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The Outbreak Of The Talk Show: The Comedian'S "Potato" Revolution

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The outbreak of the outbreak and offline performances stopped. The new smiling people and talk show artists were faced with the choice.

Liang Haiyuan is known as a talk show actor. He has been in the "Tucao Convention" and opened his own online special session. Micro-blog has 280 thousand fans, and is also the chief playwright of laughing. The impact of the epidemic on him is obvious. "The impact of offline parking is very large. For example, we usually have a daily training to open wheat. There is no way to do this now. There is no way to get feedback. Creative enthusiasm is reduced. Everyday life is to eat, sleep, plan to create, live. " He told the twenty-first Century economic news reporter.

Liang Haiyuan did not deny that the epidemic had an impact on income, but it was relatively controllable. "Part of the company's remuneration is fixed salary, which is still paid as usual, so there is nothing wrong with living temporarily. Reduce spending and live. "

Liang Haiyuan, a well-known actor, is not so lucky as CY, a well-known artist. "We used to go to the offline performance almost every day, so we could slowly sharpen our stuff. Basically, every day he runs to Wang Mian's home to punch in to work. He plays the game mostly, and then goes home in the evening. This state has lasted for more than a month. CY says.

The impact of income is even more obvious. "We originally had paid wages and performed under the normal line. Apart from opening wheat, there was also a commercial service in normal commercial performance. We can only take basic salaries now. In peacetime, business performance is equal to basic salary. If we enter the project again, we may have more performances than the salary, and the salary will only account for 1/3. If there is business, the basic wage will be less. " Wang Mian revealed.

Under pressure of economics, many talk show actors chose to broadcast live, but they did not adapt.

"There is no feedback, so we can't talk about the talk online, or you can say it hard, but it will be very embarrassing." CY road. Wang Mian and CY are a pair of talk show music combinations. Wang Mian came from the northeast for 94 years. CY came from Guangdong for 91 years. They sometimes talked about their talk shows, and sometimes they worked together. In the second season talk show, Wang Mian and CY took the next stage. Two people also boarded the stage of the Kunming strawberry Music Festival. They held a special music show show "two person package", two performances, and tickets sold out instantly. They admitted that the newcomers were even worse.

To some extent, Norah is the new member of Wang Mian and CY, but from other experiences, it is the opposite. Norah graduated from Fudan University, graduated from Duke University, and worked as a marketing director in Norah. Because of the part-time talk show, she basically has no income at this moment, and because of her part-time job, her economic impact is the smallest. "Basically no income, broadcast a few hundred dollars at most, not equal to the usual travel expenses."

Norah really missed the feel of the talk show. At the moment, she also took some short videos. The voice chat account "Norah talk show" has more than 1 million 360 thousand fans. During the epidemic, she started her own live little column Friday Night with Norah. "I want to do a lot of things for myself. Otherwise, time will be wasted without knowing what to do. There is a strange sense of social anxiety. Norah has not yet been on the "laugh fruit line" program, and is preparing for the new season's audition.

Despite the struggles of artists, the "monopolist" in the talk show industry is also facing transformation, and the epidemic has catalyzed everything.

In fact, before the outbreak, this is not a good time. The situation of laughing fruit is that the center of income is online, the whole industry is declining, and the epidemic is coming. "Everyone in the industry can feel that sponsorship is not very good, and we are unlikely to be exceptional. But our overall fluctuation is not so great. At present, we are restructuring our company, launching integrated marketing business, and building modular output of laughing stock ecosystem. " In an exclusive interview, He Xiaoxi, co founder and CEO, told reporters on twenty-first Century economic report.

Laughing is a professional company dedicated to creating comedy talk shows. It has produced variety shows such as "Tucao conference" and "talk show". It has Li Dan, Si Wen, Wang Jianguo, Liang Haiyuan and other talk show actors and playwright.

But the relatively loose corporate structure and the limited breaking rate of talk shows restrict He Xiaoxi. Can people laugh and talk show people successfully break through?

The outbreak of the outbreak and offline performances stopped. The new smiling people and talk show artists were faced with the choice. Vision China


In a dialogue with the economic report reporters in twenty-first Century, most of the talk show artists said they were more than just talk show entertainers. They had multiple positions on their identities. Comic people, musicians and movie actors were all possible. Talk show, more to them is just an entry to the moment. But with the whole winter of entertainment industry, this starting point is becoming more and more important to them.

Before becoming a talk show actor, Liang Haiyuan sold insurance in Shenzhen. "In 2015, when he was in Shenzhen with Cheng Lu and Siwen, Lee Lai (co founder and chief content officer) and ye Guide (Ye Feng, founder and chairman of the laughing stock culture), let us come to Shanghai to join in the" laughing fruit ". I struggled, but at that time, I thought I had been doing a talk show on my part time job. Anyway, I always wanted to do it full-time, not as early as possible, so I decided to work full-time. The company will not starve to death without paying wages. " Liang Haiyuan said.

