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Keqiao Textile: Transform Traditional Workshop With New Technology

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Keqiao Textile

Chen Zhuoxin, a "post-85" programmer, originally started his business in big cities, focusing on web game development. Four years ago, he returned to his hometown of Shaoxing, Zhejiang Province, and turned to Keqiao textile printing and dyeing industry to transform traditional workshops with new technologies.

"We have investigated, collected, analyzed and programmed hundreds of millions of data such as equipment parameters, fabric color, energy consumption, order structure, etc. Through digital transformation, the factory's production capacity has increased by 8%, sewage discharge has decreased by 7%, and the one-time success rate of products has increased by 10%." Chen Zhuoxin shared the factory's transformation results in a recent interview.

Keqiao District, where Chen Zhuoxin is located, is one of the "top ten districts" in terms of comprehensive strength in China, and is also a "city supported by cloth". Keqiao has the world's largest textile distribution center - China Light Textile City with an annual turnover of more than 360 billion yuan, and the textile industry is its pillar industry.

However, textile cannot be separated from printing and dyeing, which is a high energy consumption, high water consumption and high pollution industry. In the face of the requirements of high-quality development, a group of emerging forces, including Chen Zhuoxing, are pushing the industry to embrace new quality productivity.

With the flow of yarn after yarn, the operation of printing and dyeing machines and the beating of data, new technologies such as artificial intelligence and cloud computing are injecting new vitality into dyeing plants. At present, Chen Zhuoxin has more new exploration. "Green and low-carbon is the general trend of the textile industry. I hope that the fabric production process will be more accurate and visual. For example, the amount of water, electricity, natural gas and other energy consumption used for dyeing a cylinder of cloth can be instantly read."

In Keqiao, in addition to cultivating modern textile industry and construction industry, the three emerging industries of pan semiconductor, new materials and life health are also accelerating to gather. Talents are always needed for innovation and entrepreneurship, industrial upgrading and urban development.

This year, the theme of "The First Session of the Spring Festival" of Zhejiang Provincial Party Committee focused on talents, made systematic deployment to strengthen the construction of "three teams", and turned a new page of "gathering talents from all over the world for use".

"Keqiao, as a provincial pilot area for" science and technology innovation in China "in Zhejiang, always adheres to the strategy of talent innovation first." Chen Hao, Secretary of the CPC Shaoxing Keqiao District Committee, said that the local government is actively building an innovation pattern of "one corridor, two cores and three centers", for example, Zhejiang Modern Textile Technology Innovation Center has been selected as a provincial science and technology foundation project in Zhejiang, Hangzhou Bay Science and Technology Innovation Center Science and technology innovation platforms such as Shaoxing International Pharmaceutical Innovation Center continue to enable growth.

In order to play a good role in "science and innovation", Keqiao has also built two high-energy talent platforms in recent years, namely, Hangzhou Shaoxing Airport Talent Cooperation Innovation Zone and Zhejiang Shaoxing Talent Pioneer Park, and built Zhejiang (Shaoxing) Foreign High end Talent Innovation Cluster and Keqiao Ten Private Talent Pioneer Parks, providing a broad stage for domestic and foreign talents. According to statistics, Keqiao has realized 1.16 billion yuan of talent funds in the past five years.

Ama Misum, a UAV design expert from Algeria, was attracted by the innovative and entrepreneurial atmosphere of Keqiao. Because of a science and technology innovation project, he also received a policy start-up fund. When he was interviewed, he said frankly, "Keqiao is very close to Hangzhou and Shanghai, and the location advantage is the first step to attract me. Later, it gradually found that Keqiao is very open and inclusive, not only many international friends live here, but also the government environment, the rule of law environment, and the cultural environment are very cordial."

Now, Ama Misum has been living in Keqiao for two years. He also plans to let his children study in Keqiao, hoping to start a new life in China. "I live in Zhejiang (Shaoxing) Foreign High end Talents Innovation Cluster, where the living facilities are perfect, and there are one-on-one translation services. I have made many friends," said Amar Misumu.

The only way to innovate is to win people. To get what people want, we must broaden our way to store it.

Recently, at the launching ceremony of the "Keqiao · City of Creation" 2024 Keqiao District Second Talent Science and Technology Innovation Week and the 9th China Shaoxing High level Talent Innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition at home and abroad held in Keqiao, the new "competition to attract talents" sounded. Since 2016, the competition has attracted more than 2000 high-quality projects and more than 80 award-winning projects.

At the same time, the local government also came up with a new policy - "Ke · Chuang Zhi Cheng" 520 plan. According to the plan, the district will continue to invest 1 billion yuan in the next five years to introduce 100 high-level talent science and innovation projects.

In order to continue to play a good talent service "combination boxing", Keqiao District also established a talent development company. It will build a development pattern of "talent+project+capital+industry+service", realize five major functions and services, including talent resource development, talent fund investment, talent park construction, talent community operation, and talent value-added services, and empower talent development.

(Source: China News Network)

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