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In China For China, Ducati Will Appear At 2024 Beijing International Motorcycle Exhibition With A New Heavy Car

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(May 17, 2024, Beijing) Adhering to the corporate philosophy of "in China, for China", Ducati brought a number of new models to the 2024 Beijing International Motorcycle Exhibition, and the products and technology demonstrated the brand's long-term commitment to the Chinese market and Chinese consumers as always.


2024 Beijing International Motorcycle Exhibition is an industry platform for the internationalization of Chinese motorcycles. It displays the international motorcycle industry and products, attracts many major international motorcycle manufacturers to participate in the exhibition, and promotes the healthy development of motorcycle culture in China. The limited edition of Dukadi's Diavel for Bentley was officially unveiled at this auto show, and the new Lantu Multistar V4 pull version was officially launched, and the suggested retail price was announced to be between 238000 yuan and 241000 yuan.


The introduction of these two outstanding works representing Ducati's craft aesthetics and innovative spirit not only marks Dukadi brand The new milestone of design and technology also reflects that Ducati attaches great importance to the Chinese market. In addition, Ducati also announced at the auto show that the 2024 DCPC Ducati China Super Cup Challenge is about to open, which will bring more professional and exciting track competition experience to all Ducati owners and fans.


Dukadi Diavel for Bentley Limited Edition is the first cooperation between Dukadi and Bentley, two global manufacturers. It closely connects their performance, process and uniqueness, and is the perfect combination of technology, style and performance, which fascinates car fans.


On the basis of high performance and comfortable Diavel V4 precision technology, Ducati integrates many style characteristics of the limited edition Batur handmade by Bentley, creating a motorcycle with unique design and elegant style. Dukadi Diavel for Bentley limited edition is produced in the form of serial number series, with a limited quantity of 500+50 vehicles, which is specially designed for Bentley customers.


   The new Lantu Multistrada V4 pull version is a model created by Ducati for long-distance travel enthusiasts. Born for adventure, it can easily and comfortably conquer all unknown places and explore the wonderful world, whether alone or together.


The new Lantu Multistrada V4 tensile version maintains the same eye-catching aesthetic characteristics as the standard version, and has a strong aura of long-distance and off-road vehicles. In order to bring more fuel capacity during long distance travel, the front area of the vehicle has been redesigned to make the shoulder wider, but the height has not increased, and it keeps perfect integration with the central area, which is slim and ergonomic. From the side, the fuel tank has a more eye-catching volume, and the special surface materials also bring a more scientific and muscular visual effect.


The new Lantu Multistrada V4 tensile version introduces a new aerodynamic deflector in the front, which expands the protection range for riders, especially passengers, and ensures that the spoiler vacuum area is farther back than the standard Lantu Multistrada V4/V4 S version. In order to improve the comfort of passengers, the positions of side box and top box also move backward. In this way, the available space for passengers' legs and bodies is significantly increased.

Similarly, in order to improve thermal comfort, the air flow can be separated by the deflector in the leg area to maintain the heat released by the engine in cold seasons. At the same time, two heat shields are introduced, one on the rear subframe and one on the rocker arm, to reduce the heat felt by riders and passengers. In addition, considering that Multistar V4 tensile version is more inclined to off-road use, the lower oil pan protective cover has been lengthened, which can more effectively protect the engine from impact.

Powered by 1158 cc V4 Granturismo engine, the new Lantu Multistrada V4 tensile version can provide 124 kW power at 10750 rpm and 118 Nm torque at 9000 rpm. In order to improve thermal comfort and fuel consumption performance, the new Lantu Multistar V4 tensile version introduces a new electronic cylinder locking function for the rear exhaust cylinder, which is the first technical solution to appear on mass production motorcycles.


The new Lantu Multistrada V4 tensile version has four riding modes: urban, sports, travel and cross-country, and is equipped with semi-active Marzocchi suspension, which is controlled by the Ducati ceiling suspension system. It can be preset by the on-board computer according to different riding modes, and the damping hardness of the front fork and rear shock absorber during compression and rebound can be adjusted in real time.

With the new Multistrada V4 pull version, Ducati has raised the global travel spirit of Multistrada V4 to a higher dimension, and also brought higher comfort for riders and passengers, greater endurance and stronger off-road capability.


Ducati announced the strong return of the 2024 Ducati China Super Cup Challenge, a unique brand event tailored to the Chinese market, which not only provides a chance for Ducati customers who love motorsports to challenge themselves and their limits, highlights the deepening of the professionalization of Chinese motorcycle events, but also marks Ducati's focus and attention on the Chinese market.

Since the establishment of Ducati in 1926, passion and sports have accompanied the development and glory of the brand and carried the infinite yearning for track competition. Dukadi China officially launched the DCPC Dukadi China Super Cup Challenge in 2019, which has now become an important part of Chinese motor racing, attracting many Dukadi car owners who love speed and passion to participate.


The 2024 DCPC Dukadi China Super Cup Challenge will adopt the competition system of three stops and six rounds. From May to October, the final competition will be held at Sepang International Circuit in Malaysia, aiming to Ducati Enthusiastic owners provide a professional and exciting racing experience. In addition to the fierce competition, this Dukadi China Super Cup Challenge also added a series of surrounding activities, including award ceremony and championship tour. In addition, Ducati Corse will specially invite the annual champion of DCPC to watch the MotoGP event and visit the Ducati GP team to experience the charm of the international motorcycle race.


All competitors will drive the Panigale V2 and Panigale V2 Bayliss models specially adjusted and optimized by the Dukadi professional competition team, which will perfectly combine the powerful horsepower and elegant style. DCPC Ducati The China Super Cup Challenge will receive professional technical support and services from the event team, including the professional racing P room and the on-site technical team. Dukadi's official coach will be responsible for the whole process of teaching, and organize technical seminars before and after the competition. Players can choose to participate individually or as a team, and wear Dukadi's customized racing clothes and professional equipment.


  DCPC Ducati The return of the China Super Cup Challenge not only rekindled the enthusiasm of motorsport, but also served as an important platform for Dukadi to demonstrate its brand strength in the Chinese market. This high standard event is another interpretation of Dukadi's brand spirit, and also contributes to China's motorcycle sports culture, which once again reflects Dukadi's long-term commitment to the Chinese market.

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