select outstanding Chinese textile enterprises, award their outstanding product research and development capabilities, and their outstanding contributions to China Arab economic and trade relations!


▲ Awarding Site of UAE Exhibition 2023

   About AFF&INTEX International Textile Exhibition

Committed to leading Chinese textile and garment enterprises ”"Going Global", an overseas national exhibition platform for textile and clothing industry

  AFF&INTEX International textile exhibition, with its good reputation and the competitiveness of Chinese enterprises' textile products, has always been one of the most concerned textile professional B2B exhibitions in the world. In 2022, AFF Asia Textile Fashion Exhibition and INTEX International Textile Exhibition are strong partners, committed to growing together with Chinese clothing brands, leading Chinese textile and clothing enterprises to "go global", developing business opportunities overseas, and being the promoter and witness of Chinese clothing brands and market development.

In 2024, AFF&INTEX International Textile Exhibition More than 15 professional textile and clothing exhibitions will be held in Vietnam, Indonesia, the United Arab Emirates, Turkey, Japan, the United States, South Africa, Indonesia, Poland, Mexico, Brazil, the United Arab Emirates, India and other key textile regions in the world, with exhibits covering raw materials, yarns, fabrics, accessories, clothing, home textiles and fabrics, bags, shoes, textile machinery, textile equipment and other sub sectors, Covering the "Belt and Road" RCEP、 BRICS Economic Belt, Explore Business Opportunities in Emerging Markets!

   Annual Plan of 2024AFF&INTEX International Textile Exhibition

2024 INTEX Indonesia International Textile Exhibition (March 13-16)

2024AFF Vietnam Asia Textile Fashion Exhibition (March 27-29)

The 40th AFF Japan Asia Textile Fashion Exhibition (Osaka) (April 9 - April 11)

The 7th AFF Indonesia Asian Textile Fashion Exhibition (June 4 to June 7)

The 41st AFF Japan Asia Textile Fashion Exhibition (Tokyo) (June 5-7)

The 42nd AFF Japan Asia Textile Fashion Exhibition (Tokyo) (November 27-29)

The 17th AFF Asia Textile Fashion Exhibition (December 17 - December 19)

The 16th INTEX UAE International Textile Exhibition (June 12 June 14)

The 9th INTEX Mexico International Textile Exhibition (September 17 September 19)

INTEX 2024 (September 11 September 13)

The 11th INTEX Brazil International Textile Exhibition (September 17 September 19)

The 8th INTEX South Africa International Textile Exhibition (September 24 - September 26)

The 14th INTEX Poland International Textile Exhibition (November 6 to November 8)

2024 INTEX Germany International Textile Exhibition (November 12 November 14)

The 8th INTEX Indonesia International Textile Exhibition (November 27-30)

The 9th INTEX India International Textile Exhibition (December 18 to December 20)

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