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2020 Zhejiang Export Online Trade Fair (Pakistan Station - Textile And Textile Machinery Special Session) Opened

2020/7/29 15:19:00 2

OnlineTradingTextileTextile MachinerySpecial Session

The continuous fermentation of new crown pneumonia in overseas makes China's trade export enterprises face great challenges. Even though most domestic enterprises have resumed production, the severe foreign trade situation still makes most export enterprises "live like years". In order to help foreign trade enterprises overcome difficulties, protect market and order, ensure the stability of industrial chain and supply chain, actively expand imports, spare no effort to stabilize foreign trade, and give full play to the advantages of Zhejiang digital economy, Zhejiang Provincial Department of Commerce proposed to hold "2020 Zhejiang export online trade fair (Series stations)", hoping to promote trade docking in a fast, convenient and efficient way, and help foreign trade enterprise lines in our province The 2020 Zhejiang export online trade fair (Pakistan Station - Textile and Textile Machinery Fair) came into being.

The online Pakistan textile and textile machinery exhibition will be held from July 27 to 31, covering a total of 5 days. 50 high-quality textile and garment enterprises, flour accessories and textile machinery enterprises from Zhejiang Province will participate in the exhibition online, gathering the "Zhejiang goods cloud Exhibition" platform to display the brand image of Zhejiang goods. At the same time, we have invited more than 100 buyers from Pakistan's textile industry to log on to the "Zhejiang goods cloud Exhibition" platform to provide a stage for meeting Pakistan's procurement needs.

In order to help exhibitors find purchasers more accurately, in addition to graphic display and live explanation, several one-to-one pairing will be carried out during the exhibition, hoping that every enterprise can have a harvest!

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