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Raise "Quality" To "New" Wujiang District Filament Weaving Industry Weaves A New Vision Of High Quality Development

2024/6/13 14:42:00 4

Shengze Town

   Accelerating the development of new quality productivity is the proper meaning of high-quality development. It is a strategic choice to seize the commanding heights of a new round of global scientific and technological revolution and industrial reform, open up new fields and new tracks for development, cultivate new driving forces for development, and enhance new competitive advantages.
   The new quality productivity stimulates the strong momentum of high-quality development, which not only strengthens the foundation of the modern industrial system, but also accumulates the development potential for the future. Walking in textile clusters, industrial parks and enterprise workshops, you can see the high-end, intelligent, fashionable and green development of the textile industry. From now on, Textile and Garment Weekly has specially set up a column to propose "quality" to "new", so that we can trace the origin of the birth of new textile quality productivity from the story of the development of the textile industry; It has witnessed the vigorous process of new quality productivity of China's textile industry from the reform of frontier fields.

   General Secretary Xi Jinping stressed that we should firmly grasp the primary task of high-quality development and develop new quality productive forces according to local conditions. The filament weaving industry is the basic support to ensure the scale advantage and system advantage of the textile industry, an important engine to drive material innovation and equipment innovation, and a key force to maintain the smooth operation of the global textile industry chain supply chain. It has a special position and important value in the development of new textile productivity. Wujiang District, Suzhou City, Jiangsu Province, is an important part of China's filament weaving industry cluster. The local industry is strong in toughness and vitality, and has a solid foundation for the development of new quality productivity. In order to deeply grasp the development trend of the industry and understand the development status and trend of the filament weaving industry in Wujiang District, China Filament Weaving Association, under the leadership of Wang Jiayi, President of the Association, went deep into Wujiang District for research and visited nearly 60 enterprises in key areas such as Shengze Town, Pingwang Town and Taoyuan Town.
   1、 Since 2024, the orders of enterprises have been stable, and the startup has reached a high level
   According to the survey, the filament weaving enterprises in Wujiang are mainly engaged in order production. Since 2024, the overall production and operation have been in good condition. Looms are generally operating at full capacity, and the inventory pressure is low. Orders are basically scheduled to June and July; The printing, dyeing and finishing enterprises received orders stably, and the orders were sold out in March and April. In May, the heat was slightly reduced, the delivery date was accelerated, and the startup was still at a high level; A number of trade enterprises said that at present, orders have fulfilled the expected goal, and the overall expectation has risen steadily compared with last year.
   At the same time, some enterprises reported that the internal competition of low-end products was intensifying, the quantity increased and the price decreased, and the profit level declined slightly. In order to solve this problem, most enterprises continue to carry out product innovation, make continuous efforts in increasing varieties and improving quality, produce differentiated, characteristic and functional products with friendly prices, and grasp competitive advantages in the domestic and foreign markets.
   2、 Focusing on new quality productivity, Wujiang District has made new progress in textile industry
   The key to the development of new quality productivity lies in quality, which is in essence advanced productivity. In recent years, Wujiang, represented by Shengze Town, has made new progress in building a demonstration of the transformation and upgrading of traditional advantageous industries and cultivating a main position of new quality productivity.
   (1) Industrial development, effective revitalization of land resources
   Wujiang District seizes the opportunity of "new year for industry", focuses on new quality productivity, and actively promotes the new development of industry. Under the guidance and encouragement of the government, Dafei, Zhongguan, Panyue and other weaving enterprises actively responded to the policy, combined with their own reality and development planning, built multi-storey workshops, vertically arranged the production process, from top to bottom were raw material workshop, pre preparation equipment workshop, weaving workshop, fabric inspection workshop and warehouse, and efficiently used the stock land through "weaving machine upstairs" and "industrial upstairs", Improve the plot ratio, further improve the social contribution per mu and the quality of enterprise development. After textile enterprises have gone upstairs, the average benefit per mu has reached Class A.
   (2) Technological innovation, accelerating the transformation of "digital intelligence"
   Grasping technological innovation and leading industrial upgrading is an important starting point for developing new quality productivity and promoting high-quality development of the industry. The survey and visit found that most enterprises in Wujiang District, especially Shengze Town, are doing technological transformation and equipment upgrading to promote high-end, intelligent and green industries.
   1. Actively eliminate old equipment and replace new equipment in batches.
   According to the survey, many enterprises are eliminating old equipment and replacing new equipment in batches. Most of the new equipment is equipped with advanced opening mechanisms such as conjugate cams and electronic dobby, and mature technologies such as electronic let off, electronic take-up, electronic double weft accumulator, permanent magnet direct drive motor and digital electronic control system are used, which are stable, high-speed, and adaptable to different varieties, conducive to product development, improving production efficiency, and more energy saving and environmental protection. Some enterprises have purchased the latest Jintianju 8200 water jet looms, while others have also actively selected domestic looms such as Rijia and Yinchun, equipped with the leading brands of Niu Brand and Changshu looms. According to the enterprises, with the continuous optimization of equipment performance, domestic looms have gradually become the first choice for enterprises. Some enterprises have replaced some indicators of water jet looms and purchased air jet looms to enrich product categories and improve product added value. It is understood that last year, Wujiang region purchased 7000 imported air jet looms and 30000 domestic air jet looms.
   2. Accelerate the implementation of intelligent transformation and digital transformation.
   To develop new quality productive forces, the only way is to "transform intelligence into digital and network connectivity". Hanta, Deyi, Fuhua and other enterprises have realized real-time monitoring and automatic production scheduling of production processes through the application of ERP, MES and other integrated systems to strictly control product quality. Fuhua has basically realized paperless office work. All production and office processes can be monitored and traced online, and the production process can be fed back in real time. At the same time, through the selection of suppliers, the upstream and downstream data and information flow blockages can be opened up to achieve the effect of system integration.
