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Asia Pacific Singapore Reached Cooperation Intention

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   On June 5, during the 2024 Great Bay Area International Textile and Clothing Expo, the Textile Industry Branch of the China Council for the Promotion of International Trade (CCPIT TEX) held a signing ceremony with the Singapore Tourism Board (STB). Fu Qichuan, Executive Director of the Exhibition and Conference Department of the Singapore Tourism Board, signed a memorandum of cooperation with the Textile Trade Promotion Council on behalf of the Singapore Tourism Board, The two sides reached a cooperation intention on the Asia Pacific Textile and Clothing Supply Chain Expo and Summit Forum (APTEXPO 2024, "Singapore Asia Pacific Expo" for short). After the signing ceremony, Fu Qichuan, Executive Director of the Exhibition and Convention Department of Singapore Tourism Administration, received an exclusive interview with the media.
   Looking forward to hosting a vibrant Singapore Asia Pacific exhibition
   "The signing of the contract is an important milestone, marking that the two sides have formally established a cooperation consensus on the first Singapore Asia Pacific Expo, and will work together to promote cooperation and innovative development of the textile and clothing supply chain in the region". Fu Qichuan said that the purpose of this signing is to explore the potential of cooperation between the two sides, jointly develop and take root in Singapore's new activities, and consolidate Singapore's position as a global Asian business and tourism hub.
   It is reported that the first Singapore Asia Pacific Exhibition will be held at the Singapore Sands Convention and Exhibition Center from November 13 to 15, 2024. This exhibition is the first international exhibition platform covering the whole ecology of textile and clothing industry in the Asia Pacific region, with supply chain as the theme, jointly sponsored by China Textile Industry Federation and ASEAN Textile Industry Federation, and jointly hosted by CCPIT and MP Singapore Pte Ltd.
   Singapore is a gateway to the Asia Pacific region and is closely linked to the growing textile centers in South Asia, Southeast Asia and the Middle East. Therefore, Fu Qichuan believes that Singapore is an ideal place to hold the first APTEXPO, and Singapore Tourism Bureau will support the holding of the first Asia Pacific Textile and Clothing Supply Chain Expo and Summit in Singapore.
   "The landing of Singapore Asia Pacific Expo is of great significance to Singapore's exhibition and conference industry, and we hope that this cooperation with the China Council for the Promotion of Textile Trade will stimulate more cross-border cooperation between Singapore and Chinese enterprises in the field of exhibition and conference." Fu Qichuan also said that choosing Singapore as the venue for the event also confirmed Singapore's position as a global exhibition and business center, At the same time, it also provides a platform for international event organizers such as CCPIT to expand their business in the region.
   Fu Qichuan said that he expected to hold a vigorous and successful Singapore Asia Pacific Exhibition in Singapore in November, when international business leaders and enterprises with the same aspirations would gather together to exchange and conduct business together. With the theme of "Building a Flexible, Resilient and Sustainable Textile and Garment Supply Chain System", Singapore Asia Pacific Expo hopes to stimulate and promote innovative and sustainable best practices and solutions, push forward the textile and garment supply chain in the region, and leave a positive and lasting impact on the industry.
   Constantly invite the world to jointly explore exhibition opportunities
   On his trip to Shenzhen, Fu Qichuan said that this was his first visit to the International Textile and Clothing Fair in the Greater Bay Area. He was deeply impressed by the bustling scene of people with the same aspirations communicating with each other and participating in commercial activities. He also deeply felt the energy and vitality of the exhibition and its positive role in promoting the development of China's textile industry.
   After the signing ceremony, Fu Qichuan immediately left for Shanghai to participate in the 2024 International Convention and Exhibition CEO Shanghai Conference held from June 6 to 7 on behalf of Singapore Tourism Administration. The trip to the conference was led by the Singapore Association of Exhibition Organizers and Suppliers (SACEOS), supported by the Singapore Exhibition and Convention Bureau (SECB), and attended by 10 Singapore MICE partners, including exhibition venues, exhibition organizers, booth contractors and technology suppliers.
   Fu Qichuan revealed that while the CEO Shanghai Conference of the International Convention and Exhibition Industry will be held, the New China Convention and Exhibition Industry Exchange will also be held to provide a platform for local participants in the convention and exhibition industry to communicate with and explore business opportunities for Chinese participants in the convention and exhibition industry. The purpose of this trip is to demonstrate Singapore's efforts to cooperate with Chinese exhibition organizers and enterprises in MICE industry, and look forward to jointly exploring Singapore's exhibition opportunities.
   In June this year, the Singapore Tourism Board launched a global publicity campaign aimed at positioning Singapore as the "World's Best MICE City" for business activities, to show how Singapore can make the event organizers and representatives have a positive impact on the industry, society and environment by "turning various possibilities" into "reality". It is reported that this publicity campaign will be gradually launched in key markets and regions including China, Europe, Indonesia and the United States, and will continue throughout the year and into 2025.
   Strong lineup in the second half of the year, demonstrating confidence and value
   Fu Qichuan revealed that in the second half of this year, in addition to the first APTEXPO, there will also be a series of colorful exhibition activities in Singapore.
   In the past 2023, exhibition activities have returned strongly, and the dynamic schedule of 2024 indicates that the industry has a promising future. This is especially true of Singapore, a popular MICE destination in Asia and even the world, and a traditional power.
   "These events with a strong lineup demonstrate the industry's confidence in Singapore's strong fundamentals." Fu Qichuan believes that Singapore's value proposition is still eye-catching in the highly competitive exhibition industry. Singapore attaches great importance to trust and security, accessibility, innovation and sustainable development. It has a vibrant business environment, excellent infrastructure, sound governance mechanism, and an excellent record of holding high-quality events, which are the basic elements of Singapore's success as an important convention and exhibition center and an attraction for business and leisure activities.
   Fu Qichuan finally said, "I hope to use this positive momentum to affirm the value proposition of Singapore as a leading exhibition destination, and focus on our characteristics to promote and influence meaningful business achievements and influence".
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