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2020 Shenzhen Skills Competition Clothing Design Professional Skills Competition First Prize Winner

2020/10/23 18:30:00 6

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Shenzhen 10th workers' technology innovation games The final of the 2020 Shenzhen skills competition fashion design professional skills competition was successfully held on September 3 in Shenzhen Dalang fashion town public service platform. The competition is jointly sponsored by Shenzhen human resources and Social Security Bureau, Municipal Federation of trade unions and Longhua District Human Resources Bureau, jointly organized by Shenzhen oufang garment research institute and Shenzhen Fashion Designers Association, and co organized by Longhua District Federation of trade unions, Dalang fashion town Party committee and Shenzhen clothing industry training school.

This competition is based on Under the theme of "inheriting craftsman's spirit and promoting high quality development", two competitions were set up, namely theoretical knowledge, fashion design and tailoring. The combination of theory and practice has played a good role in promoting the cultivation of a number of garment talents with solid professional theory and superb skills.

Since its launch, the competition has attracted designers, technicians and garment designers from famous enterprises such as masfield, film group and Goliath More than 200 participants actively participated in the competition and were selected at different levels after fierce competition. Finally, from Bear diary clothing studio Xiong Xinhua won the first place in the competition.

It is reported that the winner who is the first in the competition and whose final result is qualified can apply according to the procedure "Shenzhen May 1st Labor Medal"; for those who are qualified in all aspects of the competition and whose final ranking is no more than 16% of the actual number of participants in the finals, the municipal human resources and Social Security Bureau will award the title of "Shenzhen technical expert". Several first, second and third prizes have been set up in the competition, which will give generous rewards to the winners.

Zhou Shikang, President of Shenzhen Fashion Designers Association, said that the construction of the socialist pilot demonstration zone needs more high-quality and highly skilled talents to participate. The competition aims to provide a competitive stage for Shenzhen fashion design technicians to display their talents, provide talent empowerment for the construction of Guangdong Hong Kong Macao big bay area and the first demonstration area of socialism with Chinese characteristics, and provide talent guarantee for the high-quality development of Shenzhen fashion brands.

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