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Local Project: Huishan Signs The First Foreign-Funded Project In Longnian

2024/2/20 15:47:00 1

HuishanHong Kong Wuxing Hada

On February 17, after the regional foreign trade promotion meeting, Huishan Longnian's first foreign investment project, the Hong Kong high-end textile headquarters base project with a total investment of 200 million dollars, was officially signed and settled in Huishan Economic Development Zone. Wu Jianyuan, Vice Chairman of the CPPCC Municipal Committee and Secretary of the District Committee, met with Shao Linjun, a representative of the project party, and the delegation, and jointly witnessed the signing of the project. District leaders Meng Dong and Yu Jie participated in the activity.

Hong Kong Wuxing Hada Co., Ltd., one of the project signatories, was established in 2005 to deeply develop the high-end clothing industry. It has production bases in Chongqing, Sichuan, Yunnan, Zhejiang and other provinces and cities, as well as Ethiopia, Kenya, Cambodia and other countries and regions. It has 7500 employees and an annual output value of 500 million dollars. The high-end textile headquarters base project signed this time covers an area of about 60 mu, with a total planned investment of $200 million and a registered capital of $50 million. It plans to build 10000 m2 of design exhibition center, 5000 m2 of settlement center, 10000 m2 of trade headquarters, and 10000 m2 of supporting supply chain center, 45000 m2 of 5G intelligent factory, and 20000 m2 of intelligent storage (cloud warehouse) center, After the completion of the project, the total import and export volume is expected to exceed US $1.5 billion in five years. Last year, Wu Jianyuan led a team to visit Wuxing Hada's production base in Chongqing and reached a framework agreement on project cooperation. This project was officially signed, which not only increased the registered amount, but also further determined the functional orientation of Huishan project as the headquarters base.

Wu Jianyuan congratulated on the successful signing of the project. He said that Hong Kong Wuxing Hada Co., Ltd. has a deep relationship with Huishan, and is a typical representative of Huishan enterprises going global. This investment in Huishan is a strategic cooperation of strong alliance, and also full of deep friendship for giving back to their hometown. The district level and Huishan Economic Development Zone will fully support the project implementation and construction, and expect the project to set an industry benchmark for intelligent and digital development of Huishan textile and clothing industry. At the same time, we hope that the company will give full play to the "bridgehead" advantage of overseas bases, and better help Huishan develop emerging markets.

Shao Linjun said that the company adheres to the development path of industrial integration, production intelligence, management informatization, product branding, and quality internationalization, has 26 intellectual property rights, and is currently operating well. In the first half of the year, all foreign trade orders have been filled. The company is confident and optimistic about the future of Huishan's layout and investment in the textile industry.

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