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The Trendy Children'S Shoes And Clothing Brand Robokix Appeared In Tianjin Fashion Week, And Children'S Fashion Swept Through Autumn And Winter!

2020/10/21 16:04:00 552

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From October 17 to 20, 2020 Tianjin Textile and Garment Industry Association Tianjin fashion week 2020, sponsored by Tianjin Textile Group (holding) Co., Ltd., Tianjin Textile Engineering Society, Tianfang standard testing and Certification Co., Ltd. and national knitting technology information center, was held in 1921 art space of Tianjin Mian 3 creative block. During this period, 16 shows were staged in turn, bringing together a feast of fashion, trend and creativity!

Robokix, as a brand of children's fashionable shoes and clothes, has been invited to participate in the event Fashion Week On the afternoon of October 18, the activity brought a cool fashion show for children, focusing on the fashion trend in autumn and winter 2020.

In this season's autumn and winter fashion design, ROBOKIX Taking children's dream as the theme, integrating Star Trek and hip-hop elements, it aims to show the boundless world of children's dream. With the dynamic music and flickering flash lights, dozens of cute or cool children's models appeared in turn to show more than 50 sets of fashionable autumn and winter clothes on the T-stage one by one. The constantly flashing light shoes design under the model's feet is full of dynamic and bright, attracting various multimedia attention.

In terms of design inspiration, robokix autumn and winter shoes and clothing are integrated with spaceship, space suit, star sky, robot and other elements to highlight the fantasy of childhood. At the same time, hip-hop elements are used to enhance cool and sexy. In terms of style design, simple silhouette design is mainly used to reduce the binding feeling of clothes. At the same time, the color is also bright and warm, the material aspect pays more attention to the light warm nimble, uses the color, the comfort and the warmth to give the children a wild and warm winter.

In fact, the integration of space elements and hip-hop culture is to let childhood get rid of the shackles of toys, food, scores and games, and feel the charm of childhood growth under the traction of imagination and personality.

Robokix, as an international fashion children's wear brand integrating R & D, production and sales, focuses on the shoes and clothing design of children aged 3-12. "Fun, innovation and comfort" is the soul of the brand. Robokix uses the power of innovation and technology to make children's growing time more comfortable and interesting, and at the same time, it creates the most suitable fashion trend for children's characteristics. Robokix strives to make every product comfortable and functional, and endow it with creativity and interest. Through happy, colorful and interesting product design and brand experience full of surprise, robokix is committed to creating a comfortable and cool children's dream world.

This fashion week show is the official appearance of robokix brand in the field of fashion. It is also the first time that the unique design concept, inspiration source and fashion pursuit of the brand are systematically displayed to the outside world, which reflects the multiple possibilities of children's fashion, and also makes the market feel the strong vitality of robokix as a new brand!

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