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1 Yuan Package Mail: Taobao Special Price Edition And Pinduoduo "Fighting Hand In Hand" In The Sinking Market

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TaobaoSpecial PriceMarketHand To Hand

No suspense, Taobao special edition and pinduoduo went to the sinking battlefield.

"The global environment is indeed changing. In the context of uncertainty, Alibaba needs to do something stable. One is high-quality growth, the other is cross track development, both need to have a better grasp of the details and market On October 9, Dai Shan, vice president of Alibaba Group's B2B business group, said in Shanghai that Alibaba's launch of Taobao special price edition was a strategic choice because it saw the huge space of domestic demand market.

On the same day, Taobao's special edition combined with millions of businesses in the industrial belt to establish a "factory goods alliance" to bring consumers across the country a one month extreme cost-effective shopping experience through enabling the supply side. Among them, 145 industrial belts, 1.2 million industrial belt merchants and 500000 factories were involved.

Previously, 36 krypton reported that Taobao launched the first "1 yuan more fragrant experience store" in Shanghai, which was actually an offline flash store for factory goods, not a physical store. It is a part of the "factory window plan" jointly created by Taobao special price edition and industrial belt merchants.

This move is no stranger, pinduoduo has also spent a lot of efforts in the past two years, making efforts to reverse customize the industrial belt. In the world economic outlook report, the International Monetary Fund predicts that the global economy will shrink by 4.9% in 2020. The United Nations Conference on Trade and development has also predicted that global trade will decline by 20% in 2020. The reduction of Global trade has become an inevitable future.

Whether it is pinduoduo or Taobao special edition, the transformation of domestic supply and demand relationship is actually creating new user demand. Especially in the sinking market, new supply side reform is imperative.

The intention of "1 yuan store"

On the eve of the double 11, Ali's intention was very obvious. Taobao special edition is warming up for this year's double 11 ahead of schedule, and it has launched "1 yuan more fragrant Festival" with large subsidies. From October 10 to November 11, 100 million factory goods will be sent home with only one wallet. The activity will last until the end of double 11. Prior to that, during the promotion activities in 618, Taobao's special edition had tested the 1 yuan program, and the number of new registered users in a single day reached about one million on June 15.

"It's true that large orders have been generated from the factory." Zheng Liang, marketing director of Taobao c2m business unit, previously told reporters of the 21st century economic report that 1 yuan package mail is a subsidy given by Taobao and manufacturers. And the factory is also very clear about the accounting, they can through this festival out of the pop, can directly reach consumers with the help of the special edition.

Taobao's special edition was officially launched in March this year, coordinated by Alibaba's c2m business department. It is Alibaba's re penetration of "industrial belt business" after 1688, juhuasuan and daily special sale. In May, Taobao's special edition announced that more than 280000 foreign trade factories had settled in, realizing the transformation from foreign trade to domestic sales.

Wang Hai, vice president of Alibaba and general manager of Taobao's c2m business unit, explained in an interview with 21tech that the concept of factory goods still needs an educational process. The purpose of launching this activity is to help industries bring factories and let Chinese consumers really know these good products. As for whether this mode can make businesses make money, the purpose of all factories is to increase the business. Even if it is not a national big brand, it does not need to spend a lot of cost and cost to build their own national sales channels. "Through a very simple digital sales mode and e-commerce mode, it can make business quickly."

For most traditional manufacturers, the need to clear inventory may be more urgent. Li Xiaorui, marketing director of Shenzhen rilifeng Technology Co., Ltd., admitted that the main reason why the price can be reduced is to reduce unnecessary costs and save raw materials. "Another demand is to de stock, because inventory is a great burden for the factory. After docking our factory with accurate customer information, we can basically achieve zero inventory. All our production is done according to customer demand, which is very helpful to reduce costs."

The core of c2m is the e-commerce platform to help factories understand consumers and market. Therefore, the price war is not the most fundamental factor, "good goods" or not is crucial.

"Taobao special edition wants to create a popular system is very clear, first of all, it is not an absolute price oriented, because we are already the cheapest price in the whole network, so it will not be like some platforms, just focus on the price to judge." Zheng Liang stressed.

Manufacturing "online"

What can I get for a dollar?

It can be used as a new type of clothing for foreign trade All of these goods are only sold for 1 yuan on Taobao special edition. However, the 21st century economic reporter noticed that the sales of these commodities are also limited, and users need to make an appointment to buy them in advance.

It is not so much a promotion opportunity for factory products, but rather a test for the collective "online" of factories. For the traditional manufacturing workshop, from offline to online, is no different from replacing the track. A large number of industrial belts are turning from foreign trade to domestic market with the help of e-commerce channels.

