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In Order To Open Up The International Market And Expand The Popularity Of Shanxi Province, The Governor Of Shanxi Province Led A Team To Present At The Expo With Well-Known Brands

2020/11/11 11:40:00 20

White Pigeon

From November 4 to 5, Shanxi provincial governor Lin Wu attended the opening ceremony of the third China International Import Expo in Shanghai and visited some exhibition halls. He stressed that it is necessary to earnestly implement the spirit of General Secretary Xi Jinping's keynote speech at the opening ceremony of ICIF, seize major strategic opportunities, take the initiative to integrate into the new development pattern, make good use of platforms such as the China International Fair, focus on the "six new", increase the intensity of opening up, improve the level of opening up, and continuously gather new momentum for transformation development. Vice governor Lu Dongliang attended.

At this fair, Shanxi Province actively participated in the Expo, and held the image exhibition of Shanxi Province and the exhibition of tourism non heritage brands. In the exhibition area of Shanxi Tourism non heritage brands, governor Lin Wu watched the Fenjiu brewing technology exhibition, tasted Shanxi medicinal tea, and understood the exhibition and sales of Chinese time-honored brands, "Shanxi Sanbao", cultural and creative products. He said that we should pay attention to innovation on the basis of inheriting the classics, constantly improve the functional quality of Shanxi's characteristic products, increase publicity and promotion efforts, promote the "Jin brand" products to go out, open up the international market, and expand the popularity and influence.

Lin Wu, governor of Shanxi Province, demanded that the trade delegation should make good use of the opening platform of the Expo, carefully organize various activities such as exhibition, purchase, investment promotion, etc., fully display the new image of Shanxi's opening up, vigorously introduce new products, new technologies and new services urgently needed by transformation and development, so as to provide strong support for Shanxi Province to wade out the new road of transformation and development.

Taiyuan white dove Clothing Co., Ltd. was invited to participate in the Expo as a time-honored enterprise in Sanjin.

The white pigeon company's booth is located in the splendid cultural exhibition area. In the well planned exhibition booth of tourism non heritage brand, the white pigeon company displayed the best quality products, and the participants introduced our products to every guest with the most full spirit.

On the first day of development, the white pigeon shirt was favored by the collectors from Guangxi and purchased our shirt products.

Li Jinping, deputy secretary of the Party Working Committee and director of the Management Committee of Shanxi comprehensive reform demonstration zone, as well as relevant provincial and municipal leaders, praised the pigeon's behavior of producing protective materials for Shanxi and Taiyuan during the epidemic period, and placed high hopes on the unique Sanjin old brand enterprise in garment manufacturing industry, hoping that the white pigeon can keep its original intention and continue to become stronger and bigger.

In the future, the company will continue to pay more attention to innovation on the basis of inheriting classics and contribute to the new road of transformation and development in Shanxi Province!

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