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Comply With The Consumption Trend, And The Sales Volume Of National Fashion Clothing Grows Rapidly

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Guochao New Wind

In recent years, the national fashion of clothing has been coming. The button down shirt with horse face skirt, traditional cheongsam with overlapping Hanfu skirts... These clothes full of Chinese elements and rich in traditional characteristics continue to be popular, becoming new highlights of the consumer market. Why are the "trendy" clothes made in China popular? How to make "national trend" a hot trend? The reporter visited many places.

Comply with the consumption trend, and the sales volume of national fashion clothing grows rapidly

"Silk ponytail skirt, Song brocade vest, button up blouse, Xiangyun gauze shirt... I bought many national fashion clothes, and I often wear them when I go shopping and play on holidays." Jiemingxia, the "post-95" working in an Internet company in Suzhou, Jiangsu, said.

"Behind the popularity of 'new Chinese style' aesthetics is the beauty of thousands of years of cultural accumulation and the beauty of traditional craft inheritance. Guochao clothing is popular, and people value the cultural heritage and aesthetic value of clothing." Zhu Beina, supervisor of China Cotton Textile Industry Association, said that Guochao clothing covers a wide range, integrating Chinese traditional elements with modern fashion design, It not only embodies traditional culture but also conforms to contemporary aesthetics.

"Since the opening of the shopping center for more than four years, Guochao clothing stores have increased year by year, and now there are 65 stores in total." Wu Mengna, the marketing director of Yingtan Tianhong Shopping Center, said that Guochao clothing industry has become increasingly rich, and new styles have emerged in succession, not only young models, but also baby models, mother models, and old models. Consumers of all ages can find satisfactory clothing. From January to April this year, the sales of national fashion clothing in shopping malls increased by about 10% year on year.

According to the 2024 Data Report on Women's Consumption Trends of Diaoyin E-commerce released by Diaoyin, in 2023, the orders of female users for "new Chinese style" national fashion clothing will increase by 195% year on year, including the orders for horse face skirts, Han suits, Song brocade jackets, and Xiangyun gauze clothing. According to the data of fast e-commerce, in the first quarter, the order volume of "new Chinese style" goods increased by 700% year on year, of which the order volume of Han clothing goods increased by nearly 300% year on year, and the order volume of horse dress goods increased by more than 40 times year on year.

In order to comply with the consumption trend, various departments, industry associations and e-commerce platforms in various regions have increased their support for the cultivation of Guochao apparel industry. In April, the General Office of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology and the General Office of the Ministry of Commerce issued the Notice on Carrying out the 2024 "Three Products" National Travel Activity, which proposed to "support e-commerce platforms to explore and cultivate new consumption growth points such as smart home, national" fashion products ", and organize activities such as" national fashion competition ", and promotion of national high-quality products". Sichuan Chengdu Economic and Information Bureau and other relevant departments actively promote the transformation and upgrading of the traditional clothing industry to the fashion industry, and explore and launch a series of innovative development measures in design, brand, manufacturing, marketing and other aspects; At the same time, adhering to the concept of inheritance and innovation, we strive to create a new "December City" consumer brand, so that consumers can enjoy shopping in a rich cultural experience.

Innovate and develop to promote consumption upgrading with high-quality supply

National fashion clothing consumption is booming, which can not be separated from the accelerated innovation on the supply side.

Gao Dekang, founder of Bosideng brand, chairman of the board of directors and president of Bosideng Group, believes that in recent years, many textile and clothing enterprises and brands have continued to innovate and explore, promote the innovative development and transformation of excellent traditional culture, and apply oriental aesthetics and intangible cultural heritage to clothing culture, which has not only been recognized by consumers, but also led the innovative development direction of the industry. Many business entities tap into traditional cultural values, upgrade technology, strengthen cross-border brand cooperation, innovate consumption scenarios, and constantly promote consumption upgrading with high-quality supply.

Release greater potential of Guochao Clothing

The production workshop of Slow Design Garment Co., Ltd. in the high-tech industrial park of Liaocheng High tech Zone, Shandong Province, was busy: cutting workers were quick, production workers were flying needle threading, quality inspectors carefully inspected, packers carefully ironed, The anchor of the live broadcast room warmly introduced the products... "The baby clothes we launched with the concept of 'Slow Series' are made of pure cotton and other high-quality raw materials, integrated with many traditional cultural elements, healthy, comfortable, practical, fashionable, and have a good market response. In the peak sales season, the company ships around the clock, with more than 12000 sets shipped every day." Zhu Jingyun, the head of Slow Design Company, said.

Zhu Jingyun introduced that under the guidance of the market supervision department of Liaocheng High tech Zone, the company has constantly improved the quality system construction, and achieved the development of "the same line, the same standard and the same quality" of its series of products. "At the same time, we have promoted the integration of excellent culture and national fashion, increased the cultivation of independent brands, vigorously promoted the development of branding, and effectively expanded the domestic consumer market," said Zhu Jingyun.

(Source: People's Daily)

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