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Guangfa Bank'S "One Hand" In Finance For The Development Of Xinjiang Cotton

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Xinjiang Cotton; Yarn

The vigorous development of all walks of life is related to the national strategy and people's livelihood, which cannot be separated from the "help" of finance. The Central Financial Working Conference proposed that finance is the lifeblood of the national economy. The WeChat Service of Guangfa launched a series of columns of "360 lines" to take you into different industries and understand the details of Guangfa's full service for economic and social development. This time, we will take you to Xinjiang, a "major cotton producing province", to see the "rebirth" of Xinjiang cotton.

Meet the elite "pick" and show the scientific and technological model

Cotton is a kind of economic crop which likes temperature and light and has unlimited growth habits. Xinjiang has a temperate continental climate with dry air, sufficient sunshine and large temperature difference between day and night. The cotton grown here can fully carry out photosynthesis and accumulate organic matter, presenting unique advantages of white flowers, long and soft fibers and high strength.

As the largest cotton production base in China, cotton harvesting in Xinjiang has been highly mechanized. In the vast white cotton field, one "super flower picker" shuttles back and forth to realize the one-stop operation of picking, combing, cleaning, collecting and packaging, which fully demonstrates the scientific and technological model. Xinjiang Swan Modern Agricultural Machinery Equipment Co., Ltd. is a national specialized and new "little giant" enterprise mainly engaged in the production of complete sets of cotton processing equipment and modern agricultural machinery equipment.

"Our self-developed 'Swan' cotton picker can pick and pack six rows of cotton at most once. It is not only simple to operate and has a high collection rate, but also can pack without stopping, greatly improving the cotton harvest efficiency of growers. Today, our market share has exceeded 70%, almost covering the cotton planting areas in Xinjiang. Behind this is the constant financial support of Guangfa Bank, which enables us to continuously increase investment in scientific research and development, optimize machine performance, and make cotton pickers better help cotton farmers increase income. " Mr. Li, the person in charge of the enterprise, said.

The "flower" looks fresh and energetic

The first step in cotton processing is "ginning". The cotton just picked from the field is called seed cotton, which can be further spun only after being ginned to remove the seeds and turn them into lint. Every autumn, cotton in various parts of Xinjiang matures one after another. Cotton farmers pull a cart of harvested cotton into the cotton processing plant and queue for inspection and weighing. It's a harvest scene.

Xinjiang Jianzi Cotton Industry Co., Ltd. is an enterprise engaged in seed cotton purchase, entrusted processing, lint, cottonseed sales and other businesses. It has a textile processing plant with annual production capacity of up to 250000 spindles. Over the years, the enterprise has been seeking for the integration and upgrading of the industrial chain, integrating into the printing and dyeing and spinning workshops, and extending its own industrial chain to the downstream. This step made Mr. Chen, the person in charge, both happy and worried.

"Capital flow is very important for our wholesale enterprises. Over the years, we have insisted on both safety production and quality service, and increased the purchase and sales of high-quality cotton. Now the extension of the industrial chain has indeed brought a broader market and increased added value, but the pressure on capital for purchasing raw materials has also increased. Special thanks to the Urumqi Branch of China Guangfa Bank for taking the initiative to customize products for our enterprises and even the whole group, and also opening up a green channel for approval. With the support of Guangfa Bank, the enterprise is full of vitality now, with annual revenue of up to 2 billion yuan, which was unimaginable before. " The relevant person in charge of Jianzi Cotton said.

"Weaving" makes beauty fun and exquisite

From a white and soft cotton to a tough and delicate yarn, it also requires a set of complex and sophisticated textile processes. The drafting makes the single fiber fully stretched, and enhances the yarn strength and evenness; Twisting makes the originally dispersed fibers tightly intertwine with each other to enhance wear resistance and elasticity; In the final winding, the strength and speed should be precisely controlled, so that the finished yarn neatly wound on the bobbin can neither relax nor be excessively tight, which is convenient for subsequent transportation, storage and use.

Each process is a deep integration of modern industrial technology and the spirit of traditional craftsmen, which embodies the power of science and technology and wisdom, and jointly creates a miracle of transformation from "one cotton" to "one yarn". Donghengxing Textile Technology Co., Ltd. is such an enterprise focusing on cotton textile manufacturing process.

"The story between us and Guangfa starts at the end of 2018. That year, because of changes in industrial support policies, enterprises faced difficulties in capital turnover. It was Guangfa's Urumqi branch that customized our financial service plan and solved our urgent needs. Later, in order to innovate the spinning process and make the textiles more refined, the company planned to introduce advanced process equipment. Guangfa Bank issued a loan of more than 300 million yuan for us in time, which injected a powerful "shot in the arm" into the production and operation of the enterprise. " The person in charge of Donghengxing Textile said.

From the core area of the "Belt and Road" to the China (Xinjiang) Pilot Free Trade Zone, Xinjiang's textile industry is working hard with perseverance to inject vitality into high-quality development. Guangfa will help high-quality "Xinjiang cotton" go global, and hand over a heavy answer to boost Xinjiang's economic and social development and build the core area of the Silk Road Economic Belt.

(Source: Xinhuanet)

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