In 2017, CY made a short video in the United States before entering the laughing stock. "Write your own script, play it yourself, and make a play. When I missed the good time, I started to get angry when I did not do the jitter. Now it has been disgusted with short video. In fact, many of them are a routine, and repeat it all the time. It's boring. " CY said.

It is Wang Mian's first official job when he laughs as a talk show actor. "When I was a university student, I also worked as a tour guide, writing a children's drama, doing an internship in satellite TV, and working in a media company. At that time, I saw the "Tucao conference" and checked the company and found that they were in the election. He said. Wang Mian also did not deny why he chose to laugh at the fruit.

Norah, who has a lot of work experience, has some twists and turns in the talk show. At the end of 2016, she experienced an English talk show in Hongkong. "A white foreigner told a racial discrimination. When he finished, there was a after party. He came over and told me that the prejudices were only pieces. If you offend, never mind. I might have drunk some wine that evening, and then went back, which is said to be very sharp. Later, the foreigner pulled me into the circle.

After that, Norah started a part time talk show. Her characteristic is that both Chinese and English are acceptable. It was last year. "Want to get out of the overseas market, but do it yourself, it's very hard. You can have an endorsement and a channel to join. "She said. Norah also admits that part time talk shows still have an impact on the performance state. "Wang Mian and CY are making rapid progress. This is their job and must be created constantly." The company's actors are making rapid progress. I can only apply regularly to open wheat and increase pressure on myself. This seems to be her best compromise. "Many actors, they may still be students. The cost (Full-time) and the opportunity cost involved in this matter are actually very low. I have worked for so many years, the opportunity cost is too high, and I am still in the exploratory stage.

On the other hand, compared to the wide range of emotions that other art forms touch, laughter is more to one point, which will undoubtedly increase the pressure of actors. Anxiety seems to be the norm.

"The audience is laughing so much that they can see so many jokes on the Internet and mobile phones every day, and they are more humorous than before. We still have to make hundreds of millions of viewers laugh in a few minutes. It's really hard to be very anxious." Song Dandan, a well-known actress, has publicly stated that her choice is to give up the performance of the Spring Festival Gala.

Wang Mian and CY feel the same way. "Especially when it was" Tucao conference ", it was very anxious, but it could only be written with a stiff head. We must get close to the project so that we can get a better return on our income. Wang Mian said. But pressure has promoted professional standards. "If I were to be in such a state of neglect, I would not be able to hold a new thing for a long time." CY road.

Norah is relatively calm. On the one hand, she works part-time, and exports relatively little. On the other hand, many experiences give her many creative inspiration. "It will encourage people around them to accumulate some life experiences, not just work, but also tourism. Increasing the richness of life is helpful not only for writing, but also for your values. Look at things more diverse.

Willing to accept and stick to this relatively anxious work, in addition to love, to a large extent, artists have a more long-term view. Wang Mian and CY both said that what they liked most was performing on stage without being tied to the sole form. "Making movies is also OK, singing can also be tried." On dit.

Norah defines herself as entertainer (comedian). "Maybe it's not just a show, but also a live broadcast. I want to make Alan feel like this, including the host, and make a MC host. Maybe I'll be a comedy actor in a certain link."

But on this relatively new road, most of the talk show artists are faced with parents' concerns and need to be proved. "They will think that maybe you are like a surrogate, like a mass actor, doing something that you don't know if you can do, and the chances of success are very low. What I can do is to insist on myself. If you believe that you can do well in this matter and are confident and resilient, you can only do it and make achievements. Norah said. Wang Mian and CY think, "let them see that you can feed yourself well."

At the moment, Wang Mian and CY and Norah are doing one thing to prepare for the latest season of talk show audition.

Institutional reform

While artists are preparing for the audition in low income, He Xiaoxi is doing another thing, recombing the company's framework and looking for new increments.

"The overall impact of the epidemic is limited. The Spring Festival was originally our adjustment period. The general rhythm was recorded" Tucao Convention "before the first half of the year. The first half of the talk show conference was only started in March and April after the start of the year, so it was originally a neutral period. Offline business does have a great impact, but integrated marketing and some live collaboration have been supplemented. Cash flow is good at the moment. " He Xiaoxi revealed.

The integrated marketing business he mentioned is the important direction of laughing at the moment. "As economic growth slows down and special big projects are relatively limited, we can distribute the content production capacity on more platforms to distribute and cash in the whole scene to meet different customer needs. In fact, it is the modular output of comedy marketing capabilities. For example, we have a comedy weekend with jitter, watermelon video collaboration, comedy, and some marketing lists. He Xiaoxi said.