3C digital products in Guangdong, daily necessities in Jinhua in Zhejiang, home textiles in Jiangsu, paper products in Fujian, bags in Hebei and so on, a number of industrial belts with high degree of digitization have taken the lead in the wave of digital upgrading of traditional manufacturing industry.

"Making business simpler is Ali's value proposition. For this proposition, Ali has been helping small and medium-sized enterprises digitize." Dai Shan said at the press conference that Ali will continue to increase investment to help small and medium-sized enterprises to upgrade their digitalization, integrate domestic and foreign trade, produce, wholesale and retail, and create a digital system of "from raw material to finished product sales".

In September this year, Alibaba's domestic trade wholesale platform 1688 announced the industrial belt upgrading plan. Aiming at 6.7 million manufacturing enterprises in China, it launched three internal circulation channels, fully opened Taobao special price edition, and integrated three digital platforms, namely processing customization, wholesale distribution and retail, to help the cross competition development of industrial belt factories.

According to Wang Hai, vice president of Alibaba and general manager of Taobao's c2m business unit, since its launch in March, the monthly number of active users of Taobao's special edition has exceeded 55 million, and the number of new users per day has exceeded 1 million. This data not only makes Ali see the great prospect of sinking market, but also further intensifies the positive confrontation between Ali and pinduoduo.

According to the Q2 financial report of pinduoduo in 2020, the annual number of active buyers of the platform in this quarter reached 683.2 million, an increase of 41% compared with 483.2 million in the same period of last year, a net increase of 200 million a year, and an increase of 55.1 million active buyers in a single quarter. At the same time, the average monthly live users of the platform reached 568.8 million, an increase of 55% compared with 366 million in the same period of last year, and a net increase of 81.4 million over a single quarter in the first quarter.

Just on October 8, pinduoduo just held its fifth anniversary celebration. It is worth mentioning that in July before this, pinduoduo launched the first "Zhenxiang Festival", and the platform took out 100 million yuan in cash to give targeted subsidies to brand goods labeled "Zhenxiang" by netizens. In his internal speech, Huang Zheng, chairman of pinduoduo, described the situation of competition as very severe.

In his view, in the global changing environment, it is not empty talk to open the hard core mode of struggle. In the big wind and big waves, we should unite and work hard to change into a piece of broken wood with the waves. "At present, pinduoduo is still in the primary stage of how affordable it is."

Competition for resources

The subsidy of price competition is only an effective marketing method to reach users and attract eyeballs. Through the business of short video and live broadcast partial content, the traffic can be gathered, and the key to keep the traffic is the product. When Taobao's special edition was officially unveiled, Wang Hai once said, "from the perspective of competition, I think pinduoduo should also work with Taobao's special edition to help consumers better obtain good products, not just subsidies, through better ways of technological upgrading and better industrial upgrading."

The real battlefield of Taobao special price version and pinduoduo lies in the competition between the two sides for manufacturers and then the whole industrial belt. The transfer of foreign trade factories to domestic sales has become an opportunity for e-commerce platform to expand cooperation. Mr. Dirac, the vice president of China's Foreign Trade Bureau, said that he had accelerated the transformation of the domestic market by combining the advantages of domestic and foreign trade enterprises in the 21st century.

A few days ago, Taobao's special edition was launched on the foreign trade channel, and a "Service Center for converting foreign trade to domestic sales" was set up. "Factory goods are not compared with brand goods, there is no brand effect." Zheng Liang explained that in the early stage of Taobao, the c2m mode was used to improve the quality and efficiency. Consumers placed orders directly through the platform, and the factory received personalized demand orders from consumers, and designed, purchased, produced and delivered goods according to the needs, thus helping the factory to make a hit. Through 1 yuan purchase, consumers can experience with a very low threshold. After the factory is approved, the repurchase rate will naturally drive other products of the factory.

Pinduoduo, through cooperation with local governments, introduces foreign trade factories and businesses gathered in the industrial belt into the platform in batches. Since 2020, there are more than 10000 enterprises in Dongguan, Foshan and Quanzhou that have entered the domestic and foreign trade platform, and more than 3 million enterprises have entered the domestic and foreign trade platform in order to promote the transformation of the enterprises to foreign trade.

In short, both Taobao special edition and pinduoduo intend to transform the supply chain accordingly, further reduce production costs and form a virtuous circle in traditional manufacturing industry.

"Next, under the background of domestic circulation, we can better help China's manufacturing industry to have its own brand and make China a brand power." Dirac disclosed that by may 2020, the number of brands on pinduoduo platform will grow to more than 6000, with a growth rate of 30%.

As for the future goal of the platform development, Wang Hai said that in the next three years, Taobao hopes to create 10 billion new orders for the manufacturing industry in the industrial belt, and help 1000 factories in the industrial belt realize the output value of more than 100 million.


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