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How Can This Enterprise Break The Foreign Monopoly And Reshape The Image Of Domestic Textile?

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Domestic TextileChongqing Golden Cat

Editor's note This year, Chongqing Golden Cat Textile Equipment Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "Chongqing Golden Cat") ushered in its 60th birthday.
In order to fully reflect the innovation process of Chongqing kingcat in leading the research and development of coil and steel ring technology, replacing imports and catching up with the international first-class advanced level, China Textile News published "golden cat 60 years ago" In the special report, leaders of relevant associations and industry experts are invited to comment on Chongqing Golden Cat from the aspects of its contribution to the transformation and upgrading of textile industry, its position in the industry and technological innovation; and the enterprise leaders of Chongqing Golden Cat users are invited to express their views on Chongqing Golden Cat for 60 years, as well as their encouragement and expectation for Chongqing Golden Cat. this year, Chongqing Jinmao Textile Equipment Co., Ltd My 60th birthday.
Over the past 60 years, Chongqing kingcat has been based on textile machinery and has not been distracted or abandoned. It has been aiming at the world's top brands, overcoming difficulties and daring to climb. With the spirit of self-improvement and innovation, this small-scale enterprise has changed the situation of "weak" domestic equipment with its own persistence. It has set up a strong image in the industry with small steel rings and steel rings, breaking the monopoly of foreign products on China's high-end market.

Relying on technical transformation to get out of the predicament

In the early 1960s, Chongqing Golden Cat predecessor -- Chongqing Nan'an Hongxing textile accessories factory was established There are only 56 people in the factory, mainly producing simple textile machinery accessories, which belong to Chongqing textile industry company, Later, it was determined by the Ministry of textile industry as a designated enterprise specializing in the production of textile accessories in Southwest China, in order to solve the problem of serious shortage of textile equipment in this area, and the enterprise was renamed Chongqing textile metal equipment factory. During this period, the enterprise has tried to produce metal equipment products such as steel ring, cotton reed and wire heald. However, at that time, the production equipment of the enterprise was very old, and the technical strength was weak, the product quality was not improved, and the annual sales volume of the enterprise's steel ring was less than 100000 boxes. In addition to backward production facilities, the enterprise has been in a state of poor management for a long time. At the end of the 1970s, the enterprise has nearly closed down. In 1981, the enterprise encountered a once-in-a-hundred-year flood disaster. The factory was completely submerged, the equipment was destroyed, and the factory was forced to stop production. In February 1982, Chongqing Textile Industry Bureau dispatched Yang Chongming A three member working group was set up to rectify and rebuild the troubled enterprise. Half a year later, Yang Chongming, who was left alone, began to form a new leading group and carried out the first technical transformation. With this, the enterprise went out of the workshop production mode, straightened out the production process, realized the production line reengineering, and thus opened the production process of golden cat industrialization. After one year's hard work, the product variety and quality of the enterprise have made great progress. In 1983, golden cat came back to life, and its steel rims, reeds and wire healds were sold all over the country, and 2200 boxes of rims were exported overseas for the first time. Since then, golden cat has opened a profit model without loss for more than 30 years.

Continuous investment and overall improvement

Since 1982, the golden cat began to make technical transformation and began to grasp the magic weapon of "strengthening the body". From the mid-1980s to the early 1990s, Jinmao has successively invested more than 17 million yuan to introduce reed production technology and equipment for rapier looms, purchase 12 card clothing production lines, and self-made modification of partial bead production equipment, thus greatly improving the R & D and production capacity of various varieties of enterprises.
At the end of 1985, when the annual sales revenue was less than 3 million yuan, golden cat borrowed money from the bank and invested 350000 US dollars West debrak, Japan The introduction of reed manufacturing technology and equipment made Jinmao an early enterprise with the ability to produce reeds for rapier looms in China at that time. The product varieties of the enterprise were further expanded, and the product quality was steadily improved, which filled the blank of this business in Southwest China. This technical transformation, Jinmao has been introduced and put into operation in the same year, and the benefits are seen in the same year. The developed rapier loom reeds and silk weaving reeds have passed the new product appraisal successively. Among them, the rapier loom reed has also won the third prize of Chongqing New Product hundred flower award.
In the three years since 1989, kingcat has started to improve the quality, increase and expand the capacity of the production technology and production equipment including production, molding and heat treatment. The product quality of the enterprise's bead has been effectively improved, and the production and sales volume has exceeded 150000 boxes. In 1993, kingcat invested more than 3 million yuan to introduce the world's most advanced reed production technology and equipment for air-jet looms from Germany. This business made kingcat well adapt to and meet the needs of the rapid development of shuttleless looms in the domestic textile industry at that time. This product has also enhanced the development potential of kingcat. In the next four or five years, as the main product of kingcat, the reed of air-jet loom supported the business focus of the enterprise. In 1994, kingcat merged Chongqing textile spring factory, and its products expanded. In the same year, it was renamed Chongqing textile metal equipment General Factory.

