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"Kim Gu" Is Less Than Polyester Chip, But Its Continuity Is Not Good Enough.

2019/9/11 11:30:00 2

PET Chip

In 2019, the textile boom season was full of "not prosperous" Scene: now the inventory of grey cloth is high; the order of textile mill and bomb factory has not reached the level of storehouse, the following order is not good, the meager profit is strong. The boss regrets to catch up with 11 of the goods this year and leave in advance this year. Although the order in the busy season has indeed appeared, orders have increased gradually, but still less than the peak season in previous years, much less than last year.

2018-2019 years price chart of polyester chips in Jiangsu and Zhejiang

Although the market prices of PET chips rose this week, the increase was only 0.15%, and the market price of polyester chips is still at a relatively low level in the current year. Entering the September, the price of polyester chip market is far lower than that of the same period last year, and since the second half of the year, the price of polyester chip market has always shown a slight increase in the short term. The reason is mainly due to the continued weakening of downstream demand and the general cost push role of the upstream.

Supply pressure is not great, but terminal demand is weak.

Although polyester chip market supply pressure is not large, but terminal demand is weak, is still the key to curb polyester chip market price rise. Although the orders for spring factories and textile mills increased significantly in the short run, the peak season is not "prosperous" compared with the peak season in previous years. The industry is generally concerned about the poor continuity of orders and the high inventory of finished products. Many enterprises expect to put the Spring Festival ahead of schedule by the end of this year, thereby relieving the cost pressure.

The number of stocks is high and the enthusiasm for purchasing raw materials is not high.

The number of stocks is very high, which takes up a lot of money from terminal factories. Therefore, when the cash flow of terminal factories is not enough, the enthusiasm of purchasing raw materials is not high. The existence of inventory pressure also restricts the recovery rate of terminal weaving factories. According to statistics, at present, the comprehensive weaving rate of terminal weaving is only maintained at around 78%. Although it is close to the same level in previous years, the rate of increase in the recent operation rate is relatively slow, and the market outlook continues to rise in space or limited.

On the whole, the lack of "Kim Gu" has become a foregone conclusion. However, the polyester chip industry has excellent control ability. In accordance with past practice, the domestic demand and external demand of the terminal market will continue to rise before and after mid autumn festival. At that time, the downstream market will still be stocked in stages, and the price of polyester chip market is expected to continue to rise slightly. (source: lung Chung, business)

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