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Eight Characteristics Of Workplace Red Man In 2011

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Trait 1: self confidence and low profile

A person who is full of confidence in himself will also be able to walk on the road. It will make people seem to have infinite vitality and energy.



In China, every action and action is generous and decent, giving the company a good image and giving the boss light.

Some people have the qualifications of overseas famous schools and returned overseas backgrounds, but they never rely on favors and pride in their work, nor do they publicize their enemies. Instead, they have won the trust of their bosses in a mature and steady manner. They have the ability and not arrogant. They can naturally win the hearts of the people and become the red men around their bosses.


Trait two: loyalty to the company and loyalty


Loyalty to the company that they serve and the trust of the manager can often get more trust and greater responsibility.

Especially when faced with a crisis, if you can look at the problem from the boss's point of view, you will understand his good intentions and appreciate his insistence that he should not let the company fall when he is in trouble.

Although you can't solve his urgent need, let him feel your understanding and support, help him to vent his emotions and solve the pressure, he will thank you from the bottom of my heart.

Having a high degree of loyalty is a notable feature of the workplace.


Trait three: proactive and willing to give

"Hard work is not always successful, but without hard work, we will fail."

Whether you are working as a receptionist, or at the same time.


One of the golden laws of winning a big job in the workplace is to have a sense of responsibility, spare no effort, and do everything in one's power.

Never try to perfunctory at work.

You may think that you can only work hard in the office, but in fact, how much you have spent in your work, how much energy you have spent, and how smart your boss is.

Therefore, the workplace red man usually holds a "pay" mentality in his work and actively takes part in his work.


Trait four: good at expression, diligent in communication.

Good language expression and communication skills are essential skills in modern workplace.

Every job is indispensable.

When a boss needs to identify managers, he usually chooses people who are good at communicating with others, rather than those "ghosts".

The study found that people who are good at communication are more able to understand their superiors' intentions and are better at adjusting various contradictions in practical work.

Most employers prefer to recruit an employee who is mediocre but with excellent communication skills, and would not like to recruit a "talented person" who works alone all day.

It can be seen that communicating smoothly with colleagues, superiors and customers has increasingly become the core skills in the recruitment of enterprises.


Trait five: good for others and welcome.

"How do you treat others? What will others do to you?"

In the book "water knows the answer," this concept is well explained.

People who have achieved professional success must be based on good interpersonal relationships. You may not necessarily be an old hand at dealing with interpersonal relationships, but you must establish good relationship with colleagues.

Harmonious interpersonal relationships can also help them maintain a good attitude and mood in their work, perform well, and better integrate into the collective.

In the workplace, try to be a good person.

Although the workplace is like a battlefield, when others are in trouble, please help them enthusiastically.

When you are careless in your work, or when you are facing the critical moment of a raise or promotion, you will get unexpected help if you have good interpersonal relationship.

If you happen to be the pistachio of the office, you are good at creating pleasant atmosphere and encourage your colleagues often.


Trait six: be a good person in the eyes of the boss.

Act according to circumstances, be prepared at all times and be a good boss.

In fact, the basic principle is just an old saying: opportunity always favors those who are prepared.

Workplace crises or accidents are always happening at the most unprepared time. When most people feel at a loss, you will surely win the boss's favor if you come forward and get out of danger.

In the present workplace, the obvious characteristic of being a "red man" is that it has an open attitude, strong learning ability, high plasticity, dare to challenge, and has core competencies. Besides the diversity of skills expertise, the most important thing is to change the attitude.


Trait seven: clear and feasible career planning

A successful career requires early determination of suitable career positioning.

Analyzing some career experiences of successful people in the workplace, Xiangyang career found that they had accurate career orientation and perfect career planning at the early stage of their career.

Therefore, it is the key to career success to identify the industry and career as early as possible.

Many professionals in the workplace have always maintained a good attitude in their career development, cherishing their job opportunities instead of job hopping frequently.

Because I have a clear career plan for myself, I have a new understanding of why I am busy and why I work.

When career goals are clear and career planning is clear, job satisfaction will be higher, productivity will be greater, learning will be more targeted, work persistence will be enhanced, and personal professional competitiveness will be fully improved, so that higher pay and control of their career will be achieved.

An employee who has a clear career plan for himself is a "red collar" who is worthy of training and trusting by his boss.

Trait eight: moderate performance, show effort

If you want to prove that you are more worthy of retention than others, first of all, do your job. But pay attention to it. Working hard does not mean that there will be good results. The boss will recognize your work.

Smart workmen often know how to behave properly, magnify your efforts and pay, and let him know that you are working for him. This often leads to half the effort.

For example, I used to use MSN to communicate with customers. Now I want to switch to telephone or directly meet in the office, so that the boss can hear and see with his own ears. This is the best evidence for your hard work.

The above 8 characteristics are summed up by many successful people in the workplace. They are easy to understand, but not easy to do.

If you want to be a step closer to success, you can take a good look at your career status by looking at the current year's opportunities and see what aspects you need to actively improve or enhance in comparison with these "red guys".

As long as we take the initiative and make enough efforts, we believe that in the coming new year, you will be among the elite of the workplace.

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