Reform and release development vitality

In the ten years after 1995, kingcat kept up with the market changes and continued to adjust its product structure: it cancelled the high energy consumption drawing workshop system, purchased all the steel wire for production, cut off some businesses with insufficient vitality, and focused on the coil products and took the road of professional development. During this period, the annual output and sales volume of the enterprise's steel rims rapidly exceeded 200000 boxes, ranking the forefront in China. In 2001, kingcat restructured and established Chongqing Jinmao Textile Equipment Co., Ltd And established the medium and high-end market positioning of the enterprise, the enterprise development began to enter the fast lane. In 2005, the annual sales volume of Jinmao steel rims exceeded 300000 boxes.
In 2007, the company invested more than 30 million yuan in the overall transformation of the enterprise and relocated to the economic development zone. With the opportunity of relocation, golden cat has carried out large-scale upgrading of processing equipment and product structure adjustment, ushering in the golden period of enterprise development.
In 2011, Chongqing Runfeng Textile Machinery Co., Ltd. joined golden cat As a result, kingcat has realized the supporting R & D, production and sales of steel rings and steel coils, creating better conditions for the improvement of product technology. With the world's top brands as the goal of catching up, Jinmao's dream of "where there is textile, where there is golden cat" will be set off with the main direction of adapting to and meeting the demands of cotton textile enterprises with high cost, high speed, short walking maturity, high wear resistance and long life, relying on the research and development center of steel ring and steel ring.
In 2012, the annual sales volume of Jinmao steel rims exceeded 500000 boxes Since then, it has become the number one in China.

Striving for the first class and building a dream for a century

2015 annuity cat The National Development Commission's technical transformation project of "annual output of 300000 boxes of high precision steel rings / 4 million high-precision steel rings" With a total investment of 43 million yuan, the company has carried out comprehensive upgrading and transformation of the processing equipment of the steel ring and the steel ring, and has carried out continuous upgrading of the finishing, material and surface treatment of the products. Kingcat takes the lead in the industry in the use of a new high-precision rolling mill one-step chip technology, independent research and development and manufacture of high-precision CNC forming machine tool for steel wire, using a new type of bell type annealing furnace and the introduction of Swiss p80 electric furnace to conduct heat treatment on the steel wire, becoming the first enterprise in the industry to subvert the traditional post polishing process.

During this period, the company established BS (sapphire) bead On the basis of TP (yellow crystal) bead, RF (black gold) bead And many new products, as well as BCd、2.5Wd And other series with independent intellectual property rights, Ghj high wear precision rings, JD MHG high precision rings, D CHG precision rings, precision air-jet reeds Etc. Relying on excellent product technology, golden cat products have been exported to more than ten countries such as Italy, Spain, Turkey, the United States, South Korea, India, Bangladesh, Pakistan and so on, and has become the first choice for domestic medium and high-end enterprises to replace imports.
In the process of equipment transformation and technological innovation, enterprises have a deeper understanding of the importance of talents. In order to digest and absorb the imported technology, On the one hand, enterprises attract professional and technical personnel to join the enterprise Not only can we cultivate Wang Keping, Zhou Shihua, Sheng Yalin, Zhao Renbing, Wu Xibo Such industry experts have also cultivated "national technical experts" such as Gong Yuanbin and Xiao Hua and "Chinese textile craftsmen". On the other hand, enterprises actively go out, use and integrate social resources, and carry out extensive cooperation with professional institutes to develop new products It has established long-term cooperative relations with Tsinghua University, Chongqing University, Southwest University, Dalian Institute of light industry, Shaanxi Textile Research Institute and other institutions. It has successfully carried out a number of industry, University and research cooperation projects, and has successfully overcome many technical problems in the industry.

