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Six Kinds Of Means To Be Used In Clothing Collocation

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Clothing With Clothing


Do you often spend a lot of money, "run a lot of legs" and do a lot of thinking to add clothes to yourself, and you go out every day complaining about no good clothes to wear?!


They are not beautiful, and forget whether she is right for herself; are you upset by the fact that you often wear the wrong clothes on some occasion?

In fact, these are not problems, as long as you have mastered.


Some of the methods of collocation can be solved easily. There is no need to report any color classes. What kind of image design is required? Make your own decisions and create beautiful ones!

Method 1: have a wardrobe whole concept.

When you buy clothes, be calm and don't be tempted by beautiful clothes! Because you have to consider the overall feeling of your wardrobe, you must have a plan in your mind, don't let every single product have any collocation. If that happens, you will have a jacket every day, no pants, a skirt and no shirt.

Generally speaking, the color of the wardrobe is divided into several large color systems, because different occasions need to wear different clothes, and color is an important element of clothing. This is the basic element of choosing clothes.

Method two: place concept

The wearing occasions of clothes are very embody of a person.


Grade, not the clothes you buy are suitable for the evening bubble bar, so tomorrow you will not have to go to the interview; if you attend the company's thank you party tomorrow, you still wear the animal patterned vest from the characteristic shop the day before yesterday, so this year your workplace may be bad to do not need to see what constellation calculation! The best way is to make your clothes in general divided into several types, so in the face of various occasions activities, it is not difficult to ensure that they are dazzling!

Method three: color taboo

Master master the ability of color, then you can show off. If you do not have the color of the following body, you can not control more than three to four colors. The most conservative way is to create two colors. Some colors on the accessories will work harder to make them different from the colors of the clothing, but they are similar to the same color or color. If so, the color will be rich and not monotonous. The overall dressing is also very layered. If you are fat, and especially like big red, the editor will advise you to be reluctant to part with it. The expansive red has absolutely no shrinkage feeling, and only let more people notice your full body. This principle is the simplest, but very practical. If you want to be a beautiful peacock in the hearts of people, you don't need to wear dozens of colors. If you have costume design,

Method four: style design

The choice is really the most troublesome thing for many people. Generally speaking, the quality of the cut and plate can be felt as long as you wear it. The basic principle of choosing the style is that this garment can cover up the inadequacies of your figure and show your advantages. If your size is very short, you still need to wear a striped windbreaker with low waistline, so you will be somewhat abusive. You should choose a short coat, light colored trousers, a necklace that can be flown, and attract other people's eyes to your waist, so you can appear in front of people with confidence. Clothing style

Method five: fabric selection

If you want to ensure your clothes and body, the choice of fabric must not be despised.

The basic style clothing such as Chiffon gauze skirt and pleated skirt has their own specific fabrics. The concept that people have basically formed is best not to be broken. The combination of sex fur and gauze is absolutely necessary for professionals to know, otherwise it will make people feel very strange.

When choosing clothes, you need to make the fabric of your clothes as rich as possible, and you will feel rich in the level of collocation.

If all the jackets and shoes in your wardrobe are denim, you can go to a cowboy shop, but it's not suitable to go out! Do you learn to have a wider range of applications and a wider range of matching elements?

Method six: application of accessories

Handbags, scarves, accessories, which is ignored by you? This means is the finishing touch. If a simple garment is matched well with the accessories, the beauty index will straighten up. The use of accessories should stick to the principle that it can make the overall appearance look better, otherwise it will not look good again.


Women's beauty is created. Passion is not enough. If you want to master some ways, you can make beauty simple and enjoyable.

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