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Industrial Cluster: Cotton Planting In Southern India

2024/6/12 14:24:00 0



With the advent of monsoon rains, cotton in 2024 has been sown in Karnataka, Trengana and Andhra Pradesh in southern India, but the strong trend of cottonseed prices is still driving up cotton prices. Industry insiders predict that the cotton planting area in Trengana will increase. Because the price of spices has been weak, some farmers who grow pepper may turn to cotton.

Ramanuj DasBoob, the purchasing agent of multinational companies and domestic buyers, said: "There have been several rains in the planting areas of Karnataka and Trengana, which is a positive sign for crops. As cotton prices remain firm before the planting season, it is expected that the planting area of Trengana will increase, and the price of pepper will not be so high, which may prompt farmers to turn to cotton."


The monsoon from the last week of May has covered most areas of Kerala, Tamil Nadu, Andhra Pradesh, Karnataka, Trengana and Maharashtra.

Baya Reddy, director of agricultural inputs sales at BigHaat, said: "All major cotton producing states, such as Trengana, Andhra Pradesh and Karnataka, have seen good rainfall, and seed purchases have increased in the past few days. The progress of cotton seed procurement in these regions is 35-50%, and about 1/10 of the target areas may have been planted. In a few areas, such as Kurnur and some areas of Trengana, the cotton planting area may decrease, due to different crop planting changes in different markets. "

In northern India, cotton planting began early in the middle of April. Due to the increase of pests and labor costs in recent years, the planting area may be reduced by about 1/4.

Boob said that the price of raw cotton was firm, at 7500-7600 rupees/ton, which was higher than the lowest supporting price level in Karnataka and some regions of Trengana. Although the number of raw cotton entering the market has decreased, the increased demand for pressed cottonseed has kept the cotton price firm. The daily arrival of cotton is about 2000 bales in Karnataka and about 15-2000 bales in Maharashtra. The price of cottonseed is currently 3300-3500 rupees per kilowatt, about 2800-3000 rupees a month ago.

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