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The Rise Of International Cotton Prices Affects Domestic Cotton Prices

2011/2/14 16:37:00 112

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In February 11th, cotton futures both at home and abroad hit a new high.

Cotton futures contract on the Zhengzhou Mercantile Exchange rose to a record high, closing up 145 yuan to 33795 yuan per ton, or 0.43%.

On the same day, the Intercontinental Exchange (ICE)


Futures also closed at the highest level in history, and cotton contracts rose to $1.9455 a pound during ICE3 months, exceeding the cotton price of about $1.89 a pound during the American Civil War.

Market participants pointed out that the current international market cotton futures rose more strongly, driving domestic cotton prices.

International cotton prices were first supported by strong exports from the US market.

The US Department of agriculture's latest cotton export sales report shows that as of February 3rd, the United States sold 2010 cotton net sales in the years from 2011 to 2011 and 2011-2012 cotton sold 193 thousand and 700 packages in 2011-2012.

And global cotton stocks remain low, and cotton fundamentals continue to present many advantages.

According to the prediction by the US Department of agriculture, there are 9 million 579 thousand tons of cotton in the world in the beginning of this year, a 33 thousand tonnes increase from last month, while the world's cotton output will reach 25 million 93 thousand tons, minus 45 thousand tons, and the global cotton consumption will be reduced by 25 million 376 thousand tons and 6 thousand tons.

Cotton analysts in the us predict that cotton prices will rise to $2 a pound, which is not unbelievable.

Even more optimistic market participants even predict that the cotton futures contract for ICE7 months will hit $3 or 5 per pound.

The second largest cotton producing countries in the world and

Exporting country

India's cotton export situation has not improved.

Recently, a senior member of the India Cotton Advisory Committee said that cotton production per unit in Gujarat cotton, India's main cotton producing area, had all declined. It is estimated that the cotton production estimate will be lowered at the next meeting of the Committee.

This could lead the government to limit cotton exports to 5 million 500 thousand packs.

Up to now, 3 million 800 thousand of the 5 million 500 thousand packages of exported cotton have been exported before December 15th last year, and the remaining cotton exports will be arranged before February 25th.

The rising atmosphere of international cotton prices has also affected the trend of domestic cotton prices.

Liu Qing, an analyst at new lake futures, points out that judging from the current price structure of domestic cotton,

Imported cotton

Price and futures cotton prices are higher, with the highest price of imported cotton.

She pointed out that the trend of cotton prices in the future will mainly depend on the degree of recovery of demand.

The resurgence of demand will directly determine whether futures prices and import cotton prices will remain high.

The resurgence of demand is also affected by the new cotton planting area and policy regulation.

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