   3. Promote technical transformation and improve work efficiency.
   Technological transformation is an effective way to improve production efficiency, save energy and increase efficiency, and actively and steadily promote carbon peak and carbon neutrality. It was found in the survey that the enterprise, on the basis of replacing new equipment, also actively carried out technological transformation to improve production efficiency, stabilize product quality and reduce energy consumption. Yajin reformed the winding mechanism of the double twister, and the processed package can be directly woven as weft yarn, eliminating the winding process and reducing energy consumption; Chunlong uses a sizing machine to combine warping and sizing processes, which eliminates the storage, handling, loading and unloading of warp shafts, shortens the production process and improves efficiency.
   4. Advanced pre preparation equipment is popularized.
   The survey and visit found that the weaving enterprises in Wujiang District attached great importance to the advancement and efficiency of the preparatory equipment and actively promoted the use of new equipment. Xinglin hair equipped with a more advanced Tsudakoma 700 type sizing machine, which can achieve simultaneous sizing of two shafts, reducing the tension difference between shafts; Most enterprises are equipped with automatic warping machines. Both imported equipment and domestic equipment have achieved the effect of stable operation, high efficiency and reduced labor.
   (3) Product innovation, exploring diversified development paths
   According to the survey, enterprises generally believe that they should do a good job in product research and development, achieve continuous breakthroughs in the functionality and differentiation of filament fabrics, and continuously improve the supply quality. In the process of product development, enterprises have also successfully explored a variety of innovation paths. Now the more mature ones are as follows:
   1. Actively strengthen the chain extension and supplement, and enhance the systematic development.
   Filament fabric product innovation is the result of improvement and investment in the whole industrial chain from raw material production to final consumption. Weaving enterprises play a key role in organization planning and plan promotion. According to the research, local weaving enterprises actively strengthen, extend and supplement the chain based on their own strength and goal pursuit, fully grasp the autonomy and initiative of research and development, and achieve systematic development of product innovation. Some enterprises have equipped air jet looms to deeply explore the application of synthetic fibers, natural fibers, regenerated cellulose fibers and other hydrophilic staple fibers and filaments for interweaving. They have developed acetic acid interweaving, viscose interweaving, copper ammonia interweaving and other fabrics to maximize the advantages of product innovation; Some enterprises are equipped with deep processing equipment for texturing, double twisting, compounding, empty wrapping and other silk threads to enrich product categories from the raw material end, extend product production lines, and resist the risk of market imitation; Some enterprises have invested in printing and dyeing, finishing and other equipment, giving fabrics more differentiation and functionality.
   2. Strengthen industrial chain cooperation and improve development efficiency.
   Wujiang region has the geographical advantages of being close to the market, convenient trade, strong processing capacity, high product quality, and obvious gathering of trade enterprises. This survey visited a number of trade enterprises and enterprises integrating industry and trade. The results show that in product development, industry and trade enterprises cooperate closely, forming an innovation consortium with complementary advantages, from original yarn functionality, to weaving innovation, to dyeing and finishing innovation, Constantly pursue the differentiation, high-end and characteristic of products.
   Taking the Uber family as an example, the enterprise focuses on product research and development and white billet trade, cooperates with chemical fiber factories at the raw material end to order spinning, starts to research and develop its own unique products from the source, and has the pricing right for the research and development products; At the same time, select weaving partners to strictly control the quality of products off the machine; Cooperate with printing and dyeing and finishing plants and combine with the trend of fashion to dye, finish and sample the developed grey cloth, and do a good job in the process conditions of sample cloth and finishing; Finally, we will design and make ready to wear clothes, and then show them to customers. Once the customer selects the fabric to place an order, the enterprise can provide the customer with a complete set of production processes for white billets and finished products. Under the condition of providing good services for brands and garment enterprises and ensuring profit space for both upstream and downstream, a good industrial chain cooperation mode has been formed, which has accelerated the development efficiency of new products.
   Enterprises also attach great importance to the construction of laboratories. CUHK's self built laboratory has passed the CNAS certification, which is the guarantee of enterprise quality, reduces the customer inspection process, and improves the credibility and satisfaction of the enterprise. Jiayao is equipped with "two rooms and one hall", namely laboratory, design room and exhibition hall, which is conducive to product development and fabric quality control on the one hand, and also provides convenience and security for customers on the other hand.
   3. Anchor the subdivided field and make efforts to differentiate the track.
   Nowadays, more and more small and medium-sized enterprises are aware that homogeneous competition is easy to fall into price war, or even be eliminated by the market. Only by deeply plowing into the subdivided fields and taking the road of "specialized, special and new" development, can they occupy their own competitive highlands.
   Fuhua is deeply engaged in the field of outdoor sunscreen, and has successfully developed radiation cooling fabrics, which can be used to make outdoor products such as tents, curtains, sunshades, etc., and can cool down 5~20 ℃ according to specific application scenarios; It is used to make electric car cushions, roof sunshades, car covers and other car products. According to specific application scenarios, the temperature can be reduced by 10~30 ℃; It is used to make sunscreen ice sleeves, outdoor sunshade hats, outdoor work clothes, special protection, sports sunscreen and other clothing, with a lasting sense of cool exposure, UV100+resistance, and a temperature drop of 2~10 ℃ according to specific application scenarios. Fuhua has mastered core technology and owns independent intellectual property rights to this cooling fabric.
   Jisheng mainly produces wide and extra wide roller shutter fabrics, with more than 1000 varieties reserved. It adopts the order production mode of small batch and multiple varieties. This year, it plans to launch a new loom with a width of 3.9 meters, further enrich the fabric varieties and achieve differentiated production.

