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Donghua University Joined Hands With International First-Line Brands To Release Course Achievements!

2024/6/14 13:21:00 3

Donghua University

Magic City Shanghai is a city of design. Even in the exhibition of international first-line brands, there are also works of college students as the youngest designers. "I combine the elements of Burberry's classic plaid coat with the sailor's uniform structure," said Liu Qiuke, a student from the Shanghai International Fashion Creative College of Donghua University. The mixed style coat in front of her was sewn by hand, stitch by stitch, from fabric selection to pattern cutting, after one or two months.

At the "2024 Donghua University - Boboli Industry Education Integration Design Innovation Achievement Exhibition", Liu Qiuke's award-winning new dress made its debut. She said, "Design is an expression, a dialogue, and clothing can also become a language."

What is fashion? Japanese philosopher Kiyoichi Okada wrote in his book "The Strange Body" that "fashion begins with people's resistance to uniforms." This sentence inspired Liu Qiuke, a student from the clothing creative design major, who tried to explore and deconstruct uniforms and fashion: the main body of the plaid coat, coupled with the typical back neck of the sailor suit, will represent the "punk" of rebellion and personality In addition, leather hems and straps are designed at the sleeves and pockets.

In Liu Qiuke's view, these seemingly contradictory aesthetic concepts are integrated, trying to find a balance between tradition and modernity, rules and freedom, and touching the project core of "continuing the classics and bringing forth the new". Donghua University BURBERRY production education integration project curriculum takes "Design for Longevity" as the theme, and "sustainable", "environment-friendly", "recycling", "environmental protection" and other keywords are among them. "From men's clothing customization, fashion photography to clothing accessories design and other implantable courses, we have a full range of learning and practice opportunities, as well as creative space," she said.

The work "UBUNTU" uses a lot of modular furniture in the space design, which makes it highly flexible. It is possible to change the space form according to the needs, and integrate cultural elements, so that the space has visual appeal while creating an emotional connection. "As designers of the future, we should strive to create works that can stand the test of time and bring lasting and beautiful experiences to people's lives. This time, we have the opportunity to learn and practice in a real brand environment. This experience will become a valuable wealth in our learning career and inspire me to continue to explore and innovate on the future design path." Mou Runhan, a student who participated in the project, said.

Donghua University Boboli Industry Education Integration Project sets up interdisciplinary cross cooperation courses, links multiple professional courses, sets up a professional tutor team, and develops project embedded curriculum teaching through the cooperation between fashion brand practical projects and curriculum teaching. Based on contemporary young people's understanding of sustainable fashion, students try to create fashionable products that can withstand the test of time and space modeling with changeable creativity through various means such as material selection, process application, detail design, consumption reduction, and circular thinking. It is understood that the exhibition of project achievements will continue to be displayed on the second floor of Building 2, Shanghai International Fashion Science and Technology Innovation Center, Yan'an Road Campus, Donghua University from now on to the end of August.

(Source: Shanghai International Fashion Innovation Center Shanghai International Fashion Creative College Shangguan News, etc.)

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