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Aspect: Joining The Famous Finland National Fashion Marimekko To Join Tmall And Wechat

2019/3/6 22:16:00 40

Finland National FashionMarimekko

The Chinese market is becoming a popular choice for the Nordic design brand.

Recently, Finland fashion brand Marimekko formally launched Tmall flagship store, and also entered WeChat platform.

Marimekko said that this year's investment in the Chinese market will "substantially exceed last year" and consolidate digital business.

Beijing Commercial Daily reporter in the Marimekko Tmall flagship store to see that the current online category includes clothing, bags and accessories three categories, the price range of 1000 yuan -5000 yuan.

Prior to that, the brand had co worked with UNIQLO and Clinique in 2018 and was recognized by Chinese consumers.

At present, brand stores are set up in Beijing, Hongkong and Shanghai.

The layout of stores in Beijing is in SKP and Sanlitun.

Public information shows that the Marimekko brand was founded in 1951, the main clothing, home and cloth art, with colorful printing patterns to establish a sharp image, is the national brand of Finland.

At present, the brand has more than 150 stores covering more than 40 countries in northern Europe, North America and the Asia Pacific region.

According to the 2018 fiscal year just released by Marimekko, the net sales of the brand increased by 9% to 111 million 900 thousand euros in 2018, and its operating profit increased from 8 million 400 thousand euros last year to about 17 million 700 thousand euros.

Apart from the same sales in North America, other markets have grown.

It is worth noting that when the earnings report refers to the main source of growth, besides Finland's local business, it also refers to the "wholesale business in the Asia Pacific region".

Tiina Alahuhta-Kasko, President and chief executive of Marimekko, said that in 2018, the company had taken many new moves, and the limited edition cooperation with UNIQLO and Clinique has brought the brand to international fame.

In addition, it has intensified its marketing efforts in the Chinese market.

This year, Marimekko's investment in the Chinese market will be much higher than last year, mainly in consolidating digital business, including improving online stores and IT systems.

The Chinese market has become a competitive place for the Nordic design brand to expand overseas.

After 6 years of entering the Chinese market, COS, a high-end brand of Sweden H&M group, has also accelerated its pace of development.

It not only opened China's official mall and settled in Tmall, but also accelerated the pace of opening stores, and opened the world's first men's clothing store in Sanlitun, Beijing.

Acne Studios, a Swedish designer brand, has also started flagship stores in Chinese cities such as Beijing and Chengdu.

Authors: Wang Xiaoran, Kong Yaoyao

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