The modular output ability of laughing fruit depends to a large extent on the opening of the company structure, and the sharing of resources, behind which is the company's system reform and system building. "We need to build a large scale system. The Department was independent before. Now we need to build up the system, accelerate the flow, improve efficiency, and make it more complete, and become the support of various departments in different scenarios. For example, the integrated marketing department will push the case, will use other departments of artists, program planning, implementation, previously may be a push, recently we are discussing, how to make the circulation faster? This requires organizational upgrading. Objectively speaking, the beginning of the first laugh is still a variety team, a director group or a production team. If you really want to grow into a big company with an ecosystem, you need the support of all departments and the backstage supporter. He Xiaoxi did not shy away from it.

In his mind, the more reasonable business layout of 2:1:1 is that online technology is about 50% of revenue and 50% of revenue. Then integrated marketing may account for 25%, while offline performance is 25%, and last year's performance was 2:2:1. Laughing fruit has become an enterprise ecological group including content production companies, artists, online performance companies, advertising companies and NCN companies.

In addition, He Xiaoxi also stressed that last year began to do similar planning, but suddenly the epidemic, no doubt add to the variables. "It must be influenced by the performance now, and it can be converted into a number. But because our core competencies are content creation, including new projects recently chatting with fast hands and jitter, these are new businesses and part of them. After the recovery in the future, it is still possible to rush again. In general, it is relatively calm. He said.

To carry out the reform means to a great extent the redistribution of the right to speak. As He Xiaoxi said, laughing is born out of tonight's Post-80 talk show. Among the four founders, Ye Feng, Li Dan and Zhang Yingjie are all from the content team. He Xiaoxi is the latter. In 2014, at the wedding ceremony of Ye Feng, He Xiaoxi and Ye Feng talked about the topic of content entrepreneurship, then decided to start a business together. At that time, He Xiaoxi had left the light and made a Tmall women's brand in Xiamen.

"Ye Feng and Li Li are actually people who do content. They are not so concerned about business. After He Xiaoxi joined the company, they are responsible for the specific operation of the business. Generally speaking, it does not seem like a big company with a trace of the program group." The core person who has close business with laughing fruit told reporters on twenty-first Century economic report. According to the industrial and commercial registration data, the actual control of Zhang Yingjie is 34.73%, he accounted for 6.7%, accounting for 5.04%, and Li Dan (Li Ruichao) accounted for 5.04%. In addition, the Chinese culture and laughter culture hold the remaining 48.49% shares.

"At present, the system has not yet been built. We are just going in the direction of this system. If I have to position myself in this system, I can be the enabler of this system. My goal is not to do one or two programs, but to do this system. Since it is a building system and an open system, it is not decided by a single person. It includes programmers, integrated marketing colleagues and offline colleagues. This year, the system will become part of the overall corporate strategy. He Xiaoxi told the twenty-first Century economic news reporter.

He said, "objectively speaking, we have not been particularly obstructed in the matter of clapper, and we really discussed it. Suppose I want to make everyone feel this is right, everyone will also discuss it. We can challenge it. There is no special clash. If there is a challenge in this direction, and if the challenge is over, if it is not right, it will also challenge back. For example, we never discuss whether we want to go to Beijing. We always talk about how to go and how to get faster. Maybe you will understand how to do it offline. How much is that? There is no need to vote. Actually, there is not much voting. Our culture is, if the discussion is now very clear, let's go first. Because arguing is not necessarily the result, we are not arguing and persuading each other, but just remind you what problems you may encounter if you want to do this. This is the first and second. If we do not affect it in finance, we will do it within a certain range. Well done, you can convince me that we can not do well, then we think, is the wrong way, or the wrong direction? It's as simple as that. "

On the other hand, the talk show is still a relatively small demand. "The talk show's audience base is not enough, and actors are not enough. For example, in New York, when an actor does not know a lot of people, he can easily meet a special field of 1000 people and 2000 people. The same level of consumption can only sell one or three hundred people in the country, which means that the market's maturity and acceptance are not high enough. The degree of subdivision is not high enough. In foreign countries, there are few actors who perform full-time jobs only by acting. They have a national tour, and the domestic foundation is different. " Norah said the immature talk show market is an important factor in her choice of part-time jobs.

He Xiaoxi saw hope. "It is really difficult, but we must stick to it. Potatoes are delicious, I want others to eat, I keep making potato programs, let everyone say that potatoes are good, and then the whole world began to buy potatoes, found that potatoes are mostly planted by me, this matter can be done very well. Not everyone has the opportunity to participate and witness the existence of a new industry and category. It's not a purely financial calculation. It's also interesting. " He said.


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