The business philosophy of "innovation as the soul, customers as the sky" has led golden cat through ups and downs; under the enterprise spirit of "never satisfied, striving for the first class", golden cat will go forward beyond higher goals. according to Golden cat 2025 development strategic goal planning In the next five years, the company will strive to catch up with and surpass the international first-class advanced level and most of them will replace imports.

Glory golden cat

In September 1989, Jinmao was awarded the title of "Sichuan advanced enterprise" by Sichuan Provincial People's government;

In October 1989, "cat" brand cotton ring was awarded the title of "high quality product" by the Ministry of textile industry;

In February 2002, "cat" brand spinning bead was awarded the title of "Chongqing famous product";

In October 2012, golden cat was awarded the "China Textile ring technology research and development center of China Textile Engineering Society";

In December 2012, "cat" brand trademark was awarded "Chongqing famous trademark";

In March 2013, golden cat was awarded the "research and development center of steel ring products of China Textile Machinery Association";

In December 2013, Jinmao BS steel ring, PG12 type steel ring, BC type steel ring and FH composite plating steel ring were awarded "Chongqing high tech products" by Chongqing Science and Technology Commission;

In December 2013, golden cat won the "product development contribution award" of China Textile Federation;

In December 2013, Jinmao steel ring was awarded "Chongqing famous product";

In 2014, golden cat was recognized as "enterprise technology center" by Chongqing

In August 2014, golden cat was awarded the title of "2013 / 2014 high quality steel ring and wire rim manufacturing enterprise" by China Cotton Textile Industry Association;

In October 2014, golden cat won the "China textile brand culture innovation award" of China Textile Federation;

In October 2014, golden cat Chairman Yang Chongming was awarded the title of "outstanding person in the construction of Chinese textile brand culture";

In March 2015, golden cat Chairman Yang Chongming was awarded the title of "2014 China textile industry innovation figure of the year" by China Textile Federation;

In October 2015, kingcat high wear-resistant traveller won the second prize of "textile light" science and technology progress award of China Textile Federation;

In 2015, golden cat's "annual output of 300000 boxes of high-precision steel rings / 4 million high-precision steel rings" was approved as an investment project within the central budget in 2015;

In November 2015, Gong Yuanbin, a molding worker in the first workshop of Jinmao steel ring, was awarded the title of "national textile industry technical expert";

In January 2016, the "cat" brand was awarded a famous brand in Chongqing;

In January 2016, Gong Yuanbin, golden cat, was awarded the title of "national technical expert";

In December 2016, golden cat was awarded "Chongqing high tech enterprise" and "Chongqing technological innovation demonstration enterprise";

In November 2016, golden cat was awarded the "national textile spiritual civilization construction demonstration base" of China Textile Federation;

In 2017, "annual output of 300000 boxes of high-precision steel coils / 4 million high-precision steel rings" passed the project acceptance of the national development and Reform Commission;

In December 2017, "cat" brand steel ring was awarded "Chongqing famous brand product";

In 2018, golden cat's "high performance and wear-resistant high-end steel ring and steel ring research project" was approved by Chongqing Science and Technology Commission;

In August 2018, golden cat was awarded the title of "advanced unit for the implementation of textile equipment standards" by China Textile Machinery Association;

In October 2018, the project of "development of high precision steel ring products and industrialization technology" won the first prize of "textile light" science and technology progress award of China Textile Federation;

In October 2018, Xiao Hua was awarded the title of "Chinese textile craftsman";

"Chongqing tejin new SME" in December, 2018;

In December 2018, golden cat was jointly recognized by the Ministry of industry and information technology of the people's Republic of China and China Textile Federation as "focusing on tracking and cultivating independent brand enterprises of textile and clothing";

In May 2019, golden cat won the "Chongqing May 1st Labor Award";

On November 2019, golden cat was awarded "national advanced unit of Ideological and political work in textile industry";

In June 2020, golden cat was selected as the "small and medium-sized enterprise of textile industry" of China Textile Federation.

Wang Jizheng bears

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