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Academician Zhang Jiujun: Create Green Equipment And Develop New Scientific And Technological Productivity

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Academician Zhang Jiujun

   Led by the national "double carbon" strategic goal, Seiko Technology continued to deepen the innovation and integration of green equipment and new scientific and technological productivity. On the morning of June 21, Academician Zhang Jiujun, a foreign academician of the Chinese Academy of Engineering and the chief scientist of Seiko Technology, visited the headquarters of the company to give an academic report on "Low Carbon Fuel Produced by Electrochemical Reduction of Carbon Dioxide", and more than 100 people listened to the report.

▶ Academician Zhang Jiujun, Foreign Academician of the Chinese Academy of Engineering and Chief Scientist of Seiko Technology, gave an academic report

   On the scene of the report, Academician Zhang Jiujun deeply analyzed the urgency of the current global energy structure transformation, and emphasized the important value of electrochemical reduction of carbon dioxide technology in achieving the goal of "carbon neutrality". He thoroughly analyzed the reaction mechanism and technical breakthrough of electrochemical reduction technology, and pointed out that it is an efficient and flexible feasible scheme to convert carbon dioxide into low-carbon fuel through efficient and economical electrochemical reduction, which can not only effectively reduce greenhouse gas emissions, but also open up a new way and new mode of circular economy, It is of great significance to promote the green and low-carbon transformation of the economy and society.

▶ Academician Zhang Jiujun deeply analyzed the reaction mechanism and breakthrough of electrochemical reduction technology

▶ The atmosphere of the report was warm, and academic thinking sparkled everywhere

   During the exchange, the technical elites in various industries actively asked questions and discussed with Academician Zhang about the technical prospect, cost control and commercialization challenges. The atmosphere was warm and academic thinking sparkled.

▶ Li Aijun, President of Seiko Technology, made a summary and exchange

   At the end of the report, Li Aijun, President of Seiko Technology, summarized that Academician Zhang Jiujun is a world-class scientist with outstanding contributions in the field of electrochemical energy storage and conversion, and his remarkable achievements have actively promoted the research and application of sustainable energy in the world. In this sharing, Academician Zhang brought about the international cutting-edge exploration achievements, development trends, challenges and thoughts in the field of electrochemistry with his simple and profound sharing, and also brought new enlightenment and direction for Seiko Technology in the future low-carbon design and upgrading manufacturing of equipment.

   Sun Yongjun, Secretary of the Party Leadership Group of Keqiao District Science and Technology Association, attended the event.

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   In the afternoon of June 20, the opening ceremony of the 2024 Keqiao District Second Talent Science and Technology Innovation Week of "Keqiao · City of Innovation" was successfully held in Shaoxing International Convention and Exhibition Center, and Zhang Jiujun, a foreign academician of the Chinese Academy of Engineering and the chief scientist of Seiko Technology, attended the opening ceremony.

▶ Academician Zhang Jiujun Attends the Opening Ceremony of the Second Talent Science and Technology Innovation Week of Keqiao District in 2024

   At the opening ceremony, Chen Jianhua, Senior Vice President of Seiko Technology and Chairman of Seiko New Energy, participated in the awarding ceremony of the Academician Workstation of Keqiao District, marking the official completion of Seiko Technology Academician Zhang Jiujun's Workstation.

▶ Jinggong Technology Academician Zhang Jiujun's Workstation was officially completed

   With the deep integration of scientific and technological innovation and green concept, Seiko Technology will continue to adhere to the development strategy of "science and technology leading" and deepen the low-carbon design and innovative manufacturing of equipment.

   In the future, with the support of the top scientific research force represented by Academician Zhang Jiujun, Seiko Technology will actively explore new technologies, new formats and new models of low-carbon equipment, lead industries to symbiosis with more breakthrough new technological productivity, strive to create sustainable new breakthroughs, and promote Seiko Technology to achieve more outstanding achievements in the field of intelligent equipment manufacturing, Inject a steady stream of innovative power into the development of the country's new quality productivity.

(Source: Textile and Clothing Weekly)

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