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The Four Sentence Of The Warmest Woman, What Did Your Man Say?

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Why do men marry women? Some say that in order to carry on the family tradition, some say that they are for the sake of husband and son.

In fact, marriage is a broad and complex issue involving biology, society, ethics, sexology and philosophy.

Though standing at different angles


There are different answers, but it is certain that women pay more for men than they do in life.

A woman marries a man and does not want to get a lot. He can not have rich life, nor can he have gorgeous clothes. As long as the loved ones can get along with themselves, they are satisfied.

Men should understand the characteristics of women's enjoyment of hearing. Even if they say a few warmest words to their exhausted wives, they will make her feel happy and satisfied, which will not only help the husband and wife feel happy for a long time, but also help to promote family harmony.

First sentence: I owe you this family.

In today's society, the traditional division of labor between men and women is broken by men who go out to earn money to support their families.

Women not only have to go out to work like men, but also expose their faces and do most of the housework.

Men feel that women are not at home when they are not at home, but rarely take the initiative to help women share some housework. After work, they sit on the sofa watching TV and so on. Children cry to their mothers. Some men even need their wives to wash their clothes.

Men need to carry on the family line, but they will not give birth to them, leaving all the pains and pains of the October fetal soul and childbirth to women.

Women spend too much time on marriage and family. If a man can say "I owe you this family", the grievances of women will be understood and resolved.

The second sentence: wife is really a good daughter-in-law.

Men in

Relationship between mother-in-law and daughter-in-law

It plays an important role in leveraging, but it is better to mobilize wives to pay more attention to mother-in-law.

Female friends understand that as long as their mother-in-law is alive, they can not avoid dealing with each other. There is a desire for good mother-in-law relationship at first marriage. What men need to do is to discover and encourage their wives to make efforts in time. Often, a compliment of "a wife is really a good daughter-in-law" will restore her dissatisfaction with her mother-in-law. Even if she does not receive the corresponding reward for her mother-in-law, she will not give up her efforts to get along well with her mother-in-law.

Third sentence: fat point is not afraid of health.

There is a poem that says, "when the spring is full of beauty, the flowers will fall and the people die." two women do not know how to live. The youth is easy to die, and the appearance is always irresistible.

Most of the women get fat from the beginning of pregnancy. When they are pregnant, they eat two people's mouths for meals, sacrificing their bodies for the health of their fetuses. After they want to lose weight and build up their body after production, they also worry about the influence of milk secretion on the children.

Deformation will make women lose self-confidence. The most important consideration is not the right health effects, but the tolerance of men.

Women often test men's attitudes. If they respond to "reduce weight loss", she will feel inferiority and a sense of crisis. If a man says "fat is afraid of health," women will be more grateful to their husbands while remaining confident.

The fourth sentence: like buying, don't be afraid to spend money.

Although women have impulse and strength to consume, they are usually very busy. They spend a lot of money like water. This is also an important reason for the overwhelming majority of families to master the financial power by women.

Women like shopping and enjoying the shopping process.

Shopping fun

A dazzling array of merchandise will make women forget their worries.

Women do not usually spend money on shopping. They often go around empty handed for a long time. Although they often carry a lot of cheap goods from shopping malls, they spend a lot of money on buying high-end consumer goods.

When a woman likes a high-end dress, she will go home to ask the man's advice. If the answer is "too expensive," the woman will be disappointed.

If a man tells him to "love, buy, don't be afraid to spend money!" women will be very happy.

If a woman marries such a considerate man, he will not only feel happy, but also put more thoughts on men.

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