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Pay Attention To Jin Textile Alliance: "Don'T Forget The Initial Heart, Dream And Textile" Era Model Picture Exhibition, Enter The Provincial Industrial And Information Technology School.

2019/12/8 15:01:00 26

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Pay attention to Jin Jin Textile Co., Ltd., "don't forget the beginning of the heart, dream of textile" era model photo exhibition entered the provincial industrial and information technology school.



In December 3rd, we went to the provincial industrial and information technology school, "don't forget the beginning of the heart, dream and textile". The Secretary General of the Shanxi Textile Federation, the director of the Provincial Textile Design Institute, the director of the provincial textile product quality supervision and testing center, the office director and other responsible persons, and all the teachers and students of the provincial teachers' College participated in the opening ceremony. The opening ceremony was presided over by Fan Zhaoyue, President of the provincial labour trust school.

The activities are designed to focus on the spirit and dedication of the textile industry in Shanxi. We should further enhance the morale and morale of Shanxi textile and apparel people in the new era, and inspire the enthusiasm and creativity of Shanxi textile people in the new era of building dreams.

Innovation, truth-seeking and dedication.

At the opening ceremony, Zhang Junfeng, Secretary General of Shanxi Textile Federation Cotton Spinning Association, delivered a speech on behalf of the organizers. He said that no matter how the technology develops, the textile and garment industry will always be a sunrise industry. Teachers are earnestly taught and their classmates are studying hard, and the brilliance of their individual and industry is constantly created by ingenuity. The beautiful future is the struggle, and the beautiful tomorrow of the textile and garment industry also needs the continuous struggle between teachers and students. I hope that teachers and students will not forget to teach and educate people as an industry, learn and become a prosperous industry, and dedicate their strength and wisdom to the eternal sunrise industry.

Fan Zhaoyue, President of the provincial school of industry and information technology, stressed that "not forget the initial heart, dream and textile" era exhibition of model pictures, is one of the carriers of the "craftsman spirit" and "model worker spirit" into the campus. It is also one of the ways that schools actively carry out "forget the mind and remember the mission". It is hoped that all teachers and students will actively learn the work attitude of the model worker who is down-to-earth and devoted to work and dedication. The spirit of the craftsman who sticks to the spirit and strives for perfection is striving for excellence and innovative work quality, so as to make due efforts for the development and growth of the school.

In order to further highlight the importance of vocational schools for training and exporting talents for enterprises and industries, we should closely link the relationship between vocational schools and enterprises and industries, and strengthen the functions of vocational schools. He is the deputy director general and Secretary General of the Shanxi textile engineering society.


Xie min Xi, director of Shanxi textile product quality inspection center, announced the opening of the first station of the era model exhibition.

The photo exhibition of "era heart dream building dream" is jointly sponsored by Jin Textile Federation (Shanxi textile engineering society, Shanxi clothing association, Shanxi Cotton Textile Industry Association), and Shanxi textile product quality supervision, inspection and testing center. A total of 18 workers, including 7 workers and 6 entrepreneurs from the front-line workers, were shown.

There are 5 workers who adhere to the forefront. The picture records the diligent and intelligent work scenes and winning moments of the textile workers. The exhibition narrates the firm dedication and dedication of the textile people. (Liang Junwei)






Observer for the network: Liang Junwei

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