   (4) Complete supporting facilities and coordinated development of various forces

   Wujiang, represented by Shengze, has formed a complete industrial chain from spinning, weaving, finishing after printing and dyeing to garment manufacturing based on a solid foundation of filament weaving industry, and has formed a developed R&D, production, sales, logistics and service matching system relying on the advantages of industrial clusters.
   During this survey, the research team also visited some industrial supporting enterprises. There are raw material production enterprises, such as Hongju, which mainly produces ATY products, Chunsheng, which mainly produces differential polyester, Jingyi, which mainly produces vortex staple yarn, and Sanfa, which mainly produces differential texturing of chemical filament. There are also enterprises that specialize in the preparation and matching of weaving. Julong has 10 production lines for the preparation and processing of weaving shafts. Two network service companies, Silk Metropolis and Forbes, use the new media platform to provide publicity and promotion services for filament weaving and trading enterprises. In addition, the research team also visited a training enterprise and a testing company. It can be said that the Wujiang region has gathered many forces, worked together, and coordinated innovation and development, which is empowering and strengthening the construction of a new quality productivity filament weaving position and a world-class high-end textile industry cluster.
   Wujiang District is one of the regions with the most complete filament weaving industry system and the strongest industrial chain toughness, and plays an important role in China's filament weaving industry system and supply chain system. The survey found that since this year, the filament weaving industry in Wujiang District is gathering the strongest development force with high development momentum, playing the main theme of promoting new industrialization and developing new quality productivity, striving to be "new" and improve "quality", and weaving a new picture of high-quality development.
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