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Industrial Cluster: A Breakthrough In Cotton High-Yield, High-Efficiency And Water-Saving Production Technology

2024/5/26 18:01:00 24

Xinjiang Cotton

The project of "Integrated Demonstration of High Quality, High Yield and Efficient Standardized Production Technology of Cotton" jointly undertaken by Xinjiang Agricultural University and other units has passed the acceptance of the Department of Science and Technology of the Autonomous Region. With the goal of "reducing costs, improving quality and increasing benefits", the project has carried out a series of theoretical, model and product innovations around high yield, high efficiency and water-saving of cotton. The standardized production technology of cotton has made all-round breakthroughs, which will provide strong scientific and technological support for the stable production and increase of cotton in China.

It is understood that this project is a major science and technology special project of the "13th Five Year Plan" in Xinjiang, which is led by Xinjiang Agricultural University and jointly undertaken by Xinjiang Academy of Agricultural Sciences, Xinjiang Academy of Water Resources and Hydropower Sciences and other units.


Since the project was launched in 2020, in view of the scientific and technological needs of Xinjiang's high-quality, high-yield, efficient and standardized production of cotton and the safe supply of agricultural water resources, taking the 500000 mu high-efficiency water-saving cotton field in Shaya County, southern Xinjiang as the research object, the project has carried out high-efficiency water-saving technology in cotton fields, screening of machine picked cotton varieties and supporting regulation technology, high-efficiency utilization technology of water, fertilizer and pesticide in cotton fields A series of scientific research breakthroughs, such as the integrated demonstration of large-scale high-yield and high-efficiency standardized production technology, have successfully created green production technology and smart cotton field construction technology, and established large-scale standardized cotton production technology and efficient water-saving project operation management mode.

Jiang Ping an, the project leader and president of Xinjiang Agricultural University, introduced that thanks to the scientific research of the integration of production, teaching, research and application, the project has achieved fruitful results in theory, mode and product innovation. In terms of high yield, the project has created a standardized high yield and efficient production core demonstration area of 14790 mu, with the yield of seed cotton per mu up to 500 kg; Establish a high quality and efficient standardized cultivation technology demonstration area of 21600 mu for cotton, with an average yield of 474.84 kg of seed cotton per mu; The radiation area of standardized cotton production technology is 566000 mu, with an average yield of 410.03 kg of seed cotton per mu.

In terms of high efficiency and water saving, the project has improved the fertilizer utilization efficiency of cotton field by 12%, water saving efficiency by 15%, pesticide consumption by 35%, increased cotton production by 15%, and realized a total of 930 million yuan of cost savings and efficiency gains through the promotion of water fertilizer integration, ecological prevention and control of cotton field, new varieties of machine picked cotton, and intelligent agricultural technology and products.

At present, the project has applied for 41 national patents, formulated 11 local standards, formed 2 sets of technical models, developed 8 sets of products, selected 4 new varieties of machine picked cotton, published 3 books and 77 academic papers. The project achievements have been popularized in Xinjiang and beyond.

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