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Ten Headaches In The Workplace

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   Job wanted When college students are ambitious, they say that they should devote their talents to enterprises. enterprise Grow together; after entering university, students are no longer enthusiastic. Workplace Too complicated, the truth is fundamentally different from what was originally thought. A research organization conducted a survey of 325 college students with a working life of less than 3 years. It found that 73% of the college students were not satisfied with the current job, and 81% of them said they were not happy at work. Through market research and interview, the 10 most troublesome problems of college students entering the workplace are summed up, which is the reason why they can not take root in the enterprise. It is hoped that the revelation of these problems will bring some enlightenment to enterprises and employees.

  Working pressure is too great.

It is a common feeling for many new people to work in schools when they are accustomed to studying leisurely to enter the workplace.

Comment: the transformation from students to workplace is an important topic for many college students to enter.

  Lack of job interest

Daily work is cumbersome and dull, without achievement and pleasure. What kind of happy work is this?

Comment: the most fundamental reason for the lack of interest in work is the lack of self-awareness and lack of career orientation.

   Incompetent for work requirements

Knowledge is very good, but in practical work, it finds that it is far from enough, and it can not meet the high requirements of enterprises.

Comment: the most important thing is to familiarise and master new knowledge as soon as possible so as to meet the needs of work.

   The salary is too low.

No matter how busy it is, from early to late, the monthly income is less than 2000 yuan.

Comment: salary is often determined by personal business value. Job hopping is not the only way to improve.

  Little room for personal development

Reducing employment expectations and working at grass-roots and private enterprises, but there is little room for development.

Comment: the company is good, employees have long-term development.

  No direction for development.

I thought I could do my best in my post, but I failed to develop my personal talents.

Comment: when there is a gap between ideal and reality, you can take the initiative to find out the inner thoughts of your boss and apply for adjustment in a timely manner.

   Complex interpersonal relationships in the workplace

It's hard to get complicated interpersonal relationships, and worry every day.

Comment: interpersonal relationships in the workplace have always been a headache for everyone. Learn from Du Lala.

   Unable to integrate into corporate culture

It is difficult to understand corporate culture, so often feel out of place or very tired.

Comments: before entering the office, it is difficult to integrate into the corporate culture without trying to understand it, and try to seek advice from other colleagues.

  Knowledge is limited and progress is small.

Grace, who is engaged in early childhood education and training, said: "I have been in this company for a year and a half. I wanted to accumulate some experience through this work, and prepare for my own parent-child education studio in the future. But after a while, I found that knowledge was very limited."

Comment: in the early stage of career development, it is a good job to exercise the most knowledge and learn the most knowledge.

  Work overtime regularly and overdraw health

Every month there is pressure of performance, often working overtime, working 14 hours a day, there is no rest time, seriously affecting the health.

Comment: overtime work is common in the workplace, but this kind of serious overload work overtime is bound to affect the health of employees.

The road of the workplace is tortuous and tortuous. As a new person, it must be able to stand the test, bear the grievance and bear the hardships. Experts remind that college students will inevitably encounter all kinds of problems after entering their posts, so that many job problems will be solved.

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